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Solar20XX avatar 8:06 PM on 10.10.2012  (server time)
A Short Blog: Noticed New Destructoid Look

So I come back from school, drink my usual three gallons of water, and thought to myself "I haven't been on Destructiod's website in a while". I popped open my laptop, went on Destructoid, and the very first thing I notice is this new look.

What is my initial response? Just damn. Second response? I love it a lot.

Destructoid looks a lot more professional and organized than before. Not only that, but I found less slow down with this design than I did with the previous one. I wanted to know if the forums had a change too, but found out it's still then same. Oh well. Moving on, there's also some extras that did appear on this here site. The one thing I noticed the most, other than the design, is the changes in my account.

Look at all these new options! (If it was all there before, then they look much more noticeable now. I haven't been around much, so I really don't know)! I especially love the new "Mature Content". :P

Anyway, I don't know if this will be a permanent change, but either way, I just wanted to say to everyone (or anyone) that took the time to work very hard on Destructoid's changes:

I bet it doesn't mean much, but I think many of us appreciate the hard work you all did, so I dedicate this short blog to the ones who made it possible. That's all and good day. :)

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