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Hello, I am SolarPonyDjango or depending upon the site or game am also known as lokik21 or Defect Reject.
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So the new Loot Crate came out, and I just recently subscribed to Loot Crate. I figured if anyone on Destructoid was interested they could check it out with me since this month had one of my favorite franchises of all time! MegaMan!

It also came with a free copy of Super Street Fighter 4. Not quite as good as Ultra but I'll take it. Heard that it's a good series after all.

This is my second time doing one of these so if you have any suggestions.. help? I was pretty awkward in this...

Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of:11/12/14 and 11/19/14


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

I will not be doing the Roundup for Future’s End #28 and 29 this roundup or Sonic the Hedgehog #266; they should be included in Roundup 4. My comic store had a mix up and was not included in my pull list by mistake.

Spider-Verse 001:

So you know how Marvel had Edge of Spider-Verse featuring one specific character in a different universe instead of Peter Parker? How about six of them? Apparently the writers weren’t done and decided to keep going, which is good the Edge series was quite interesting so it’s nice to see 6 albeit shorter versions. The first one in Earth 2301 partially reminded me of Usagi Yojimbo would be the best way to describe it, more so the art style. It involves a Chinese Monk version of Peter that gets his ass handed to him by Venom before being recruited into the rest of the Spiders. The second one is involving a steampunk version, with another Spider-Girl only this one is named Lady Spider. It also had a brief appearance by the Sinister Six and was quite interesting to see all of them as steampunk. I know some don’t like steampunk but I personally enjoy it a lot. Then we have a cereal add where Spider-Man is killed by Morlun and you get delight in every bite of Spider-Totems! ... yeahhhh…. That was a thing. Then we have… I don’t know quite how to describe it? That partially chibi style but not chibi style of animation? I know I’ve seen it before but I don’t remember where. And it has a brief reappearance of Bag Spider-Man! Woo! It was a cute story though and I liked it. The last one was set in the style of a daily comic strip and it made fun of how characters have to repeat a lot of things because not everyone tunes in. At the end we find out that the Master Weaver on occasion does try to save Spider people, he just can’t do it often or Morlun’s family will find out.

Spider-Woman 001:

Spider-Woman continues Spider-Verse (just assume unless I mention otherwise anything Spider-Man related it’s Spider-Verse, which is fine by me). We have Spider-Woman watching over Silk, but we don’t know why as of yet. We know that Silk is important but still have to find out why. Spider-Woman accidentally insults Silk by talking behind her back to Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman as well as one other. Silk was already feeling bad since she was accidentally the one responsible for getting Noire Spider-Man pretty badly hurt. So Silk goes off on her own to prove that she can do things too. Morlun’s family found her pretty fast and is stalking her as the issue ends.

The Amazing Spider Man (2014) #10:

So… accidentally read these out of order, which is my own fault since the checklist is in the back of the comics. Oh well mistakes happen, Spider-Woman takes place after this and sets up why Spider-Woman, Silk and Noire were where they were. Silk got upset (she seems to have a tendency to do that doesn’t she?) and went off on her own to try and distract Morlun’s family so as to pull them away from everyone else. Only problem is she’s the Spider-Bride? So that’s something that will be important eventually just not quite yet is all. But there has been two different sets of Spiders preparing, Superior Spider-Mans along with Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker and Doc Ock. They eventually meet, some more Spiders die unfortunately and they retreat to a safe zone, but it’s hinted at in the next issue that they’re going to fight. During this we also find out that Morlun’s family can clone themselves, so the Spider clones go off to destroy that technology so they can’t anymore.

Sonic Universe 70:

Sonic Universe wraps up the Total Eclipse Saga, Shadow & Knuckles put aside their differences for long enough to stop Eclipse so that he doesn’t take the Master Emerald. Since they were on the other side of the island however they needed some way to buy more time, so Knuckles tells Rogue where a secret area is to activate traps for Eclipse on his way to the ship. This part’s actually pretty refreshing; we get to see all of the traps and enemies used in Sonic 3 against Eclipse instead of us. They get back to stop Eclipse, but they’re too weak to stop him after their own fight so Knuckles destroys the Master Emerald to ensure no one else gets it. So Knuckles just has to go find it again and fix it, pretty typical stuff. It was still nice to see all the nods to Sonic 3 however.

My Little Pony Friends Forever 11:

So… first thing’s first… the art for this one’s a little different. It’s kind of like the old Sonic cartoon with the freedom fighters and Chibi at the same time. It’s… different but not bad, I do prefer the normal style however and hope they use that one. But anyways the story itself was good but pretty simplistic, we have Rainbow Dash helping Spitfire training kids that one day would like to be a part of the Wonderbolts. Only problem is Spitfire is terrible with kids so she doesn’t know how to encourage them to do just that. She makes them cry in once scene Rainbow Dash makes it so that the kids like her again pretty typical stuff. That being said, even if it’s typical it’s still pretty fun, and cute.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 25:

With this issue we see the ponies going out West again but to a different town to visit another of Applejack’s relatives (just how many of them does she have in desert towns?) This one’s missing however and we have bandits attacking the town, which actually this is something that I haven’t seen quite as much. They lose. I mean we know they’ll come back, but I don’t happen to see heroes losing nearly as often as they flat out win. There’s not really much else to this issue, but there is lots of in jokes if you’re a MLP fan and things that I just don’t want to give away. I will say I was a little upset, I was hoping for a retelling of spooky stories with pony characters due to the cover, but alas that was not the case.

Mega Man 43:

With Mega Man 43, we see the fall of Gemini Man after he almost finished Mega Man. We also see Needle Man as well as Magnet Man; I just got into the Mega Man comic book series right after Worlds Collide 1 (because they are HEAVILY hinting at Worlds Collide 2. Okay not hinting, we know it’s coming just don’t know when yet is all.) And really like how much they flesh out the Robot Masters personality and make them all interesting and unique. We also see that Auto found out about Dr.Wily but was then immediately trashed by Dr.Wily. Not that big of a surprise, but Roll was on her way to find Auto. So that will probably become a problem for Wily in the next issue.

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...My Pa (Grandfather) passed away 13 years ago today. November 16th, 2001. His wife Nana passed away earlier this year after a long fight against Alzheimer's. I was 10 when he passed away... not really concerned with anything more than myself, as most children are at that age and don't have very many memories of him as such. One thing that I do remember fondly is going to visit both of them during Christmas breaks and on occasion other times of the year down in Florida. Talking with them exploring the neighborhood in which they lived and most importantly going swimming on the beach.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out in 2003, two years after Pa had passed away. Ruby and Sapphire isn't my first favorite generation nor is it my second. It's third. But... Ruby and Sapphire will always hold a special place in my heart. During the summer of 2003 we went to Florida one last time to visit Nana before she sold the house they had there. They had a summer and winter home for when it got cold, New York so they could stay close to there family and Florida so when it was cold they would be warm.

My family almost always drives to it's locations, very rarely flying. Cheaper that way and you can get a good view of America as you drive past, looking at the landmarks or just different states you pass through. During this trip, R&S had come out a few months before and since I liked the color Blue I chose Sapphire. I wasn't allowed to play video games much when I was child, car rides and vacations were the main two times until I was older. My father was worried that I would get to distracted if I could play video games when and where I wanted and in the future that could be a problem with my grades. He was right, but I'd like to think thanks to him he helped at least a little bit.

During the car ride I made sure to play as much of that game as I could. Going to make the team that I liked most (Mudkip of course, water starters always) and whomever caught my interest. I didn't have favorites then aside from water starters, I just chose whom I though was cool and I would enjoy the most. It was a simpler time then. However the original GBA didn't happen to have a backlight so when it turned to night I popped out one of two things. I either popped out the snake that could be plugged into GameBoys and used minimal batteries from the GBA to power the light. Or, I used the two in one screen enhancer and light. I usually used the screen enhancer, the light worked so much better for that, and I just flipped the screen enhancer to the upward position. I didn't need it at the time.

Now for those of you that haven't played Ruby or Sapphire, a majority of the game takes place surfing upon your Pokemon from island to island, even going underneath the water at some points and just exploring. A lot of the cities felt to me like Florida... even though it was based on a Japanese province to a young 12 year old that didn't matter, and I didn't know at the time. I played that game a lot during our last visit to Pa and Nana's winter home. I still went to the beach of course but... I'd like to think the game helped me to store away memories of that place and my Pa and Nana for years to come.

One of the biggest memories I have for then was trying to find Sootopolis City, I don't remember if the game ever gave you a hint as to where the eigth gym city might be but it took me a majority of the car trip to find it. You needed to go around finding the right place to go underwater, and there would be a chasm that led to the final city before you could actually go to the final city. There was a lot of places that you could go underwater and I tried most of them. Most of them except for the one you actually needed, so I was stuck here for a while before I finally did end up in that city.

During that time I came across Shoal Cave, a sidequest of sorts where you could get a potentially useful item if you gave an old man eight items. Shoal Cave I remember very clearly being when we had gotten to their house, I remember walking across the sand inside the cave as well as the areas of water that had sand banks and could walk on them. It made me feel like I was at the beach with Pa and Nana... even though he was gone it gave me memories of those times that I still use to this very day. I'd like to think that it was the frustrations this game gave me that gave me these such fond memories. You couldn't always explore Shoal Cave, there was a high tide and low tide, and you could explore the cave at low tide. I always seemed to hit the cave at high tide so it made me question just how I was going to get inside? Frustration seems to be a decent way to have a person remember things, and while I didn't like it back then I'm very thankful for it today.

I remember getting my Nickelodeon clock one Christmas, that I still have to this day at that house. The Charmander my Pa won for me and my brother, he was always good at those claw games and he knew we liked Pokemon. The times we went to the beach and Pa would play with us while Nana watched, Nana didn't like being splashed so she just watched us underneath her umbrella. The small kitchen and living room along with the guest rooms that we would talk in, most of the time in the living room and I remember Wheel of Fortune on that T.V along with with the news... 60 minutes if I remember correctly.

I remember my pillow that was mine and no one else's because it had a loose corner that I liked to put in my mouth when I was five and would call it my wiggling because it just wiggled as much as I wanted and never ceased to amuse me. I remember going to Disney World with my parents meeting my favorite Disney Character Goofy and getting a Goofy Hat, which is missing a tooth but I still have to this day. I remember the palm trees around Nana and Pa's as we would go for walks or go roller skating with my parents. I also remember the time we got in a car accident with a rental although I don't remember the details. I remember the art musuem sign that when I was 10 someone had oh so cleverly added an F to so it became the Fart Musuem. I also remember one of Pa's favorite candies, Werther's Originals, which I still happen to get from time to time in memory of him. Maybe before to long I'll start doing crossword puzles on occasion in memory of Nana...

That's why I'm thankful for Ruby & Sapphire... it may not be my favorite Pokemon games of all time. But whenever I play them to this day... they give me a rush of feelings, happy, and sad. They help me to remember moments with Pa even if he had passed away by the time this game had come out, and I'm sure they'll help me to remember moments with Nana too when I need them. Such as when I was playing the Sims when she walked by and told me she liked the music from that game. It was the construction music, as you're buying and rearranging your house. That's also why I'm excited for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire... I'll be able to make new memories as I play through the games with my fiancee on her 2DS and I'll also be able to remember the times I had with Nana and Pa. I'm hoping that they don't change to much... I'd like some to stay the same.

I love you Nana and Pa.

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(Note: Any game I give an initial thought to will not have a review score, due to the fact that it is initial thoughts. I post these with 6 or more hours into the game to see how it feels and how I'm enjoying it so far.)

So... New Sonic game came out guys. Anyone else rush to the store and preorder it before it came out? No? Only me? Well... alright. As some may know I do happen to enjoy the Sonic franchise, but I know that since he made his 3D debut his games have been... mostly subpar at best. I can only think of 2 in recent years that has a lot of praise and one that is in a weird place where some like it and some don't. Generations, Colors and Lost World for those wondering.

Does this game happen to be the next Generations? No. Not a bit honestly. It plays very differently than a normal Sonic game. You only get to go fast in speed sections otherwise you're going at a leisurely pace. It's not so much of a platformer ths time as it is an action-adventure beat em up. In fact, you want to know what this game reminds me of as a poor man's version?

Batman. It plays similarily to Batman (in my opinion) it has it's differences since it is in fact a Sonic game but it's a beat em up. You punch, kick, spin dash, throw enemy after enemy until you can proceed on. They even have a shitty dodge, the dodge only works if your not halfway through a combo, and is spotty at best. You run around collecting items that can be a puzzle to get to so you can power your characters up. Much like Riddler trophies oddly. Not to the same extent since you can and will find them easily but have a harder time for some parts. As of now you don't get many upgrades like Batman does so it's the same combat but clunky.

Now that's not to say Sonic Boom is in particular a BAD game. It's mediocre sure, and probably wouldn't be for everyone but the platforming isn't terrible and even though the dodge system isn't the greatest it's actually pretty hard to die. Instead of losing all your rings every time you're hit you usually lose about 15, which can than be recollected so you don't lose more than 5 in reality. So it's actually REALLY hard to die, even when you do from a never ending pit or even touching certain spots of water (some water you can touch, other places if even your pinky touches the water you are dead.) you can buy upgrades so you start off with rings each time. It makes the game pretty easy honestly, kind of hard to fail at also in part due to the fact that you can upgrade Ring Magnetism (how far away rings will float to you) making recollecting your rings even simpler.

A lot of the areas so far haven't felt fully Sonic either, but at the same time that I'm willing to forgive. It's a different version of Sonic, so there's no Green Hills Zones or Scrap Brain Zone here. There is weapons stations which does happen to be the most familiar so far to old Sonic but that's okay. The world actually let's you explore it much like in Sonic Adventure 1. It's a large overworld with those scraps you need to find so you can upgrade your characters. The game sometimes goes from 3D to 2D much like many Sonic games have these days and 2D is still where this game shines brightest. Haven't had as many problems with the 2D as 3D, it does however seem like they added more traps to the 2D to make up for this.

The gameplay is a little stiff and takes a second to get used to as well, once you get it, the platforming isn't to terribly bad a little wonky for sure but not unplayable. It's more so when you think that you're going to land on a small platform sometimes you won't. The invinicility frames after getting hit by an attack on the other hand is laughable, as in I'm actually not certain there are any invinicibility frames. If there are it's a particularly small amount, as once you're hit you can almost be hit again right away. Which with the ring feature talked about above still isn't to bad.

The plot of SB:RoL isn't the greatest either (big surprise) but instead of the monster of the week that Eggman was trying to control but failed to do so as most Sonic games so we get a new original villian. Lyric.

And even then it's still technically a bad guy that Eggman WAS trying to control. The only difference here is that as soon as Eggman says "Yo son, I'm your master now. That Sonic fellow that was the only one that could wake you up, woke up cause of me." Lyric goes "Lol to bad. Your my bitch now." and then proceeds to take back his robots that Eggman had found while he was imprisoned for 1,000 years and is now the boss. So while similar at least it doesn't have people following Eggman plans for a bit and then FINALLY betraying him. Happens right at the beginning so... Kudos to that.

But the plot goes as follows, Sonic and Eggman are fighting, Eggman summons Metal Sonic to lead Sonic and friends into an ambush. Sonic notices the one way they can get out is by touching something that has himself and tails as murals on the wall. Sonic touches it so they don't die. Sonic & friends awaken Lyric from his imprisonement and somehow we find out he knows Sonic. (Spoiler Alert. It's time travel. Not Sonic's long lost relative but Time Travel.) Lyric goes off to do bad things. What bad things? Destoy all life that is flesh and make it robotic. So he's basically Eggman but a snake. However in order to do this he needs crystals, which may be this games version of Chaos Emeralds. However that may not be true as I haven't finished the game yet. So it's a race against Lyric to find all the crystals so he can't use them for his plan. However one last thing of note is that they need a map. The only place they can find a map is in the past. Which a robot helps Sonic with teleports him to the past, they steal the map from Lyric 1,000 years in the past before he knew who Sonic was, thus setting up how he knows Sonic. It also kind of may have been how he got imprisoned originally. So... pretty typical Sonic fare.

The music however is worthy of note, it actually is pretty good, that's not to surprising however, as it is a Sonic game. Even Sonic 06 had good music. On that note you can actually unlock the soundtrack as you play which is a nice feature. They actually made rings useful for something as it unlocks character art, environment art, music etc. The best part about that is that you don't have to spend rings. Once you hit a speciffic amount of rings it unlocks automatically so if two things require say 2,000 things both are unlocked at once. Which is actually kind of a better idea than the red rings from previous sonic games. It may be a little more grindy in the end but some red rings could be bullshit.

I haven't had a chance to try the multiplayer aspect of Sonic Boom yet though... so unfortunately I don't have anything to say about that. If I find someone that'll play with me I'll update that but I don't foresee that happening for a long time.

And since it's a Sonic game of course there's glitches. As some of you saw on Destructoid there was the Knuckles fishbowl penis glitch. I also had either a strange audio design or glitch (I'm going latter) that I was talking to an NPC, activated a cutscene and than the NPC finished his dialogue after the cutscene. Nothing to big but on occasion you can get characters where they don't belong.

Knuckles isn't suposed to be on those pink bars. Those are Amy only areas. And while Knuckles looks silly on them he can actually walk on them. I'm sure if you can reach it with the rest of the team they could as well.

...Now for the thing that I've been saving for last since it's been addressed a few time. The character design's for the Sonic Boom universe. As you saw above those were the new designs. Here's the old in case you can't remember,

Pretty different but not a deal breaker for me. I actually kind of liked the new design for the most part (with the exception of the legs... what's up with that?) it's actually not the character design I dislike but they've made changes to the characters themselves. For the most part Knuckles to minor degrees Amy.

They made Knuckles as dumb as a rock.

The above quote from Knuckles isn't even the worst. In another cutscene he was trying to figure out his left and his right. HE WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HIS LEFT AND HIS RIGHT. The worst part is it takes what seemed like friendly banter between Sonic and Knuckles into Sonic legitimately making fun of Knuckles for being less intelligent. This hurts me personally, just due to the fact that Knuckles is one of my favorite characters. He's not stupid, naive sure but not outright blatantly stupid. Also look at that Amy face. Ha.

Now as for Amy herself, she's not terrible they tried to make her less clingy of Sonic which is fine. But they made her seem brash and annoying, whereas I like Amy cute and funny. Only slightly annoying I should add. She's still a good character and seeing as she has the triple jump if I didn't love Knuckles so much she'd be the primary character I play (that and Knuckles is the bruiser of the group so he speeds up enemy fights).

The rest of the characters don't seem to differenet, Sonic and Eggman still have their banter. Tails is still the adorable mechanic that you know and love and there is pieces of old Amy and Knuckles there. Also Shadow's pretty similar but not as... what's the word? Dark? Depressed? Either way he actually got more of an anger adjustment so he's willing to fight pretty easily. Also yeah Shadow and Metal Sonic are here. Waiting to see who else pops up. Also Sticks the Badger? Not in Rise of Lyric. Only in Shattered Crystals (which I haven't picked up. Yet, possibly on a sale). She doesn't seem terrible since she was in the comic so I guess I'll get to judge from that how she is.

Overall SB:RoL doesn't feel like a bad game, with a little more polish it could've been really good. If you're a Sonic fan and want to see how they changed the game go for it. It's better than Sonic 06 and plays rather differently from a Sonic game than previous ones in the series. So give it a shot. I plan to keep playing it, because I don't think I've discovered everything there is to this game yet.

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Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of:10/29/14 and 11/5/14

Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

The Amazing Spider-Man 009:
So with 009 we actually start Spider-Verse, it’s not just side stories anymore it’s a full on story getting Peter Parker involved. There’s Spider people that are new and old, along with some that are versions of Peter where things didn’t happen to him or he kept things. Some aren’t Peter as well, it’s a little confusing but in the end it’s interesting to see all the different Spider People.
So the story kicks into full gear, with Peter Parker being recruited into the rest of the group, they save Scarlet Spider from dying but lose Bruce Banner (who was Spider-Man instead of Hulk in a timeline?) and go back to their headquarters. We actually don’t learn to much about them these time, but do happen to get some more insight into Morlun’s family, not much more but a little bit and see how they interact with them all. We also see more of the Great Weaver (whom I’m not familiar with at this point but I’m sure we’ll learn more of) and how he is now forced to help Morlun’s family find other Spider-People to feast upon.

Spider-Verse Team-Up 001:
However even with Spider-Verse into full swing (har har har) they do take time to give us side stores about other Spider-People which is refreshing. This one has two different short stories (which seems to be what they’re going for lately) and both are interesting. The first one has them recruiting Ben Reiley of Earth-94 whom took over for Peter Parker since he doesn’t have any Spider powers in this Earth. The other story involves a freshly made Spider-Man Peter Parker that was bit but happens to have a different reaction then the other Spider-People. He becomes a full blown spider. Which is then reverted back to his normal self by Spider-Man Noire and a Six-Armed Spider-Man. The reason they wanted to revert him initially was due to the fact he was in a coma and would attract Morlun’s family to their and still be a target. Unintentionally causing problems for that world, then his spider powers activated and he didn’t know how to control them so they reverted to him to normal Peter Parker. Of note since Peter was in a coma, Uncle Ben didn’t die due to the robbery, he and Aunt May were both visiting Peter at the time.

Superman Unchained 9: Final Issue
So this is the final issue of Super Unchained and it’s hard an interesting life. Delays I believe changing writers at one point if I recall correctly and only 9 issues (which that’s fine). But as an even odder note I don’t particularly care for Superman. I kind of find him overpowered and boring. However… at my comic book store one of the people there really liked Superman and so I asked him why and he gave me a damn good reason. He’s the symbol of America. Not the symbol of today, but the symbol of when we weren’t such dumb shits all the time and were nicer. Superman is a pretty decent guy in reality, he doesn’t use his powers for evil (even though he very easily could) and he’s a decent role model against corruption. With that being said I’ll have to find out the next new Superman series and add it to my pull list since this one is ending. I’d like to keep reading about him.
Now as for the comic itself, Superman almost kills himself to save the whole Earth (go figure that Superman would do that) but in the end is stopped by what is supposed to be his Archenemy for the series Wraith, whom in turn sacrifices himself instead. Which is interesting since Wraith was a part of the attacking force on Earth (by a part of I mean same species) but he had never known his species so he felt more attached to Earth than to them so he saved Earth. This is interesting to see, we also see a Superman flashback since it’s delved into his backstory a little bit. While he was defending his mom he accidentally killed somebody, however he never meant for that so he gave him CPR until his heart started back up and he saved him. So to me it’s quite interesting to see just how much he holds to his ideals. Even if Lex Luther happens to think otherwise.

Future’s End 26 and 27:
Future’s End 26 and 27  starts a lot of things but doesn’t end them. Bruce Wayne finds out about Terry McGinnis, Tim Drake’s love interest Madison Payne was kidnapped by the professor that was working on teleportation technology and also fired one half of Firestorm. We got a few more hints as to what Brother Eye is up to on Cadamus Island but nothing concrete. Overall Future’s End is ramping up as it usually does to have a big payoff a few issues later. This series is really interesting but it can take a while before anything happens to go anywhere, which is what comics do mind you, but with so many stories not a lot of things happen issue to issue unfortunately. However I’m still pretty sure that when Future’s End is done it’ll be a great ride to just go from start to finish.

Sonic Boom:
So new Sonic Universe, new Archie Sonic comic. The Archie Sonic & MegaMan comics are some pretty good pieces of work, genuinely feeling like they know the feel of the characters that they’re working with and a genuine love of the world and games they work with.
The first issue starts off with Eggman causing havoc and reintroducing the main cast of Sonic (which is good for new readers) but it’s mainly an introduction issue to show how they’re similar to their normal counterparts. Or different. Most of the characters are very similar with slight differences here and there. The biggest issue I have is that they made Knuckles too dumb. Like dumber than a box of rocks that was tossed around in a dryer at maximum speed. He literally does not happen to get the plan that is explained to him. Twice. I admit he can be quite naïve (being tricked by Dr.Eggman so many times does make that impression upon a person) but he tries to do the right thing and has good qualities. This Knuckles is your typical strong man, but this may just be for the first issue and could possibly change. Still it seems similar to the cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog so I’m thinking it’ll be pretty fun once the ball gets rolling.

Sonic Universe 69:
So there’s a few different Sonic comics (I think we’re up to 3 now if memory serves correctly) and while they are overlapping stories, each comic focuses on a specific part of the story. Sonic Universe currently focuses on how Knuckles is trying to protect the Master Emerald and how Shadow’s Brother Eclipse is trying to power up his Dark Arms so he can conquer the planet. So… may need a little bit of a back story here… You remember that game nearly no one liked? Shadow The Hedgehog? Archie Comics decided to expand upon that story… yeah… not quite sure why either… But it works. Another Black Arms Comet came tried to obliterate Earth but Shadow and Team Dark went up and blew it up so that Earth would be okay. Problem is one saucer got away, Shadows brother Eclipse. So yeah… kind of… strange but still interesting. And the point of SU69 was that Knuckles disagrees that moving the Master Emerald would be the best way to protect it so he and Shadow are fighting while Eclipse is utterly destroying the rest of Team Dark as he goes to the Master Emerald to use it for himself. As I said for Sonic Boom, he’s naïve and hot headed. Not as stupid as they made him there.

Mega Man 42:
Now we come to the Blue Bomber himself, supported by Destructoid no less! See? Look up top in tiny letters “If you haven’t started reading this comic yet you ought to START NOW!” – Destructoid. And whoever said this is absolutely correct (I can’t remember whom it was sorry). They’ve been doing some fantastic things with this comic series, as well as the Sonic one. Archie really seems to know its stuff when it comes to video game characters. As I said two comics ago… whoops.

However at the moment the MM comics are taking place in MegaMan 3, with MegaMan having defeated Snake Man and Top Man so far and Dr.Wily doing a very, very good ruse that he’s a good guy. Cossack doesn’t believe his shit for a second though (which is what I’m assuming will lead into MegaMan 4 in Archie universe, Wily will have a personal vendetta against him for not trusting him… rightfully so mind you).  It’s also interesting because they’re giving the robot masters a lot of personality, which is really cool. It kind of reminds me of the Bob & George sprite comic actually. More in tone with how the actual robot masters would be over Bob & George mind you but I’ve always loved when we learned more about the robot masters. So MegaMan only takes out Shadow Man this time before Gemini pulls a cheap move on him and then has the  to be continued pop up so we have to wait to see how MM will get out of this one. We also see a little more of Wily’s plan as he prepares himself for the eventuality when MegaMan finds something that connects back to him.

But that’s the wrap up for this bi-weekly comic book round up. Thoughts, or ways I could improve? Just let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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 (Note: Any game I give an initial thought to will not have a review score, due to the fact that it is initial thoughts. I post these with about 6 hours or more into the game to see how it feels and how I'm enjoying it so far.)

I'd like to apologize right now for the picture quality, I was trying to post better versions from the websites themselves but for some reason the blog editior told me I was trying to sell chinese thongs. Not sure why.

 For those interested on my initial thoughts of the first game here’s the blog that I did for it last week now properly working: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Solar+Pony+Django/solar-pony-django-s-initial-thoughts-on-bayonetta-1-wii-u--283064.phtml

After finishing Bayonetta 1 I was ready and eager for more, the first game plays really well and is just a blast to play. So I was quite excited to play the second one right after, thankfully I can say the game is what people wanted from Bayonetta 1 but with some tweaks here and there that happen to fix, or improve some of the problems that the first game had. Really makes me quite happy that this game exists in the first place and on the Wii U since it wouldn’t exist without Nintendo stepping in. 

While we’re on this subject I’ll cover real quickly that a lot of people got upset that it was a Wii U exclusive and started acting really stupid. Most of that has (thankfully) blown over but there is a few out there that don’t quite seem to fully grasp that this game wouldn’t exist otherwise: http://bayonetta2boycott.wordpress.com/ Now admittedly I wasn’t going to even talk about the “boycott” but then I saw this site when I was looking for some information and… I honestly thought we could all use a chuckle, so I threw it in.

Nintendo and Platinum has also had a lot of fun advertising this game from Playboy:

 To dressing up one of the children of the people that work at Platinum as Bayonetta: 

 Anyways Bayonetta 2 starts off with Bayonetta having not really had much to do since the ending of the last game and that everything has gone quiet. (Both Jeanne and Bayonetta did get new outfits and hairstyles however. I kinda miss Bayonetta's old hair style. I do however like Jeanne's new one.) Eventually this all turns up and the Angels start attacking and causing a mess when they go after Bayonetta to not much avail. However things start to take a different turn after Bayonetta summons Gomorrah and the portal doesn’t fully close. So Gomorrah attacks Bayonetta and Jeanne takes the blow instead sending her soul to hell. Bayonetta then has to rush to the actual gates of hell so as to save her friend within 24 hours or she’ll be stuck there. Forever.

Now, I don’t want to get to much into the story, so people can discover it themselves without spoilers. But I will say that Luka comes back and that Bayonetta has a new companion to accompany her as well named Yugi Mot- I mean… Loki:


Whom happens to be a pretty interesting character but does happen to take a little bit of time to warm up to. Still, he’s an interesting part of the story and once you get used to him actually pretty fun.


Bayonetta 2 fixes either all of or nearly all of the problems that were holding the first game back a bit. Items no longer detract from your score (I do still happen to recommend NOT using them, you get a halo bonus for not using items.) I do recommend getting the Mallet of Rewards rather early on, as it does happen to give you a significant amount more money and it also happens to drop a lot more items, in particular Laurels that way you don’t have to actually use a healing item. Instant death QTE’s are gone, falling off of ledges into never ending pits doesn’t take health anymore. My personal favorite addition the Umbran Climax, which was available in Bayonetta 1 at specific points but can now be used after filling one bar of magic and completely wrecking enemies. The more magic you have however the longer it lasts so you don’t have to use it right away.

The enemies are more enjoyable as well so far, nothing really to terribly annoying. In fact the most annoying enemy is a return from the first game the Golem (one of the few returning enemies actually) and isn’t nearly as bad as Gracious & Glorious were or Grace & Glory.


All of the enemies feel really fun to go against and have good designs. What is probably my biggest complaint about the enemies is that so few of the enemies from the first game return in fact the only one so far is Golem. Just strikes me as a strange design choice since they could’ve expanded upon what the first game had and included more. You do also get to fight enemies from Inferno this time not just Paradiso which is interesting, they have a different look to them (as they should) and just feel dirty whereas Paradiso Angels are sleek and shiny. And after having a small problem last game with having to fight Angels since I’m a Catholic (although Platinum does to try to distance itself away from Religions but keep it close as well, it’s actually quite interesting to see) it was enjoyable to fight some demons too.

The weapon choice is once again quite large and much like the enemies there’s “technically” no repeats. A lot of the weapons are very similar to the weapons in the first game but there are no actual returners that happen to be the exact same weapon. Which I kind of find strange. The Rakshasa are my favorite weapons with that not being a surprise since they are the replacement for the weapons from the first game that I loved the Shuraba.


And I’ve experimented with some of the other weapons but don’t really use them, yet. I kind of like what I have going at this moment and really wish there was a pair of shotguns like in the first game. I did enjoy Chernobog mostly the only problem with that one is how slow it was, powerful but did have a bit off a wind up arc, the other problem is Rakshasa had to be equipped to the feet and I didn’t like the combos for it there so I changed it.

As for Kafka I have NO idea how to properly use that one, and Undine was fun but not quite my play style, I’m hoping that some of the next weapons I find speak to me, because I do like the weapons I just happen to be partially specific with what I choose.

One small thing I did forget to mention actually is the worlds a lot more fun to explore this time around I think, last time it could be hard to find the collectibles that you needed but this time? Not nearly as bad, and I don’t happen to mind when something’s hard to find but it’s also nice to find easy items as well on occasion. The challenge areas are much easier this time as well (or at least I think so) but have gotten a slight name change. They are now known as Muspelheim and act as Bayonneta 2’s Alfheim. Slightly different yet still worth your time to tackle to get an extra health or magic boost.

The music in Bayonetta 2 is once again quite stellar,the soundtrack happens to beat the first one in my opinion with a few selections here and there making me like particular pieces of Bayonetta 1's more. That's not really a bad thing though. Quite frankly I'd prefer two great soundtrack than just one good one and one that's okay. But hey SEGA of Japan... why don't you release the Soundtrack statewise too like you're doing in Japan. We'd buy it.

So overall Bayonetta 2 truly feels like the stronger game out of the two, there’s more to do in the game, and they fixed some of the games that dragged the first one down a little. The first one was great too but the polishes they made here and there really seem to give the second one that extra shine, and I know I’m glad that I finally got a chance to play this series that I had heard so much about but never gotten to play.

Edit: While not a quick time event persay there is ONE enemy that I'd like to give mention to because it can kill you in one hit.

Meet resentment. The only enemy in the game, the only time in the game that it has actually managed to kill me (on 2nd Climax at least) he was a move that transforms you back into Cerezea than will one hit kill you so... watch out for that.

2nd Edit because I'm stupid and forget to mention one of the new features that's really fun.

For Bayonetta 2 they also introduced a simple multiplayer aspect to the game, it's not overly difficult however it can be full of suspense. In order to get at least a decent amount of Bayonetta's in game currency you need to fight enemies but if you really want money multiplayer's where it's at. Short little bursts with groups of enemies as you compete with your partner to see whom can get the best score. You also bet Halo's while doing so which as long as you win increases your profits by a pretty significant amount.

You can also partake in multiplayer with a CPU (good thinking on Plantinum's part, for when the online no longer works at least it'll work in some way).  It's also a lot easier to go against a CPU most of the time since they're a CPU and don't have quite as good of a grasp onto what to do as a player would do. Overall the multuplayer's mostly fun, if you're trying to play with real people can sometimes be a pain. Mainly due to the fact that they have to respond back in order to actually play. And not everyone does.

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