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Hello, I am SolarPonyDjango or depending upon the site or game am also known as lokik21 or Defect Reject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yBYXEclDkk
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A new month a new Loot Crate!

This month's theme was Rewind, which I was expecting a little heavier emphasis on gaming but the rest of the crate was nice as well. I got a comic I won't read because it's sealed so more money selling that someday (maybe) if I don't give it to my brother instead. An 8 bit pair of sunglasses, which I did need sunglasses so... yay? A Voltron T-Shirt, I've never seen Voltron but probably my favorite part of the Loot Crate actually. A Mini 10-Doh a cute little figure that will go next to the rest of my figures, I like these actually, they're fun little figures, my only complaint is that I didn't get the Back to the Future one, so that's a small complaint and it's up to random chance so that's okay too. A tie inspired by Space Invaders, which I did want a nerdy tie so I'm thankful for that. It's pretty cool and won't stand out to much like a few others I've seen however, it's not quite as not obvious as the MLP ties that I happen to want and probably wouldn't get noticed except by fans. We also got a mini comic notebook which is pretty cool, except I tend to draw way to large sadly. So overall I'd probably rate this crate above Versus but below Anniversary.

So as usual, how did I do in this video? How can I improve my video if you have any suggestions, comments, feedback please leave it in the comments below.

Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 1/07/15 and 1/14/15


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

My Little Pony Friends Forever #13:

In this issue we have Rarity not realizing the wants of others until it’s smacked in her face, which as much as I love My Little Pony (and I do love it) it seems to be a pretty common theme of having them relearn the same lesson a few times over. Now that doesn’t make this issue bad, far from it actually, the jokes are great and the character interaction between the characters is amusing as well. The ending is adorable and even though it retreads common ground it does it in a way that feels fun. Plus we get fan favorite Babs Seed whom we haven’t seen in the cartoon since season 3 although we have seen her a few times in the comics so that’s good. It does strike me as strange they haven’t brought her back in the show with how much they built upon her character.

Operation S.I.N #1:

We have a new mini-series this time with Operation S.I.N. which I’m assuming is supposed to give us more backstory on Original Sin, which was an interesting story but spanned quite a few comics so I wasn’t able to collect all of them sadly. Marvel seems to do that frequently, either you have all of their comics or you’re missing part of the story, which is interesting but I can’t do it frequently because of how much it costs much like how with Spider-Verse it costs a fair amount more.

But anyways… with issue 1 of Operation S.I.N, we have Howard Stark interacting with Peggy Carter on a mission that we have little clue as to what it is as of yet. We get a little bit more of an inkling at the end, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone since it’s pretty amusing. I will say however that Howard Stark does seem to act more like a gentlemen than Tony but the two are pretty similar which is amusing. It’s how he got Peggy involved in the first place, something that will possibly come to bite Tony eventually because he thinks he’s always right but may miscalculate one of these times. Possible prediction as well for Howard.

The Amazing Spider-Man #12:

Things start to finalize in this issue of Amazing Spider-Man 12, a few Spider-People still die this time but, it’s not anyone we’ve really learned about. They seem interesting however theirs a Bushido Spider-Man and what appears to be an Aliens Spider-Man. Oh and Spider Voltron makes an appearance, that was pretty cool. Voltron died nearly instantly but the Spider-Man inside did not which I was thankful of seems an intriguing character. We also get some more story as to what may be going on, something that involves The Bride, the Scion, and the other again. Still not certain what the importance of that is but I suspect that we’ll find out soon enough. We also get a talking Spider-Man car, that is similar in design to a cart but it seems to have rather decent intelligence. Silk also discovered a world an issue or two ago, remember the irradiated world? That’s the safe point for the time being, dangerous to Spiders but even more dangerous to the hunters. This whole thing keeps getting weirder and weirder. And I love it.

Spider-Man 2099 #007:

In this issue Michael O’Hara finds something that could be very beneficial to helping defeat the hunters, only problem is we don’t know what it is. Never revealed, but it could be one of the things that turn this war, since they seem to have a few things going their way which is good. We also find out that surprise, surprise when you can clone yourself you’re willing to kill yourself to break out of a trap that will kill you otherwise.

Spider-Verse #002:

So… we have a multitude of different Spider-People again and I enjoy them. Most of them. Want to know the one I don’t enjoy? The one that’s written in Spanish and we have to download the digital version, I buy the comics in comic form because that’s the way I prefer it. Otherwise I’d buy digitally; admittedly I have been considering digital because it’s better for the environment but… than you don’t technically own them. Why do you have to download the digital version you may ask yourself? It’s the one in English. That seems… strange to me. I don’t dislike it, but what I would’ve preferred is possibly just have it back to back the same thing one in Spanish the other in English. That would have been fine. We also get to see Punk Spider-Man’s back story which is just as punk as you’d think it would be, and it’s pretty amazing honestly. My personal favorite however was the one where they get actual Anansi to come help them. I love Anansi’s stories, and they play off of that pretty well here.

Cyclops #009:

In this issue we find out that not to surprisingly Scott has in fact NOT been torturing his dad, surprise surprise, isn’t actually torturing his dad he’s faking it. For some reason they decided to let him torture him by himself with no other shipmates. Not… not quite sure WHERE the logic is in that but okay. We find out that Scott has come closer to the captain’s daughter and quite possibly has feelings for her; the captain also seems to have taken a shining to him and given him his own mission. However, first mate doesn’t trust Scott and starts to snoop around. We also find out that the Shi’Ar have been following them since they stole the Starcracker and ambush them at the meet up.

Amazing X-Men #015:

So… apparently Wolverine died. Again. In a different comic book. So… not entirely sure how, when or why but he’s dead again for now, not sure when he’ll come back. But… anyways with this issue the gem that powers Juggernaut has found its way back to Earth and is calling on people to become Cyttorak’s next avatar. That’s what the Juggernaut, was an avatar of Cyttorak. Which I knew he touched the gem and became Juggernaut but I’m not certain we knew whom it was from before. However I could be mistaken. We also have Storm not trusting Colossus because apparently he’s made a few to many mistakes… in other comic books. As much as I love comic books it’s a little frustrating to not know everything that’s going on, you have to choose which one’s you want for the full story so I mainly only get Spider-Man’s full story since he’s my favorite. Small gripe since I know they do this to encourage more comic book sales but a little confusing.

Future’s End #36:

In this issue Fifty Sue finds the vault that they’ve been looking for while the island is being combed over, pretty impressive she was able to find it undetected, even if she does have a lot of super powers. Franky’s still dying from the Nth metal inside of his body, but removing it now could be potentially harmful (or at least that’s why I’m assuming it hasn’t been removed) Plastique makes a move on Terry, which I actually find pretty cute. They seem like they’d make a decent couple. We also find out that Smallvile might potentially be evil, but that hasn’t been explained yet.

Future’s End #37:

Firestorm is trying to redo Dr.Yamazake’s teleport plants, that way they can separate and not be a part of one another anymore. After having to deal with each other for so long it starts to get at you which makes sense. Terry finds Tim Drake, while having the Batman of this time watching Terry and Plastique as Batker Bot decides to make a return appearance right as Terry finds Tim. Then it ends, which makes me excited for the next couple of issues to see how that plays out. We further delve into Constantine not being much use as he says that Franky needs to go back to Dr.Frankensteins Castle as well as telling Superman that maybe Brainiac will be here maybe he won’t. We also get some foreshadowing with eyes coming out of the cornfields of Smallvile.

Fables – The Wolf Among Us #1:

With this one we have a comic book retelling of Telltales, The Wolf Among Us season 1. Which I find interesting since this will technically give us a cannon choice as to what was supposed to happen in the games won’t it? I personally prefer my Bigby Wolf the way he is so I’m curious if anyone will go back and replay the game in anticipation of Season 2 to make it more cannon. But it’s pretty much the same as TWAU, and I loved that series so it’s interesting to see the cannon choices as well as the little bit of extra story they’re adding in here and there pretty neat. It’s been available digitally for a while but just not got to releasing it in paperback form which is fine. The art style is interesting too and I really like it, can’t wait until I get to start Fables since the next issue should be a part of the next roundup. As for the story I don’t want to go too far into it mainly because it would be ruining not only the comic but the game as well.

Sonic Boom #3:

As much of a flop as the Sonic Boom games were, the comics are really starting to warm up to me, I feel they’re pretty well written they’re funny and overall just silly. It’s my kind of comic if it’s not going to have an overarching story, which technically Sonic Boom does a little bit but it’s not anything big or grand yet. That may be due to the fact that most of the time the other Sonic comics pull from the Sonic games, which makes me think what’s going to happen when the Sonic comics catch up to the Sonic Boom games. Are the regular Sonic comics going to cover the games or is the Boom series? A silly question but one that makes me wonder. Anyway, in this issue we have Amy realizing she lost her hammer last issue so Tails, Knuckles and Sonic goes out to try and find it while Sticks tries to find a new weapon for Amy. I was partial to the mace myself, similar to a hammer but it has sharp hurty points! Meanwhile we find that Cubot and Orbot have found the hammer (oddly missing from the games actually) and are now arguing over who gets the hammer since they both admit it’s pretty awesome. Eventually however Cubot and Orbot accidentally send the hammer flying into Robotnik’s machine that has been restored for the third time and somehow it then lands in Sonic’s hands right as they had given up. So… pretty Deus Ex machine but it was funny so I didn’t mind.

Photo Photo Photo

    So... uh.... after thinking about it for some time because I wasn't sure if anyone in Destructoid would be interested in my OC Pony's Background story and talking to a few people about it I've decided to post it. I'm curious what you all think and am curious if there's any way that I can improve it. I hope even though it involves My Little Pony it's at least an interesting read to everyone... if people are interested I'd be willing to post the rest of what I have as well... but I'd probably do it every three days or so so as to not spam/overflow the blogs. If interest isn't there I won't post the next chapter as I don't want to annoy people, I'm hoping people do like it however... I kind of want this to light a fire under my butt by people wanting to read to continue with the story. I really want to finish it but I'm on what is probably my hardest chapter so far because I have a character that only talks in rhyme and has made it hard for my to progress. But... without further ado I really do hope you guys enjoy it...


                                                     Chapter 1: Awakening

It awoke to the sound of talking around it while blinking it's eyes open. It felt an uncomfortable feeling against it as it was tugged against a hard, cold floor of rough stone. As it slowly traveled in a syncopated, jerky rhythm it heard a scraping noise. Just as soon as it had started the tugging motion halted and it was allowed to drop fully and harshly to the ground. Barely aware of what it was or where, it heard harsh, braying voices and opened it's eyes to see, only to find a bright light focused on it which caused it to blink continually.

     Noises were heard all around as though it were the center of attention. It tried to comprehend what each noise was, and slowly tow voices became distinct though still unfathomable. If focused on the noises which were producing words and it concentrated its efforts in an attempt to figure out what the words were, what they meant and who or what they were discussing. “Your Majesssssssssssssty” one thing said “We found thisssssssss one in the hatching chamber... he'ssssssss different from the normal ones” He? He was a he? What's a he?

     “Different how subject?” the other voice asked as he tried forcing his eyes open again

     “The usssssssssssual way your Majesssssssssty. With no horn. No mind" No mind?

     How could they say that when he was using it right now? Thought the lights caused stabbing pain in his head whenever he opened his eyes his need to know what was going on around him finally overcame his desire for comfort and he forced them open. What he saw gave him no comfort.

    “No...” the voice said as he looked up and saw a green and black looking creature with holes in it and things coming out of it's head. “This one's alive. Look at it again!” it yelled at the other creature as he was suddenly, forcefully pulled and eyes opened fully  with a hard and careless hoof

    “You're right your Majessssssssssssssty” “Of course I'm right! I'm QUEEN Chrysalis!” she howled at the subject. Queen Chrysalis? What was a queen? What did any of this mean?

     “What ssssssssshould we do with it?” the subject asked as both of them looked at Queen Chrysalis.

    The Queen was silent for a thought filled moment. “This... this is something unprecedented... most of them born this way can't survive without the horn... it connects all the minds together into the hive mind and gives us changelings our powers.... You. Defective one.” she said while pointing her hoof at him as the subject pushed him forward. “Can you understand what we're saying?” she asked.

     He tried to talk but mainly made gurgling and growling noises. He swallowed, tilted his head and finally rasped “Y.....yes” he was able to finally gurgle and sputter out. What was that noise he made? But he didn't have time for that as she continued to speak

    "Good. We have no use for a changeling that can't be of some use to the empire. MY empire." she said through fierce flashing eyes and a haughty smirk."How much can you understand of what we're saying?" she said looking intently at him.

    The feeling that he was being graded as thought he were... meat. That was the word. Just a sack of meat made him shudder.  Nothing more then to use for her own will however she saw fit "U....understand?" he was able to get out after much pushing and trying to form the words in his mind as he spoke them

    The queen looked at him with contempt. "Not very much it would seem... without the hive mind it appears as if you're not fully up to speed like the rest of my Changeling's... this may not do at all... in fact... you'd probably be rejected by the rest of them for how... unlike them you are..." she said as she turned her back on him, deciding his fate.

    "However... seeing as you're not dead... yet. Their may be some use to you still." She slowly walked over to him to investigate him some more as she roughly pushed him over as he stumbled and fell on his face while she laughed at his misfortune "Pick yourself up." she said as she walked back to where she had begun her musing over what to do with him, unconcerned over any pain she had caused him.

     "Changelings of no use to me are quickly disposed of" she said as she transformed into something he didn't recognize as he stumbled back upon his hindquarters and fell over out of shock of her transforming into something completely different. She looked white now and with wings that looked different from before... feathers he recalls. That's what the wings have now, feathers. Along with long flowing multicolor hair that seemed like it glistened as if in... sunlight. He was starting to recall more words slowly, possibly from when he was being born and a part of the... hive mind she had said?

    "You. Defective changeling." she said pointing at him "This is one of my biggest enemies, and also a potential supply for food for all of my changelings. Finding a way into her kingdom would be most beneficial. To all of us. The less love we can consume the weaker we are, which means less we can take over. Transform into what I am now or be taken away. This is your only chance to prove you have any use to us." she hissed at him.

    Transform? How do I do that he thought sweating buckets as he frantically panicked, what was that she said earlier... dispose of him? Like destroy him?!?!? He didn't want that! He had just begun his life! He didn't even know what life was or anything meant yet! "5" Queen Chrysalis said as he looked at the back of her hoof. Almost positive that she knew nothing would come from this defective changeling.

    "4" the clock was on now he thought to himself as he tried to rack his brain for what little he knew about... changelings? They were changelings right? They could transform into... into other things! That's what they could do! It's how she had transformed into this other thing! "3" she said not looking up from her hoof sighing "You're not making a good case for yourself here" she said as she motioned for three subjects to enter the room. Not brandishing weapons but transforming their own body parts into weapons! "2" Okay. Now was the time. Now or never! He thought to himself as he closed his eyes concentrating hard trying to remember something. Anything from the time before now. He felt his forehead start to flicker and burn as he smelt smoke and brimstone all around him, his head felt like it was about to burst open as he felt his body transform slowly, but steadily with popping noises and loud cracks in the air as finally after about 20 seconds of exhaustion, concentration and panting he was able to transform into the thing Queen Chrysalis was as she transformed back.

    He staggered around a bit tired and worn out from transforming "Well, well..." she said looking over him "This IS a surprise... even if it did take you more then 5 seconds to transform" she said. "If you hadn't shown any sign of transforming at the 1 second mark you would be DEAD." at the moment she hissed at him "But as is... we can see if you can be put of some use somewhere" she smirked "After all... no other changeling without a horn has lived... and no changeling without a horn has been able to transform either..." she said as a loud cracking noise popped and he transformed back panting on the ground collapsed and slowly losing consciousness as he tried to force himself awake

     "But it doesn't as though you can stay transformed for that long however... we'll have to see if putting you with... some changeling to watch you... teach you... mold you." she said as she kicked his conscious losing body. "For now however... I think we have the perfect name for you... and how to brand you for all others to see." she said with a wicked grin as she walked over to a fire a pulled out two long iron sticks as she warped it with magic. "Yes... these will do nicely..." she said more to herself as he transformed them into two brands. One with a D. The other with an R. "Let all know that this changeling is defective when they walk past him and see his name branded onto each side of him!" she laughed evilly "Let all changelings know he is also supposed to be rejected from all society! His name is!" she screamed as she first branded the D on each side of him "DEFECT" the pain was unbearable for him to stand! But he couldn't make any noises as he was still unable to do anything due to him changing! "REJECT!" she howled with laughter as she branded the R onto both side of him searing away at his changeling flesh making the smell of burning meat come from his own as he finally passed out from the pain and exhaustion of that ordeal. He was alive alright. But he wondered right before he passed out... did he really want to be?

So... we had a three way tie this time actually. 2 votes for Oblivion, La-Mulana and Fallout. I rolled a D12 to decide which of these I should play and well... the dice chose poorly. Out of the three La-Mulana was the one I most wanted to play but I figured I should add some risk to it as well since it was a tie.

As you may have noticed this blog's a day late and I didn't stream last night. I may not even be streaming tonight or until next Sunday truthfully, I kind of caught the flu and was bed ridden all day yesterday when I wasn't in the restroom. Kind of not fun but I'm doing significantly better today but not sure if I could be on camera for 3+ hours without feeling crappy since I haven't been able to keep much food in my body still and feel a bit dizzy. However if I start to feel better it's entirely possible I will stream.

Now as for Oblivion itself I've heard... interesting things about it. Some people truly love it, some people hate it, I've only played it a little bit myself and wasn't to impressed with it but now that I've beaten Skyrim maybe I will be even though they do happen to play substantially different from one another. Plus I mean even if it's only for a little bit you got Captain Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise talking to you which is pretty cool.

Final Voting Results were: 2 for Oblivion, La-Mulana, and Fallout. With 1 for: Secret of Monkey Island, Final Fantasy VII, Deus Ex, Beyond Good & Evil, and Alice Madness Returns.

I usually stream Sunday - Tuesday at 3AM Central Time since I work overnights and I get lonely/bored around that time and would prefer to talk to Destructoid members or anyone rather than be by myself so my Twitch account is : http://www.twitch.tv/lokik21

If you're interested in my Dark Souls stream to see something similar to how I play I saved all my previous Streams and uploaded them onto Youtube into one convinent Playlist:

As I've been writing this blog I have started to feel better so I probably will stream tonight unless things take a turn for the worse. Still could go either way, hope to see all of you when I do stream next!


Well it's been just a little bit less than a month since I started my grand adventure on Dark Souls and I've had a lot of fun playing it! I actually have Dark Souls 2 as well now thanks to a friend and can't wait to get to it. Eventually. Honestly I'm going to be Dark Souled out. It's a great series no doubt but I'll need a few months break before you see that in my list of which ten games am I playing. And honestly? After having let you guys choose and seeing how great this game is I'm excited to make this into a running series! So... here it is. Nearly same ten choices one new one, I've also had a really great time communicating with some of the Destructoid people while playing the game. Fenriff and SirDavies in particular are the one's that have appeared most often with Fenriff their supporting me nearly every episode and SirDavies there about every other. So thanks to the both of you =D. Tonich get's a mention for being there a bit as does RoboPandaZ whom was there once. But either way I feel I got to know you guys a tad more and you to know me.

But before we do give you the options... I have been saving my footage of Dark Souls 1, so it's a lot to catch up on before the finale if you're interested but... here's the playlist for it! In a second that is. Episode 21 may not be viewable to the United States of all places due to a piece of music I had in there, at pretty low levels. However I am trying to fix it so the song is just removed but I have been having some problems doing that so we'll see. Also I've had to fix a few so I need to make a playlist of music that won't have that problem. So probably lots of video game music and small people that way they get more well known. Germany in particular has blocked a lot and with Opium and Hoffman I did get those fixed in the off chance they wanted to watch.

So without further ado... the list for you to choose from what I will play! Now this will only be open until Monday at... 7 PM central. I plan to finish Dark Souls 1 Sunday so I'll need a new game. For those that are new I stream at 3 AM Central Time usually on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after my fiancee has gone to sleep and stream for about 4 hours give or take. My Twitch profile is: http://www.twitch.tv/lokik21

It should also be mentioned that if I have previously started any of these games, I'm starting them over so the audience gets the full experience and not just half. Also if a game can't run I may... change the game.

1. Alice Madness Returns

Haven't played this series but heard it's pretty good so I am interested in it.

2. Beyond Good & Evil:

I do want to play this one but two things. It kind of has a mind of it's own when it wants to run and when it doesn't so that may make problems. 2. I need it in windowed mode for Twitch, so I can view the chat. It does look like there's a fix for it so that shouldn't be to bad.

3. Borderlands 1: I own this and the 2nd one but I'm a stickler for usually doing things in order so... BL1 does come first.

4. Deus Ex: A game series I did almost beat than lost my old save. Just put it off for nearly 6 years because of that but I do want to finish it.

5. Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion: I've played a very little bit of this game but have heard mixed things about it.

6. Far Cry 1: Yes it was Far Cry 3 last time, but as I said I prefer things in order. So I fixed it for this time.

7. Final Fantasy VII: From what I've heard a classic but from what I played until... I didn't see it. But... I'd be willing to finish it. Not playing through a game entirely does not give you all you need to know about a game. The Final Fantasy series is also excluded from the play in order rule, since most of them don't impact each other.

8. La-Mulana: A great game but a hard one. Sadly I'd probably need a guide for this. It's pretty damned confusing in all honesty.

9. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition: Another one with a good chance I may need a guide sadly. I will try without a guide first though.

10. Fallout 1: The original Fallout. Now that they've thrown in a patch it should be relatively easy to get this baby working. On a side not don't expect Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I have done those before I got Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics.

And with that Destructoid... I leave my fate in your hands.

Photo Photo Photo

Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 12/24/14 and 12/31/14


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

One last roundup for 2014! Looking like I’m going to make it just in time before 2014 ends… then after I’ve knocked a few beers I have a special blog in mind to ring in the New Year. Happy New Year Everyone!

Robin Rises Alpha:

To start it off we have a one shot called Robin Rises Alpha, Batman, Red Hood, Cyborg, Batgirl, and Nightwing all go to hell/ Apokolips to retrieve the dead Damion, Batman’s son, from hell. This takes place mostly after they’ve retrieved him and have to fight Kalibak back down through the portal while Cyborg’s system’s restart so he can close the portal. So… that’s a thing. I haven’t been reading Batman & Robin so I don’t know everything; however they raised my interest enough to subscribe to the series and see where it goes. Because Damion did just come back from hell. With super powers. I’m expecting a few problems.

Sonic Universe 71:

In this issue we have the most amounts of lines that Big the Cat has ever had in the comic so far! And while most people don’t like Big a lot I actually happen to enjoy him a lot, how can’t you enjoy Duke Nukem as a big old silly cat? Anyways Nicole has to go save her creator, Dr.Ellidy in the digital world; we also find out that the doctor has repurposed some of Dr.Eggman’s creations to serve him now. Not for anything evil (yet) but just to make his day to day life easier since he’s older.

Cyclops 008:

In this one we see that Scott’s plan from the previous comic did in fact work and the crew of the Strajammer gets to live due to the S.O.S. Problem though, they were immediately taken due to the high bounty on their heads. However Scott did get lucky, the ship wasn’t full of civilians as was reported the ship actually had Shi’Ar’s one of the most advanced ruthless races disguised as a medic ship so no one would bother them with their cargo. Didn’t work so a fight ensues. They get back to the ship mostly all safe and sound and Scott is talking to his dad, until he’s found out by the ship’s captain and is probably going to have his dad beaten due to that.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 26:

We finish the story of last issue’s problem with the bulls trying to take the ranch from Applejack’s family and this one was quite enjoyable. I felt like it had a much bigger payoff than last issue with lots more jokes and the ponies resolve their problems (mostly) peacefully. It’s nice to see people try to have characters resort things not in violence on occasion, the way they handled it was pretty clever but I don’t want to ruin everything if I can help it so you’ll have to read on if you want to find out. I’m just excited for next issue myself, it’s looking like a Zecora and Spike issue two characters that I absolutely love that I feel don’t get quite enough screen time.

Future’s End 34:

In this issue shit finally starts hitting the fan, Atom removes Father Time’s brain slug like thing from its host to show everyone Firestorm faces off against Doctor Polaris and does pretty shittily. Not that that’s her fault mind you, it does make it harder when you’ve never fought anyone. Fifty Sue does her usual thing of terrorizing anyone that bothers her and this causes Ms.Lang to run off because she does still think of Fifty Sue as a little girl not a monster. Batman hacks into Batman Beyond’s suit (which makes sense since he did make it albeit in the future) and The Joker Batman Hybrid finally comes into play and teleports back in time to stop Terry from stopping Brother Eye in the past. And of course it pops out right next to Plastique.

Future’s End 35:

With this issue Firestorm kind of takes care of Dr.Polaris... for now at least since he’s more spirit than anything at this point. Fifty Sue isn’t allowed to kill people anymore because she’s actually listening to Ms.Lang and is going along with her being her mother. For whatever reason but either way it’s actually pretty cute. The Atom is working on setting up an army to fight Brainiac when he gets to Earth so that they’ll be prepared for it but Father Time’s being a little bitch and isn’t talking. If it isn’t his way it’s the high way apparently. BatJoker goes after Plastique Terry stops her from getting killed and they share a kiss as he rescues her. All in all it’s pretty adorable actually aside from her almost getting killed of course. The Batman of this age gets his ass kicked by BatJoker, only due to the fact that he saw himself went what the fuck, as most people would do, and got sucker punched.


And with that we come to my last roundup of the year. A rather short one but one that I think went out with a bang, these were some pretty enjoyable comics this time, as they usually are but they did a really good job I feel with this. So with that being said I’m going to go get drunk for the New Year, and to steal a line from Mr.Andy Dixon. Hey, it’s 2015 guys. Why don’t we all make it our New Year’s Resolution… “To be better people.” But don’t get offended as easily. Everyone’s to politically correct these days. Jokes are good! Being hateful is not. Love all of you.

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