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Solar20XX avatar 8:52 PM on 09.14.2012  (server time)
I feel so much better

Allow me to give my thanks to everyone that commented here. You all really made me feel better there.

Anyway, I've been visiting the forums and coming to Destructoid more often. I still haven't earned a single friend here (not made, EARNED. I made some because of my other blog of me whining about me not fitting in the community, but I haven't actually earned any in my opinion), but I'm not upset at all. I am having a good time here regardless. For one thing (and I don't know exactly why), I found myself a part of the community here. Maybe it's just because I'm coming here more often. Either way, I feel great. :)

Another thing is that I also bought a couple of games from this website. I have never, in my wildest dreams, found such a great deal of a certain game that I was looking for a very long time: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. My stores have this game, but they're either sold at a very expensive price or treated very badly. Other sites such as Amazon sold them at decent prices, but it apparently takes over two weeks for the game to even get shipped, so I was tired of waiting and cancelled. Now I tried Destructiod, and it didn't take long for the game to get to where I'm at. Plus, it's in a very good condition!

Finally, I had a good time in the forums. I wanted to trade someone for their Mega Man ZX or Mega Man ZX Advent. Only a few weeks passed and I already made a trade. TWO trades, in fact! I won't mention names, but one person's Mega Man ZX for my Pokemon Black and another person's Mega Man ZX Advent for my brother's Disgaea 4 (which he won't miss).

Destructiod is just....weird! lol I never seen such a site that can do ALL of this for me in only few weeks, and that includes those pep talks at my last blog. Already, this place made me very happy! So happy that I'll put a little bit of information about myself that I should've done since the day I first logged in.

My name is William Lawrence Jasper, and I am a triplet. My brothers are Travis Zachery Jasper and Josh William Jasper. Travis lives very far away from me now, while Josh lives at the same city I live doing really stupid things on the Internet (I won't get into detail about the history of crap he did to me, Travis, my friends, and my other Internet friends). My favorite video games and series are under my "About Me", and I am mostly an RPG, music (which is what I play the most), and fighting gamer, with my least favorite genre being Racing games. I won't reveal my age, but I'll say that I'm a veeery young adult.....okay, I'm a teen. I trust you all already anyway. Also, I'm hoping to stream myself playing some games on in the near future, being a long time user there and all. It's a really great place, other than here.

SRPGs such as FF: Tactics and SMT: Devil Survivor are the ones I love the most. Other than that, I play tons of RPGs. Same goes for fighting games and music games. In fighting games, I ALWAYS main certain types of characters. First and foremost, I mostly main women. They usually have the most unique fighting style. Anyway, here are the types I usually main:

Rich people (such as Slayer from GG, Rachel from BB, Princess Peach from SSB, Petra from Arcana Heart, Lili from Tekken, Karen from SF, Yukiko from P4A, Akiha from MB): These are the ones I usually main the most and get interested in the first day I look at them. They often have the coolest, most unique, or most graceful fighting styles imo. Plus I love their personalities (such as Slayer's or Rachel's) or laughs (such as Yukiko's or Karen's).

Kickers (such as Chun-Li from SF, Jam from GG, King from KoF, Chie from P4A, Xiaoyu and Hwoarang from Tekken, Litchi from BB): The other ones I usually use the most. I love utilizing my own feet in sports, so I use characters that do the same, except it's for fighting. Plus, the kickers often have the coolest styles too imo.

Hard-hitting boxers (such as Balrog from SF and Makoto from BB): They have some of the most brutal hits, so I always love these kind of characters. Note that I didn't say characters like Akihiko from P4A or Dudley from SF because, while they have some hard hitting punches, they mostly have only fast ones that don't have that much "oomph" in them imo.

Lolies (such as White Len and Len from MB, Vatista from UNiB): They also usually have some of the most unique and graceful fighting styles. Note that this does not include in games filled with them such as Arcana Heart and Touhou, because I only like a specific type of loli then (such as, once again, Petra from Arcana Heart).

Samurais (such as Baiken from GG, almost everyone in Samurai Shodown and Last Blade, Mitsurugi from SC, and Yuzuriha from UNiB): Simple badasses. Love them so much for their swift and crazy looking slices. I always liked them more than ninjas anyway.

Mysterious boss characters (such as Eliza-wtf?)

Fixed. (Such as Elizabeth from P4A, I-no from GG, Hilda from UNiB, and Aozaki Aoko from MB): I just simply like how they look and fight. Besides, they're usually some of the hardest characters to master, which are usually the types I like using a lot. And finally, they have the BEST personalities imo.

Finally, I love rhythm and music games, especially Vocaloid and Patapon. I love Vocaloid so much that I have the limited bundle of Project Diva for the PSP. Really fun and awesome.

That's all I can say for introduction. Finally, I still won't be able to comment a lot in the forums and blogs, nor will I be visiting here that much. One, I have school of course, and two, I took up a job at Target (which is going swell). Oh well. I'm still happy and trying.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful year, and thank you all so much. :)

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