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Solar20XX avatar 4:15 PM on 12.29.2012  (server time)
Knytt Underground: Explore Another of Nifflas' Atmospheric World

Edit: I forgot to put that this blog has a few spoilers to the game.

I love Nifflas' games. I remember playing the hell out of Knytt Stories when it first came out. They are atmospheric, artistic, and fun. It showed in NightSky, and it definitely shows here. When I seen this on PSN, I knew I had to have it. This.... game... is.... wonderful.

Comparing to LittleBigPlanet and Rayman Origins Vita, this is one of the most beautiful and best Vita platform games I've ever played.

Yes. One of the very first things one of the very first things you will notice, whether you are playing the PS3 or Vita version, is how beautiful this game is. This art kind of reminds me of Nifflas' other game, Saira, and another game for the PS3, Journey. It's so unique, stunning, and artistic that it really made me believe that he actually drew every detail by hand, and it all looks like it can be drawn with some paint.

Anyway, as you can tell from my screenshot, there are three chapters in this game. I will explain what the three chapters will consist of in terms of gameplay, but I won't explain about what you will find, the story, etc. The More Stuff is just the credits and trophies, but the cloud saving is the place where you can upload your previous savedata from the game onto PSN, and download it again on either your PS3 or PSVita.... did I mention that this game is compatible to Sony's Cross Buy? That means if you have a PS3 and PSVita, and bought one for one system, then you get the other system version free of charge (in other words, buy PS3 version, get PSVita version free, and vice-versa). Anyway, let us begin with Chapter 1.

Wonder what's down here?


Just as I thought. More gorgeous scenery.

There's not really much to say about Chapter 1. You play as the girl shown in the screenshots so far, you jump, and you climb. There are various power ups that you can pick up and use by pressing the L button (using Vita), but there's a short time limit on how long you can keep that power before you use it, and after you use it, you lose it until you pick it up again at the exact same spot you picked it up before. There is also a map in this game and a list of quests you could do in this game.

If you looked at both the map and quest list at the beginning of this chapter, then you'd probably think that this chapter would be extremely long. Well, it's not. Do not be fooled. You can call this Chapter a plot-based minigame. Many areas are entirely inaccessible, so this chapter is pretty linear. Now for Chapter 2.

Yes. In Chapter 2, you are a ball this entire section of the chapter. For those of you who played one of Nifflas' previous game, Within the Deep Forest, then the gameplay is mostly alike. Mostly. This chapter's gameplay is just as fun or frustrating as Within the Deep Forest, but you cannot find other ball forms and change to other balls. You're stuck with what you are. Also, like Chapter 1, this one is pretty linear. Remember, you're a ball for this entire chapter, so you cannot climb, making many other areas that you accessed before become inaccessible now, but at least there's a bunch of new areas to explore. This chapter is just another plot-based minigame overall, but Chapter 3 is where the fun really begins.

(There's a little extra goodie between Chapter 2 and 3, and it will be your job to figure that out)

In Chapter 3, this is where you will really feel free. You play as the main heroine again, but she has an extra ability here.



Yes. You can transform from your usual climbing self to a bouncing ball whenever you please. This makes every area in the game accessible. You can also transform in the air, which you will definitely need to do in many areas for now on in order to progress full in the game.

Overall, Nifflas has outdone himself once again with this entry in the Knytt series, and I couldn't be any happier with this game. Since this game is mostly about atmosphere, and puzzles, there's not that many enemies and items, and it will probably make you feel empty at times, but there is so much to explore and see.... it's like you're in another whole world. I do have a minor complaint. Why the hell did ESRB rate this M? Other than a few curse words, I see nothing yet that makes this a rated M game. I think ESRB's gone weird, because they also rated the recent Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus the letter M as well, yet the PSP version was rated T, and there was nothing else that could make the game rated M now. I don't understand about that. Moving on from that, this is a must have and I'm glad I bought this as a Christmas present for myself.

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