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So recently as some of you may know one of our community members Keiichi recently and rather unfortunately had his 3DS stolen. So I was curious as to wheter or not the community would possibly like to do some donations to help him get a replacement for it by chance. I thought it would possibly be nice if we could chip in a dollar or two to help him out with that. We talked about it a little ourselves so it would be through the PayPal donate button unless someone else happens to have a better idea.

So yeah... I know this is rather short but I don't happen to know the details (and I doubt that Keiichi really would want to give the details) but that's all there is to it.



So Marvel has been having a comic book explosion for Spider-Man recently talking about all the other Spider-Men (and in a few instances) women and how they act differently than Peter Parker. The majority of them are pretty similar with small changes here and there like the Noir themed one which has been my favorite so far.

A little different than normal Peter Parker but for the most part is pretty similar to him main difference being his origin story and the time setting. It's pretty cool how they've taken to it, in fact in Spider-Verse 2 it had Gwen Stacy as Spider-Women and Peter Parker died instead, weird change up no?


But then we came to the 4th edition of Spider-Verse, the one I wanted to talk about most.

Spider-Verse #4... where do I even begin with how much I disliked this one. First off we're going to address that (thankfully) this isn't Peter Parker. It's Patton Parnell a more... cruel version of Spider-Man. In fact the first look we get at him is him torturing ants with a microscope then just crushing them cause hey why not.

Which someone is going to point out hey that's what all small children do. And you're right. Small children. He is not a small child. He's in high school and since this was subject #32 I believe it means he's experimented on more and who knows what else. But basically I bring this up because we see that this isn't the more kindhearted Peter Parker it's someone that takes pleasure in hurting things.

Eventually we're introduced to not Mary Jane, Sarah Jane whom talks to Patton for one reason or another and is an animal rights activist. In the field trip that they take they try to free a radioactive spider and Patton gets bit. Later on we see he's getting sick much like how Peter did and then when he doesn't want to go to school Uncle Ted comes along and beats him with a belt. Which is probably the ONLY time after this you're going to feel sorry for him.

He then proceeds to gain his spider powers but can actually shoot webs... and then things start to turn weird. Apparently Uncle Ted doesn't allow Patton in the fridge for food so he eats a rat. Says it tastes good and then he eats the cat to swallow the rat to swallow the fly, perhaps he'll die. Oh wait that didn't happen... well the cat did but the rhyming did not. When Uncle Ted comes home he too is promptly eaten.

As I said you're going to feel NO regret for Patton anymore, I should also note that there is cocoons of who knows how many animals or what they are around the house as Patton eats Uncle Ted. After that we find out that the spider he was biten by spreads eggs by biting his mate and leaving them there to spawn. Now why would this be brought u- OH YOU ALREADY KNOW WHY. So he convinces the school bully whom was much like Flash to fight him after school infects him with his eggs ties him up at home. He then later ate a dog and found the boy who was looking for his dog and infected him too. Seriously this one is pretty fucked up guys.

He then meets Sarah Jane and he's started acting like a bad boy now so she comes over to his house because she's attracted to him... as he was to her, because I forgot to mention he was spying on her at her house. And then proceeds to lay eggs at this point is promptly slapped and starts to transform into a spider beat. Sarah Jane makes the mistake of going into his room and sees the decaying bodies of the two boys, sitll alive but infected with eggs which then proceed to hatch from him.

Afterwards in what is possibly the ONLY time you hope Morlun kills a Spider-Man shows up and kills him.

Brief history lesson on Morlun on his family, they eat the spiders to gain their lifeforce and have completely WRECKED an entire group of Spider-Men and women. About 20 of them I believe were wrecked by just three of them. THREE OF THEM. So in the only time you'll feel good about Morlun showing up this is that time. He wrecks Patton ripping his arms off one at a time then proceeding to drain his essence, all while more spiders hatch and go everywhere and Sarah Jane runs home screaming it's just a dream over and over again. She then proceeds to do this in the morning again notices the bite marks from Patton and of course hundreds of spiders pop out running all over her possibly consuming her we don't see that though.

So yeah... #4 was a miserable read in my opinion, I'm a HUGE fan of Spider-Man he cracks jokes and (most of the time) is a guy that seems like would be a blast to hang around since he's pretty laid back but this one? YECH I've really enjoyed Spider-Verse so far I truly have but I couldn't stand this one, I read it before I went into work and it gave me the heebie jeebies for a few hours. I just felt sick and wanting to throw up that's how disturbed this made me.

So yeah... now that I've gotten that rant out... what did you think of it dtoid that's read it? Did you like it? Were you as disgusted by it as I was? Also how many comic book fans do we even happen to have? I'm considering doing a bi-weekly comic book round up and want to know what everyone thinks. Thanks for your time everyone.

Recently I bought SPSOT for 20$ on Humble Bundle, I'd been following this game for a while as I've wanted to get into the South Park series more and have had an interest in the game since it was first at THQ and found out Obsidian was making. Obsidian's made some gems I feel that have been overlooked in the past by other games in the series. Such as New Vegas and KoToR 2 which I personally enjoyed more than the originals.

Needless to say I was pretty excited for this game, but then THQ went under unfortunately and a lot of people were wondering just what was going to happen to this game as well as all the properties that were owned by THQ. Well Ubisoft bought the rights to this game and it turned out pretty well. Even with Ubisoft and some of the bullshit they cram into games as well as some of the practices they do. I don't recently happen to have a very good relationship with them due to some of these.

But we're not here for that and I can let my personal feelings go for a game that's been well crafted (most of the time) and SPSOT is a very well crafted game in my opinion. There's a lot of references to the series thrown into the game and it's a pretty fun game to play. The story is relatively short for an RPG but the humor makes up for that and I'd say at the price it's at now which is 40$ it's well worth it. At 60$ I might say it's a bit high at 20$ it was a steal.

Now before we go on any further I wanted to make EXTREMELY clear that yes this review WILL in fact have spoilers. That's why that signs up there. Go figure. Did I mention I'm drinking while writing this? Good times. It's also most definitely NSFW. Unless your work allows penises. Then go right ahead.


So the game starts off basic enough until the end of the first day you're the new kid in town Cartman has recruited you to fight the elves you fight the elves but don't get the stick back. It would seem that some shenanigans is going on but we don't find out about those until later. Day 1 is a pretty good time to take ALL the sidquests and do as many of them as you can. As far as I remember there's only two you can't do on day one (that are there on day one of course) which is the hunting list and mayor's request to get all the bums out of South Park.

Now the sidequests alone are great from going to literally finding Jesus, hiding behind a pew and hiding again later. Helping Al Gore out by finding ManBearPig and many other quests such as getting rid of those shitty mongorians! Literally you end up fighting Mongolians. Now unfortunately I didn't think about taking pictures until late in the game so until later you won't get to see my character.

Now I don't want to go into ALL of the sidequests in case there are people that wanted spoilers but also wanted to explore the majority of the game themselves so I'm not going to go into depth about any of the sidequests.

Now as I said first days pretty normal however as the day goes on they all forget about what time it is and Cartman is forced to go home because it's past his bedtime and as such not much to do with all the doors locked in South Park. So you go home and wake up half way through the night to find out that you're being abducted by aliens. So they take you back to the ship and start probing you but your anus is to strong so you break the probe. No seriously. That's exactly what happens. And you meet one of the best characters in the show (you could meet him earlier but he doesn't pay you much heed)

Randy Marsh. One of the characters that really gives the show its charm and humor. But you go through the ship trying to break Randy out since he knows how to get off the ship. While doing this you find notes from one other person that had escaped their probing fate and was stuck on the ship. You go around doing things so you can break out finding out more about this guy and then the last post he has about him eating eating some green liquid and then he starts spouting out German. You can find him on the ship to find out he's turned into a Nazi Zombie. Yup. The game has Nazi Zombies due to aliens.

This includes ALL animals by the way, it turns everything into nazi zombies. Cows too!

So after you find everything Randy wants so you can both escape you go and fight some more aliens in order to escape. It just so happens to be the aliens that are the pilots and you crash land on earth. Leading to the leakage of the green goo into the sewers and other places. You wake up completely unharmed but still with probe in ass and continue onward.

So Cartman recruits you to go and recruit the Goth kids to help him get the stick of truth back since he knows he'll need more forces in order to take down the Elves and get the stick of truth back. It was at this point in the game where after you've collected all the items to recruit the goth kids that the Elves come and offer you a proposition. You find out that Kyle is the high elf king opposing Cartman and that Cartmans been tricking you this entire time. Trick or not I side with Kyle immitediately. I like his character more and Cartmans a complete and utter asshole. Funny to watch but if I was in South Park would not want him making my parents into chili as I eat them.

So while finding all the items to recruit the Goth Kids you are instructed by Randy to go to the "Taco Bell" that's being "constructed" to find out what "Taco Bell" is doing. You got to the new "Taco Bell" and fight out no Taco Bell is being constructed at all. It's just a government ruse to cover up the crash site since it crashed into the mall and the government said it was a taco bell. They even shoot somebody for asking what is deemed to many questions even though it doesn't have anything to do with aliens and nazis.

So you sneak into the government base to find out that they've hidden a nuke somewhere that'll go off eliminate South Park and the Nazi Zombies in one fell swoop. You go back to Randy and in typical Randy fashion he still thinks its Taco Bell and wants to know why they're going to kill everyone in South Park.

Back to the other part of the story you recruit the goth kids take on cartman since you did find out that the elves in fact did not have the stick and kick his ass. Felt good too won't lie. Calling me sir douchebag well I'll show him I will! ... 'ahem' Anyways... you kick Cartman's ass find out that he actually DOESN'T have the Stick of Truth which what was believed and get an incoming message.

You find out Clydes been behind the thing the entire time! So natrually you rush off to kick his ass too and get the source of PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWER back only to find out he's gotten his hands on the "Green Taco Bell Sauce" only it is actually of course the green liquid nazi goop from the aliens. And he is using it on EVERYTHING he can find to DESTROY YOU. Did I forget to mention you may have gotten Clyde permanently banned from time  and space so now he hates you and wants you dead? Yeah... I think I did... But right as your about to assault him it's bed time. Again. So you go to bed as does everyone else.

Now what happens during this bed time isn't quite as necessary to the plot but it's necessary enough, you find out that the underpants gnomes are stealing your underwear, you get a special powder after beating them up that lets you grow or shrink at will. Than you're smashed by your dad's balls. Yup. While you were fighting the underpants gnomes it was on the bed of your parents having sex. And your dad smashes you with his balls.

Once the night is done you once again wake up and find that you're okay with nothing having happened to you. But you WERE still smashed by your dads balls. So that's a thing.

During the next morning Cartman is still pissed at you for betraying him but he makes an uneasy pact with the elves to beat Clyde's ass and get the stick of truth back. However they all know that taking on Clyde's team won't be easy. So they go to recruit the nerds and kindergartners while you are assigned the task of the girls. For this part you essentially do anything they ask. Even going so far as to get an abortion to prove one of the girls is a slut. Yup. The main character whom is male gets an "abortion" (he doesn't really, obviously just looks like it) and then learns how to give others abortions and does this on Randy who was there trying to find information about Taco Bell. I should also note that this is one of the two times I truly felt uncomfortable with since I do not support abortion one bit. But this isn't here or there. I don't want to make a huge argument so let's go on shall we?

So you learn how to perform an abortion (which is needed later) and fight off Nazi Zombie Fetus's. Mark number two where I felt uncomfortable. Since I'm bringing it up it's entirely likely that this game WILL make you uncomfortable as it did myself about three times. It's part of the games charm as well... I have to admit they push uncomfortable subjects and try to make it funny, and break it down a bit. Doesn't mean you have to like it but it is there. So do be aware of that while playing the game. And then you get to the boss. Which is a giant undead nazi fetus.

And that's the end of the abortion clinic. After that you're assaulted by a child rapist while taking pictures to get into Canada because you have to go to Canada for the girls because the record you found in the clinic was in French (why? Who knows just roll with it) so you go to Canada meet the prince of Canada and the princess. Who apparently when she queefs is a sign of honor.

And yes NOW we get to my character. Meet the WIZARD Douchebag! AKA me. Kinda hard to see in this picture, but it'll be easier later. Anyways you go through Canada find Terrence and Phillip and they teach you the ultimate fart technique. Oh... yeah forgot that too. You are the Dovah Kin! Fart master extrodinare! And T&P teach you how to do the ultimate fart on enemies. In a matrix style teaching way.

So you learn the fart, find the apparently only person in Canada that speaks French gets it translated and you're back to the girls and after 5 tasks they are FINALLY on your team. It was fun but a little tedious on occasion.

Now that you've got everyone on your side it's finally time to take down Clyde, so everyone assaults him you scale the tower and fight off against his minions. Some of which switched sides unfortunately and are now with him. Anyways you keep going and eventually find out that a very special person to the kids is now a zombie. This one isn't so much spoilers since it was in the trailers but yeah. It's chef.

No new dialogue from Chef since he left the show earlier on as well as the fact that he died a few years back. I do have to wonder if he would have come back for this part eventually, after having done some more research it seems the thing with Chef was blown out of proportion a bit and someone else spoke for his voice actor. Not him. But anyways Chef breaks out of the zombie form and Clyde straight up throws a molotov at him for betraying him so we have to kill unfortunately. With a fart. You kill chef with a fart. Remember the South Park movie how you can amplify fire by farting? That's what you do.

Anyways you kill Chef. Throw Clyde out of his tower find out that Mr.Slave has a Snuke in his ass. Climb up his asshole to the snuke (the government put it in while he was sleeping) disarm it through an abortion. Literally you perform an abortion to disable the snuke, and then after that you  go upstairs since the government come in while you were taking care of the snuke. The head honcho finds out the stick of truth gives PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWER. The government also informed you during that time that you also had another power. The power to make friends which is why you mvoed to South Park in the first place. By the time you were 5 you were friends with 3 Billion people on facebok. With great power comes great responsibility and the government tried to use you for that. But then your parents hid you.

Anyways the big bad government guy gets the stick goes crazy with power and runs upstairs to use the stick for his own usage.

Princess Kenny betrays (while being narrated by Morgan Freeman)

(Kenny's really good at staying in character as well, have to admit he played his character perfectly) and the final boss fight is against Kenny.

You fight Princess Kenny the first time and as are most enemies in this game he's a complete fucking joke. No offense but if you used wizzard right you get your HP and PP back pretty much every time. Games mechanics are pretty broken but still entertaining. So you go on find out that Kenny is pretty fucking serious about wanting that Stick all for himself, takes the Nazi Zombie Poison so he can never truly die and gets Nazi Death on his side. What Kenny doesn't realize however is that PROFESSOR CHAOS OWNS DEATH. Death is his bitch and betrays Kenny.

So you kill Kenny. Multiple times since he's a zombie.

However since he is a zombie he can't truly die. That is when Randy and Cartman come up the one plan that can save you and the entire town of South Park. You must use the one forbidden art of Kenny you promised never to use on any man. You have to fart on his balls. So you fart on his balls returning him to normal, restoring South Park and saving the day. And at the end of the whole experience they decide that the Stick of Truth is to dangerous for any one person and throw it into the lake. After they ask Douchebag what he wants to do now he says his one line in the game. "Screw you guys, I'm going home." and walks home.

And that was the story of Stick of Truth it was hillarious and well written and I enjoyed it. However there is two things I still wish to talk about before wrapping this up.

#1. The Woodland Critters. As I said I had not seen much of South Park when originally having played this game so as a good little Catholic boy when asking if I wanted to praise God I said yes. I did not know that they meant Satan so that was the third moment I was talking about from earlier. It doesn't affect my score that I'll post in a second or much of anything but it bugged me. But as I said you can't judge a game based on that. It's South Park and honestly I should have seen it coming.

#2. The buddy system. Something I have somehow completely neglected to talk about. You get a handful of characters that you can use through the game each with different powers which references the show. Which in of itself is pretty funny but the majority of them sadly aren't useful. I didn't use Kyle or Cartman admittedly but that's just due to how strong Butters is. He is the best buddy of the initial characters. Heals, damage, humor and it's Butters. WHO DOESN'T LIKE CUTE LIL OL BUTTERS?

One side note I brought up earlier. The length. I really hope they add some DLC to extend the story. Because on Steam I only have 13 hours for completing the game and doing a majority of things. That truly is short for an RPG and kind of annoying. But don't let it annoy you to much, it probably works for the best since the combat is kind of repetitive and about how long a South Park game should be based upon the TV series.

Anyways that was Stick of Truth it was a really fun game, had it's flaws but overall I really enjoyed playing through it. It had great humor characters and a lot going for it, if they do make a sequel like they've talked about I could honestly see them taking the things that quite didn't come through and make it a truly amazing game. As it is it's a really great game and if you can take a joke or are a fan of the series it comes highly recommended.

As it is I give it an 8/10. Fun game has it's flaws but won't stop you from enjoying it and having a blast with the game.

Now I know some of you are going to laugh but I am a little chicken shit when it comes to horror games. There's a reason I don't buy them or play them often. But out of the handful I have beaten RE1 and 4 comes to mind. The reason RE1 gets a pass is most of the time I played it on the bus since I had the REDS version. So made those long bus trips to band competitions bearable and fun, and I didn't get spooked that way.


Now I know the assignment is for ONE scary moment but no, Resident Evil 4 had a lot of scary moments for me, most of the time from the instant kill scenarios. Such as this guy:

Yup. He scared me hearing that chainsaw rev up still scares me a bit actually. However recently I have been replaying through RE4 again myself since it's that time of year again and they don't seem to be as scary as a I remember, which is a little strange since I only beat RE4 for the first time about 4 years ago actually. I had played it on and off and friends houses before but never beaten it.

However I think the true honor of scaring me in RE4 does have to possibly go to another enemy.

That's right the Iron Maidens, see the thing with them in particular aside from their chew off your neck while impaling you instant death is the creepy noises they make as well as the way they walk. It just freaks me out man, that coupled with the fact that it's actually kinda hard to kill them so you have to be extra careful it makes these particular enemies agravating and scary. Especially if they chomp/impale you. However after having typed this I'm almost instantly reminded of how bloody scary ZombiU is and how most things pretty much ARE instant kill. Maybe I should have talked about that instead... however I haven't finished that game yet so I don't feel it would be far for me to say that.

(SPD Note: Any game I give an initial thought to will not have a review score, due to the fact that it is my initial thoughts. I post these with about 6 hours into the game to see how it feels and how I'm enjoying it so far.)

(Note 2: I've decided to make this a series because I want to post to the blogs more often so the other dtoiders can get to know me better. So prepare yourself. Winter is coming, and that means games.)



Welcome to another iteration of Solar Pony Django's Initial Thoughts. The game this time is Super Smash Brothers for 3DS. A series that tons of people enjoy and get really excited for. With good reason to each time Sakurai adds more flavor to the games and hypes it up more and more. I know I wasn't alone with I saw my favorite Blue Bomber.


People were freaking the heck out when they saw Mega Man! And for good reason, he's one of the video game industries most well known characters. Not as well known as Mario mind you but he has a pretty solid following even here on dtoid. Needless to say I was excited as where a lot of others. (he was the only character I played in the demo so I could learn his moveset before the game came out.)


Now for my initial thoughts on Sm4sh. It's a good game, I personally enjoy it more than any other Smash game so far... however there's a few decent reasons as to why this might be.


1. This is actually the first Smash Bros. game I've ever owned. My parents didn't like the idea of my having a console when I was a kid because they figured I wouldn't focus as much on my school work and I would only play video games every day for the most part. They weren't wrong, eventually I did get my own Gamecube from an ex friend. I think I got it from him for 20$ but he was always very rough with his systems and controllers beating them when things didn't go his way and throwing controllers against the wall. Needless to say that Gamecube doesn't work very well anymore but it served it's purpose and once I was in College I got another one that worked better. While we're on the subject of the Gamecube it was my brother that bought Melee and I played with him, so eventually when my parents were right and they did take my Gamecube away from me when I wasn't doing so well in school (funny story my dad had told me he had smashed it and thrown it away and I was bawling tears. Later on my mom made me feel reassured by telling me he hadn't it had just been hidden somewhere. I should also note she never told me where it was. That was something I found out for myself eventually. Which I then took to the utmost advantage when I could during Spring Break and what not to play my Gamecube. However this was rather risky and I'm surprised I was never caught, I don't blame my dad for telling me he smashed it either. I wasn't doing my school work so in the end he was absolutely correct. School is very important and he did his best to make sure I did my best at school that way I would have an easier time later.)

2. I didn't buy a Wii. So yeah no Brawl for me, I didn't have anything against the Wii mind you and if I had, had a job during my beginning parts of College I probably would have bought a Wii. It's just by the time that I did have a job the Wii U was coming out. So I went with the Wii U so I could play Wii games. And I still haven't bought Brawl yet for whatever reason. Maybe because the next smash was on it's way or because there's other Wii games that caught my interest first.

3. I didn't own an N64 either so no original Smash for me. I was kinda lucky at all that I got what I did truth be told, I did get a GameBoy Pocket, Advance and DS. The last two I had to save my allowance for, as well as a laptop that I eventually bought for myself. Which was also taken away eventually when I didn't have high enough grades. I get distracted really easily since I have ADHD and my dad knew that. I still found ways so as I could play my systems mind you but I'd like to think he helped. He's a great dad really is, I just didn't see that then.


Anyways back to Sm4sh after my ramblings. I'm really enjoying it so far I've unlocked all but 4 of the characters R.O.B, Bowser Jr., Lucina, and Dr.Mario. Unfortunately tommorow I have to give my 3DS to Nintendo so they can fix it. It's not completely broken mind you just the inner camera doesn't work and I figured before the warranty was up I should probably try to go ahead and get that fixed.


The game's been really good so far however, I like most of the stages. Reset Bomb Forest is the one that I think of initially for stages I don't like. Pac-Maze isn't a particular favorite either but I don't happen to hate it. Most of the characters happen to feel really good as well while playing them. Some I just can't connect with. Sonic and Ness are the two prime ones. Which makes me sad because I really love Earthbound and I'm enough of a Sonic fan that I'd like to play as him. But so far my two favorite characters (from what I've played) are fighting robot Mega Man and Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon feels a lot better then he did in Brawl. Which is good because Captain Falcon's a pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything.


I also happen to really like all the modes, I haven't gotten to try all of them yet but a good majority I have. Only one I don't think I've gotten to yet actually is the Street Pass one. Which is kinda strange since I went into a Gamestop today with my 3DS but didn't get any hits for Smash. It happens though I suppose. I've played a lot of classic and I plan to play more all-star. I do want to get all the trophies for each character even if that'll be a pain. For classic I've  actually been notching it up slowly in difficulty to prepare myself for online and I think it's been helping. Gotten up to 6.3 so far so not terribly high but not low.


Speaking of online I have done two matches so far, one was really good no lag whatsoever and I had a really fun time with it. It made me want to play more but I also want to unlock all the characters so I've been doing an online match here and there. I should also note I have had connection problems where I can't join into a game for whatever bizarre reason and it takes a few tries until I can. Now for the other match... that one was terrible and had so much lag it wasn't fun. But I was willing to try again after that because I'd seen people without lag so figured I'd had one bad match. Which turned out to be true since that was my first match. I haven't played for fun yet so I can't judge that but I do intend to eventually. I just haven't had much time until today since I've been working close to 10 hours shifts at my job which is fine I don't mind.


And with that we've come to the end of my initial thoughts on what I think of Sm4sh. It's good, really good even if this is coming from someone that's never bought the game before.


Hyrule Warriors

So Hyrule Warriors is here now and I know that I've personally been pretty excited for it since I first saw it. See I've never played a Warriors game before (for more than 5 minutes) mostly due to the fact that I never owned a Sony system which made it strikingly hard to do so. However the series looked stupid fun so I've been wanting to play it and lo and behold I get to now.


Now that we're done with the backstory, this game is pretty good so far there's some silly things here and there, such as them trying to pass of Sheik as not Zelda to the other characters and from our standpoint it's like really? Really now everyone already knows it's Zelda so that's silly. Plus even Impa doesn't know it's Zelda, so it's really like they're trying to convince us but Zelda couldn't have learned it without Impa in the first place so it's a little facepalmy because of how silly that is but also interesting since some people may not have known that.


The gameplay is pretty mindless just go ahead and kill a bunch of enemies kill some bigger enemies capture some camps etc. etc., but there's something about this mindlessness that's actually fun, you don't get to do this with the normal Zelda series it's usually one on one fights and occasionally more than that usually about 5 is the maximum. But with this you're slaughtering 20-100 really fast so it's nice to differ up from the Zelda formula while keeping things similar.


Such as the items, you get some essential items, in odd form however the bombs are first and the boomerang isn't until later which is usually opposite but I'm not exactly opposed to it either. Each item feels different enough but most of the items don't do that much damage agaisnt the bigger foes (which does make sense, would make it boring if every foe fell like paper). Bombs being the items I've used most so far due to them causing the most damage, as well as covering a bigger area than most of the sub weapons so far.


There's also a fair amount of enemies ranging from different games. Only three games unfortunately which I feel they dropped the ball on for this, I would've loved link to the past, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask locales/enemies but for the selection that we have it's a pretty good selection so I'm thankful for that.


Last thing for my initial thoughts, the way the characters control individually is fun as well each one does truly feel different and with a different feels makes each of the characters happen to feel really fun which is nice. So for my initial thoughts I can forsee my continuing to play through this game. Until at least Smash 4 comes out. This time really happens to suck since so many games come out then you may not come back to it. I'm hoping that isn't the case for this.