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Hello, I am SolarPonyDjango or depending upon the site or game am also known as lokik21 or Defect Reject.
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Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 12/10/14 and 12/17/14

Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

Sonic Super Digest 10:

Two sets of Sonic comics, two Sonic Digests. Possibly three now that there’s Sonic Boom as well. Only problem being with this one it’s mainly a recap, only one comic I haven’t read and after doing some research it’s a recap most of the time with an occasional new story. So… not quite sure what the points of these are but they’re here, and I do enjoy Sonic. But this issue continues on the Bunny story that was here in the previous Sonic Super Digest which wraps up, Sonic and Bunny fake fight so they can destroy the refinery but eventually both sides figure it out and interrupt them from doing any more damage. They all fight Sonic and Bunny win and they go off on their own way, with Bunny being sad she couldn’t see her uncle for longer and that they’re enemies.

Spider-Verse Team-Up 002:

We have a few Spider-Verse Team-Up’s again; the first one was hilarious since it featured the 1960’s Spider-Man cartoon as its own universe so we’ll get to see more of him which is always great. I’m hoping he looks like himself once they get out of his universe since the other two Spider-Men looked like how they would in 60’s as well. Or looked more so like him. For the second one we have a Peter Parker that was driven to grief and insanity over having accidentally killed Gwen all those years ago and went on a murderous rampage of killing all of Spider-Man’s villains and then becoming a Green Goblin of sorts. I wish they had more time to explain this since it seems there’s a lot of background story but… Spider-Woman/Gwen tries to recruit him, he dies saving Gwen so we won’t happen to get anymore story about that sadly.

The Amazing Spider-Man 011:

So in this one we have Superior Spider-Man and amazing Spider-Man facing off against one another to show whom is the better responsible at leading the group. It beings splitting off showing us things that start Spider-Verse Team-Up and Scarlet Spiders, giving a brief telling of what they’ve been doing for whom hasn’t been buying each issue. However the problem being that doesn’t matter, the big bad of the family that’s been hunting comes along and wrecks them. Solus comes and just destroys the strongest Spider-Man they had. However, Peter Parker is off doing other things while this is going on so he can’t help since it seems like he does happen to have a plan how to handle this. Spider-Girl’s baby brother is taken however, since it would appear he is the Scion. One of the three that is needed for whatever Solus’s family has planned.

Scarlet Spiders 002:

We continue on with the cloned Spider people attempting to take out the clones of Solus’s family, so that when they die they can’t come back any more. First off they beat up Johnny Storm since it seems like nearly everyone is working for them, and it makes sense Storm would be here anyways since it is the Baxter Building that the Fantastic Four use. They continue on into it with the Scarlet Spider dwelling on his life and what’s going on here as they find the clones and try to figure out how to unplug all the thousands of backup clones. We also find out they’ve been trying to clone Spiders since they could farm them similarly to how we do cows in life. But they’ve never been quite successful in it. However since the people attacking are clones themselves that does set up a problem since he’ll be trying to clone the clones since they do have the essence of a spider.

Spider-Woman 002:

In this one we’re still in the world of Loom World, where the Scarlet Spiders currently are, only thing is they don’t know each other is here yet. I’m thinking that eventually they’ll know however and need to team up to get out of Loom World safely. We find that Spider-Woman’s counterpart whom is not a totem is working for The Inheritors, which she doesn’t much like but she keeps herself quiet and follows her counterpart around. Until Silk teleports in that is and almost gets herself killed until Spider-Woman saves her. Silk kind of makes a lot of messes unintentionally, but at the same time she is probably the most inexperienced since she was in a vault for a long, long time. However… she does inadvertently find out that one of the worlds The Inheritors can’t follow on, because while it’s toxic to everyone, it’s in particular toxic to The Inheritors. So that should help down the road.

Amazing X-Men 014:

We see Nightcrawler acting evil and Mystique acting good and trying to stop Kurt from being evil. A little bit of a twist as to what’s usually happening and it has a to be continued in another series at the end. This is something I want to talk about more actually, because things like this piss me off a little bit, mainly due to the fact that it’s not a new comic. I can deal with it being a new comic; in fact I don’t mind that. It’s when it’s an ongoing series that it goes into that it bugs me, mainly because I don’t happen to know what’s been happening in the other series so I don’t know if there’s things I’ll need to know for that or not. That’s why it annoys me when it continues onto an already ongoing comic. It may be a small thing but it annoys me enough and I figured it was worth bringing up. What do you guys think about when that happens out of curiosity? But it is a little refreshing to see Mystique nice, but I don’t like that Kurt’s going evil, that may just be me however.

Future’s End 32:

In this issue we see that Dr.Yamakaze didn’t die but somehow was made into another form due to the teleportation accident. Which means someone else may possibly be making a comeback at some point, may not as well but it’s possible. Hard to tell sometimes. We also see that Brother Eye did in fact survive much like we predicted and that he is now using Mr.Terrific’s new uSphere to spread itself to all the people, pretty much showing the future hasn’t been changed at all. Yet. But it is possible it still could since Terry is still here. We also see Frankenstein’s team finally return but they have to turn over Engineer in order to stop Brainiac before he does come for Earth.

Future’s End 33:

Me find out Father Time’s true form, which isn’t a small girl big surprise there and Frankenstein and team destroy most of the monsters that was sent at them. We have Fifty Sue doing things that we aren’t sure where they’ll lead quite yet , we also have Terry trying to find brother eye even though Lois said he’s dead. But they show Brother Eye using Lois’s phone to expand his reach over everything and reactivate the partially destroyed Plastique bot that was brought from the future. So that’ll cause some problems down the road. We also have Firestorm sneak back into Dr.Yamakaze’s lab while he’s there and find out he’s named himself Dr.Polaris as his villain name.

Megaman 44:

In this issue Roll finds Auto and tells Dr.Light immediately. Now Dr.Light is willing to forgive, but even he admits he knows know that it’s Dr.Wily and sets up a full lockdown so that only family members can move freely. Small problem with that, Proto Man/ Break Man is considered family still and is currently working for Dr.Wily. So with his help he can finish his Doc Robot, with the powers of the previous 8 robot masters. MegaMan also finishes Hard Man as well as Shock Man so he’s about to return to Light Labs. It is heavily implied he’ll be too late however as the next arc is called The Ultimate Betrayal.

My Little Pony: Friends Forever 12:

For this one it’s a classic Pinkie Pie moment everywhere (which is okay because she’s such a cutie) as Twilight Sparkle tries to help Pinkie Pie not eat the treat that even she can’t beat! Basically it’s a lot of hilarity ensuing and keeping Friendship strong, which is pretty nice actually. Aside from that the jokes are mainly visual so you’ll have to read it to get more out of it.

Sonic The Hedgehog 267:

Sonic survives his ambush and wins Sally & Co… they survive but they don’t get the Chaos Emerald and end up almost either dying or possibly worse getting captured and roboticized. We also find out that Archie has decided to take the fans reactions to the Tails Doll and run with it since he is a spy for Eggman now. Living in the vents and figuring out how to sabotage them most likely. But we’re introduced to a new Hedgehog character, although it’s very brief and we technically wouldn’t know her name if they didn’t show the upcoming issue. Apparently they’ve had a backstory with her since they all groaned when they saw where the next Chaos Emerald was.

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A little less than 24 hours since I posted my original blog and since I'll be streaming here in a few hours I figured I'd give the results so those that were interested could watch. I have a feeling it'll mainly be people across the globe since I'll be recording at 3AM central time since I work overnights and am lonely after my fiancee goes to bed. Would you be willing to keep me company all you hunks of burning love?

Here's my twitch stream for when I start playing Dark Souls: http://www.twitch.tv/lokik21

Would you guys want this to become a series? Every time I finish a backlogged game throw up a new vote and reveal the results the day after? I'd only be willing to post my stream once per results because anymore than that and I feel like it'd be pushing it. I don't want to bring down the community blogs with just oh hey here's the results okay here's when I stream. Catch you on the flipside! That's not cool to me, and a little disrespectful but I figured a results would be nice so that's why I figured this would be okay. And I hope it is because I don't want to bother anyone.

Final Results:

6 votes for Dark Souls, Blood Dragon got 4 votes, Final Fantasy 7 got 2 votes, Deus Ex got 4 votes as well. Borderlands got 2 votes as did Monkey Island and 1 for Oblivion. So it was actually pretty close and Dark Souls won (much as I was expecting)

In other news if anyone's interested thanks to Radio Destructoid partially as well as Rooster Teeth I've decided to give WoW another go. So if anyone has accounts and plays on Terokkar I'd love to play with you. It also helps that I hadn't played for three years so I got Lich King and Mists of Panderia free. Not to shabby.

Also! I found Soda Shaq today! So I'm going to try that on the Stream! Tune in for that! I'll probably do one can a night since I'll be recording tonight, tommorow and the day after.

For those interested the first stream is done! Here's the first one for those interested, got to the first blacksmith so not to bad... I think. That's the farthest I've ever gotten.

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Ha, see what I did there? Hey Ash Whatcha...

'Ahem' Anyways so Destructoid I've been wanting to work on my backlog for a while now and just last week I finished Tomb Raider (2013) and The Walking Dead Season 1. Since no Wii U or 3DS games come out for a while I figured this was as good as time as any. Until I get my secret santa gift than that takes priority, but anyways instead of me choosing (since I can't make up my mind) what should I play? I'm going to list ten games and just tell me in the comments below what I should tackle next and possibly why.

I'll also be starting the games over since I can't remember where I last left off on them.

I'm also thinking about streaming them so if you're interested: http://www.twitch.tv/lokik21 I'll probably be streaming at about 3 AM central time so mainly the Australlians would see it. But that's about when my fiancee goes to bed, and I work overnights so it's something to do.

1. Alice: Madness Returns

I haven't played the first games nor any of the second but I've heard the second isn't quite as good as the first. But I only have the second one.

2. Beyond Good & Evil

I know I've played some of this one but I don't remember how much. Last I checked this worked on my computer but... I did just upgrade the graphics card and haven't checked if that'll be a problem since it's and older game.

3. Borderlands 1.

I haven't finished this game and would restart it, I've also noticed it's pretty miserable single player so if someone would want to join me that'd be okay.

4. Dark Souls 1

I just love that picture. I have played some of this just haven't gotten very far, but I'm willing to do it.

5. Deus Ex

The original Deus Ex, if anyone knows of a mod that upscales the graphics that would be great, but as is I actually really like the original Deus Ex. Problem. I never finished it. Sure I got far, to the Submarine actually but that's not finishing it. That was also on my other computer so I have to start over either way.

6. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oh boy! It's like my list is everything I should've played but haven't! Except Borderlands. And Final Fantasy 7. Which I haven't shown yet, I just don't like those two, but if I'm going to give a fair opinion of a game one must finish it. Otherwise that's kind of cheap.

7. Far Cry 3. Or Blood Dragon, whichever one comes more recommended.

8. Final Fantasy 7. Now as I said I don't like what I've played of Final Fantasy 7, and most of Destructoid knows that. HOWEVER! If I am to give it a fair opinion (which really I should) I need to play all of it. I only got to Cait Sith last time and stopped since I heard it was coming to Steam. And haven't picked it up since. I don't like emulating even for games I don't like so a good friend of mine gave it to me on Steam.

9. La-Mulana. Another I've gotten fairly far in. Problem is once you stop for a few months you kind of forget where you were going. So I'd be restarting, also most likely using a guide because this game is rather hard. Fun mind you but hard.

10. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. Which I would be willing to attempt without a guide. Unless I start pulling my hair, but I am at least willing to give it a go. I have played this one a bit but I wanna finish it since I've heard it's really good.

So Destructoid, which one should I play? I wanna know why as well if you don' mind. I'll go with most votes but I'm curious.

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Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 11/26/14 and 12/3/14


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

I will be covering Sonic the Hedgehog #266 this week as well as Future’s End #28 & 29 due to that mix I up I previously had.

Sonic Super Digest Special Edition 09:

First off we have Sonic Super Digest Special Edition, which is an every now and then release; every three months or so where it’s a few comics as opposed to one and one rereleased comic. Aside from the rerelease comic it’s pretty interesting, this edition seemed to have a heavy feature on Bunnie Rabbot/ D’Collette. Which is fine, she’s a different character since she’s been partially roboticized and was in SaTaM which I know a lot of people enjoy. The stories were enjoyable though but not quite sure how I’m going to put it safely into my longbox since it’s design is more similar to Archie comics as opposed to normal comics.

Sonic Boom 2:

So… the Sonic Boom games came out. Were pretty either mediocre or terrible, which is a shame since I’ve heard the cartoon’s actually really good but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I have however had a chance to keep reading the comics, which aside from Knuckles stupidity I enjoyed the first one enough. And the second one’s a lot better actually, the whole point of the second one is that they were a little to mean on Knuckles calling him stupid and insulting him so Knuckles got tired of it and betrayed them to Eggman. He was still stupid (which irks me a little still but I’ll go with the flow) but overall I enjoyed this comic a lot more than the first one. Which may in part be due to me being worried about how the games would be like after I read the first one? At one point however Amy says she’s also the muscle behind the team along with Knuckles. No. That’s always been Knuckles job, Amy is able to kickass but she’s not the muscle. She’s like Black Widow, sleek, agile, sexy and witty. Well sexy if you like furries. I should really make that fetishes blog shouldn’t I guys?

Sonic the Hedgehog #266:

So last issue Sonic went Were-Hog and nearly killed his friends, this issue it’s about him learning to control it. Which makes some sense, since he has been doing this gig for a while it makes sense he’d be able to control it faster. But a day seems… a little too fast, but it has been shown before that not only does Sonic run fast but he understands and learns fast too. So I guess it’s not crazy out there just a bit. We also have the Freedom fighters looking for the rest of the Chaos Emeralds, since they’ve found 3 so far and a 4th one that seems to be a pretty obvious trap. We also have Mighty in this issue still, whom we’ve barely seen since Knuckles Chaotix along with Ray the Flying Squirrel. They also introduced their mentor Moss the Sloth which is an entirely new Sonic character, don’t think we’ve had a sloth in the Sonic Universe before now either.

Cyclops #007:

Here we have the continuation of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops in Space with his Space Pirate dad. I’m still not sure how he got here or how there’s two different Cyclops at this moment… but it’s comics. After a while you just learn not to question it… too much. So Cyclops was able to convince this new pirate crew that he wanted to turn traitor on his father and establish himself as part of the crew. So we get to see him redoing things he did a few issues ago, getting acquainted with the crew doing low level jobs. Only new thing is he’s already made an enemy so good job Cyclops, that’ll help with your master plan. Not that it was his fault, just something that happened along the way. He sneaks a few materials so he can give his dad the medicine and try to help the rest of the Starjammer after they were jettisoned into space. While Cyclops did this however, he accidentally found a defenseless medicine frigate, and is now part of the team to assault and kill everyone aboard. Not something he particularly wants to do.

Scarlet Spiders #001:

So… Spider-Verse? Spider-Verse. Hope you’re not tired of Spider-Verse! Spider-Verse is still going strong with no signs of stopping yet because as of this one we’re only about 1/3rd done with this arc. And I love it, looks like it’ll continue on until the end of January. So for last Amazing Spider-Man we saw some of the Spider-People split up into groups to either protect Silk, or just regroup back at base. We also saw the clones make their own little clone club, so they could go to the home planet of Jennix who is the brains in charge of the whole spider hunt. When we get there we see that the entire world is leagues ahead in technology, which makes sense since they can clone and we also see no Starbucks. So if a planet is evil but has no Starbucks how evil can it be? ‘ba dum tish’. But they continue on with their journey and encounter some problems, such as Iron Man is working for Jennix in this world. Which leads me to believe pretty much everyone is working for Jennix, which is probably true due to how much power he has.

Spider-Man 2099 #006:

So Miguel O’Hara is temporarily back in his time line as Spider-Man 2099, but we knew that from the previous Amazing Spider-Man. I swear as soon as this series is completely over I’m reading it from beginning to end, just to hopefully wrap my head around it a little more. But anyways Miguel O’Hara takes 6 armed Spider-Man and Steampunk Spider-Woman to his brother’s apartment while being chased by Daemos. This then leads Daemos to them and sadly kills one of my favorite alternate Spider-Men so far the Six Armed one. This is a shame because I loved his side story he had along with how witty he’s been. But we get a little more depth into Miguel’s world which is good if you missed the initial Spider-Man 2099, but it seems like they had to do a little retconning anyways. Unless I’m misreading what Wikipedia told me…

Amazing X-Men #013:

Is about how awkward dating a normal human as a mutant can be. Next!... That is the gist of it but there is a fight scene where we have another mutant controlling the teen’s angst about how ugly he feels and that the other guy won’t like him because he ended up standing him up. It’s kind of a strange issue with how it’s paced, not bad or anything but different. I do like that Nightcrawler was in it, but I’ve always liked Nightcrawler. He’s a swashbuckling teleporter that’s religious and likes to tell jokes. I don’t think it truly surprises anyone that knows me that I’d like him.

Futures End #28:

A little bit of a different approach for Future’s End this time, still going to be all at once but going to try and cover them individually instead of as a whole. Give them a little more of a feel for those interested in them.

We have Lois Lane hit the island Brother Eye controls and almost immediately have her captured, not that’s her fault she was pretty much going for a blind jump. She trips over Red Tornado of Earth 2 which happens to be Lois Lane. We also get Fifty Sue upset that Slade has betrayed her (supposedly, I’m thinking Slade is trying to play double agent with Brother Eye, but I guess we’ll wait and see) we have a pretty nifty few pages of Batman verses Batman Beyond, but it’s short lived. We get conformation that Dr.Yamazake has gone completely off his rocker; although we’ve suspected this for a long time and he decides fuck it, let the testing begin! Even though it could potentially kill someone.

Future’s End #29:

For Future’s End #29 we don’t actually get a whole lot, we get a cool throw down scene against Cadmus for about half the comic with Ronnie and Red Robin fighting their way through. Jason tries to stop Dr.Yamazake gets smacked in the head with a wrench instead since the Dr. wouldn’t listen to him even though Jason told him. Ronnie tries to save Madison but ends up either severely injured or dead even though Jason tried to save him as Firestorm. Madison combines with Jason somehow and becomes Firestorm. So we don’t have much happening since most of it’s a long fight scene but we do have some pretty important plot development. Which makes me sad Ronnie was shaping up to be a better character as the series went on, was maturing.

Future’s End #30:

In this issue it’s an all-out assault on Brother Eye, gotta take him down before he takes over everyone. So they fight their way to the center leaving a small team behind to cover their escape plan and save anyone that’s been taken over by Brother Eye. Which they do so with the two biggest people in the way being Slade and Super Girl. Uh… well… Slade gets one shot off. One and then has his head ripped from his body… I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting him to go down that fast. As for Super Girl (From Earth 2) she has been made completely of metal and is Brother Eye’s main holding spot now so he’s safe. However most of him is still stored in a computer so Green Arrow deactivates that and saves the day. Except not. We do still have 20 issues to go and it’s shown that Brother Eye survived by moving onto someone’s phone that they brought.

Future’s End #31:

We have a little bit of a recap from last issue for whatever reason, along with Superman fighting a Brainiac that’s a Bear… Okay just going with it. We also find out that in order to stop Brainiac he has to go back to Krypton, which is a small problem as it’s exploded. We also discover that the new Firestorm hasn’t figured out how to split themselves apart as of yet, which must be a personal hell for Jason seeing as this is the second time in the series this has happened. We find out that Ronnie is sadly dead and not just severely injured with people assuming Madison and Jason dead too since they can’t split.

Batman Beyond Universe 16:

We have DC comics ending yet another series this week sadly, because I personally prefer Batman Beyond over regular Batman. I do enjoy regular Batman but I really happen to like Terry’s character. In the finale we have Terry fighting the same villain he was for the third issue Rewire. But that’s not a bad thing, after looking back over it feels like a bit of an ongoing story since we had Rewire here previously. He just wanted his dad back because he felt bad over what he’d done. Killing a person will do that to you. However kidnapping someone else’s father from Earth 2 isn’t necessarily the answer. And kidnapping Dick Grayson and forcing Terry to give up the portal isn’t something that’s going to win over hearts. So Rewire loses his powers again, Dick Grayson almost dies and Terry learns that sometimes… sometimes you have to give people second chances. And we see Terry give Bruce another chance as the pages finish and makes me really hopeful that we can come go to the world of Batman Beyond real soon.

Also, as a side note that has nothing to do with comics I mentioned I was interested in playing some of my backlog and streaming it. Since I have a long list of backlogs I figured I’d list about 10 or so games from it and the one that gets the most votes I’d start streaming next Sunday. About 3 AM central time since that’s when I can bother my fiancée the least.

So the options we have are:

  1. Alice: Madness Returns
  2. Beyond Good & Evil
  3. Borderlands 1 or 2.
  4. Dark Souls
  5. The original Deus Ex
  6. Elder Scrolls 4
  7. Far Cry 3
  8. Final Fantasy VII
  9. La-Mulana
  10. The Secret of Monkey Island

Some of these I have played a little and would start over.

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(Note: Any game I give an initial thought to will not have a review score, due to the fact that it is initial thoughts. I post these with 6 or more hours into the game to see how it feels and how I'm enjoying it so far.)

Or as I like to call it Tomb Raider: And that cheeky cunt Lara that killed a bunch of people and made some terrible decisions that killer her friends! Hooray! Seriously This Lara is an absolute idiot one of the few mistakes I can forgive is bringing them to the island they're on in the first place since she didn't know there was a bunch of loonies on the island. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Welcome to my initial thoughts on Tomb Raider (2013), where they tried to bring Lara into an origins story and change her gameplay a bit. Or so I here, as I've never played a previous Tomb Raider, nor seen the movies.

But from what I've gathered Lara wasn't a whiny little bitch. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with having caring, compassionate characters, be it female or male. Enjoy it a lot actually. It does make it believable, and this is more so the writers fault that it feels nearly every other scene has Lara getting the snot beat out of her by a wolf, the environment, or some of the previously mentioned loonies. Seriously she bitches and complains about it in every scene if I’m recalling correctly and doing it now and then would be okay. But this is supposed to be an origins story, something that makes the character get a little backbone and more intelligent as it goes on. She doesn’t. At least not yet. At this point in the game I’d imagine a little bit of advancement in her character since I did just look on Wikipedia and I’m about half of the way through if what it’s saying is correct.

So many of her friends have died at this point and really? Her fault. Even people that aren’t her friends but trying to help her have died because it’s her fault. One of the pilots of the plane trying to rescue her and she had a clear shot at the person that killed him? Her fault because she didn’t shoot. Her friend Grim? Once again it’s her fault, she was told to put her weapons down and they’d spare Grim. Two things. 1) She’s dealt with the loonies long enough on the island to know they’re full of shit. 2) She had a clear shot at the person holding Grim hostage, so she could have killed him than the other two. Instead Grim kills all three sacrificing himself so that Lara may live. The helicopter pilot, once again killed because of her due to the fact that she didn’t want to leave her friends behind (which I’ll give her credit for that) but when the pilot tells you the helicopter is going to fall apart if he goes back and you aim a gun at his head forcing him to anyways?!?! And then the helicopter does fall apart!! Which most likely would’ve happened anyways due to the plot, but it possibly would’ve saved Roth! They would’ve gotten a bit more in the right direction instead of causing it so Lara almost dies; Roth has to give her CPR to bring her back and then sacrifices himself so she doesn’t die! Admittedly he could’ve saved himself too if he’d dropped Lara, dodged and then shot everyone instead of taking an axe in the back. But he may not have been thinking about that at the time.

That being said I don’t happen to think the game itself is BAD (as much as I’ve been giving it shit over the story) the gameplay itself is fun. It has you collecting small little trinkets from the island that are across time periods as Lara should do. It also has you examine a few of them because some of them are fake, and have to weed out the real ones from the fake ones. Then you have Tomb Raiding where you solved a puzzle get a pretty hefty reward most of the time and continue on. Thing is these are optional, not required in fact I think only one Tomb has been required in the game so far which is a little strange. Admittedly Lara’s more concerned with her and her friend’s lives at the moment but still seems a little odd. The shooting is good as well and exploring feels good too, the only thing I really have a problem with is the sneaking. Even when I’m holding the sneak button enemies can detect me, or when I shoot an arrow which I’m fairly certain is supposed to be a silent kill. At least as far as I understand it is. I also really like the upgrade system, pretty similar to other games but if it isn’t broke why fix it? You do have to find upgrade parts to make your guns better as well and that’s neat.

Aside from the parts where Lara is to whiny, and all the stupid decisions she makes I have been enjoying the story. It’s relatively unique in of itself and has been a fair amount of fun to play through. It is pretty danged silly but not bad, the world itself is pretty and good to explore which I like so far and there’s a fair amount to do. You will have to backtrack a little to get some collectibles here and there but overall they haven’t done that too much and you can generally blaze through it pretty quickly. One thing I have noticed is that you seem to move a fair amount faster if you jump everywhere as opposed to walking. Kind of similarly to the sidestep move in Ocarina of Time where you move just that much faster that it’s worth it. Not sure why that is but I’ve been taking advantage of it. I’ve also been taking advantage of how to climb the rock walls faster, or what feels faster. Same thing you jump up them, get your grappling hook in rinse and repeat. Feels a lot faster.

Before I finish I suppose I should talk about the controversial rape scene that has been brought up. It made me a little queasy but honestly it wasn’t that bad, it was implied sure but Lara fought back in order to stop it as I’m sure most victims do. Am I saying rape is good? Of course not, rape is, and always will be bad but that’s the reason the bad guy is doing it. To make him seem like an even worse person and make Lara seem even better in overcoming that. It’s what you do to characters, you give them a reason to feel with them and root for them. I do feel as if afterwards they may have toned it down a little bit due to in the quick time events if you fail you die. Which that brings up a point, if you’re originally willing to tell people you’re doing something then take it out because people don’t like it is that a good thing? Personally I feel it detracts from the game a little and removes a little bit of the artistic purpose if you do. But I think they handled it pretty well overall.

The scene in question for those interested:

As always thank you for reading my initial thoughts and I’ll see you all next time.

Also, would anyone want to watch me stream the rest of this game? I’ve been thinking of starting up streaming my backlog and was curious if anyone would want to watch.

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(Note: Any game I give an initial thought to will not have a review score, due to the fact that it is initial thoughts. I post these with 6 or more hours into the game to see how it feels and how I'm enjoying it so far.)

A little over a month since Costume Quest 2 came out and I’m finally getting to my initial thoughts on it. To be fair I actually could’ve been done with this game a long time ago since they’re short games but cute and fun. The main reason I was waiting however was for the fabled Wii U update to come out to finally stabilize the game, and add off TV Play. Only half of those have come out so far, and it’s the half we needed. The game is more stabilized with less lag as well as fixing the audio problems the game was plagued with as well, although some people on Miiverse are saying otherwise. I think they just don’t notice.


Anyways since Costume Quest 1 ended with Grubbins on Ice which took place around December now works to get this out as well before it gets any farther. The plot for both Costume Quest’s is small, really small; that’s okay however as it’s a game made for children and adults. The dialogue is simple enough for children to get it but also has nods here and there for older audiences as well as has a couple of cameos here and there as well (but really what indie game DOESN’T have cameos these days is the better question). But the plot for this game is as follows, dentist gets a time wizard to stop Halloween because Halloween is bad for kids. Is what we assume at first but as we go on we do find out that there was a tad bit more as to WHY the dentist was doing these things. I won’t go into how but I will say it involves time travel, but some probably already guessed that at the mention of time wizard.


The game goes on and you do the same thing for each new area, get a new costume to help you progress, go trick or treating and get the plot sensitive NPC to tell you what you need and continue on. Pretty simple. The combat is pretty similar from the first game as well but this time there’s a weapons triangle of Magic, Technology, and Beast. Each one affects each other a little different for costumes and is like Fire Emblem. However each costume is a little different in their weaknesses and strengths so that can change up a bit too. It’s a nice little touch and there’s also timed hits (up to 2) so you can do additional damage.


However they did replace stamps from the first game with the vastly inferior Creepy Treats Cards. Creepy Treats Cards were in the first game but they were nothing more than collectibles and personally I liked them since they were funny. That’s not to say CTC aren’t still funny here, as well as cute but when you’ve gone from the vastly superior stamps to these? Leaves a little bit of a sour taste in your mouth. Stamps gave you (mostly) a passive upgrade that you didn’t have to activate and then lose a turn. A few of them were additional attacks but they didn’t use up your turn leaving your character unable to do anything until the next turn. Unlike CTC. CTC are the exact same things as stamps but ten times worse. As opposed to being a passive thing you have to activate them first and waste your character’s turn activating them. It’s usually only a one use item as well and then you have to wait a certain amount of battle before you can use them again. I’m hoping that if there’s a Costume Quest 3 they bring back stamps and find a better way to implement CTC, I still like the idea of them they just aren’t that useful.


Another odd thing to change from the first game to this one is that you now take permanent damage instead of being healed after every battle. Which I wouldn’t mind if there was a way to go about healing yourself outside of battle. You can inside of battle, but that uses a characters special attack and it’s usually better to just go full offensive since the healing class isn’t quite as good as the Statue of Liberty from the first game. The only way to heal yourself is by either leveling up or finding save points and going to them, which could possibly be out of your way and inconvenient. It just seems like an odd design choice since it only adds on slight backtracking when you’re low on health and you will find yourself low on health a fair amount of the time.


Since it’s a Double Fine game the music is pretty mood setting and fun, I wouldn’t mind getting the music in a Humble Bundle and having it for Halloween parties. It’s not inherently spooky but it does a good job of setting the theme that it needs to. Especially now that the audio has been fixed it makes it for a better time. It didn’t happen all the time but on occasion it would go static and just make weird noises for a minute or so until it fixed itself.


Now that the game has it’s patch it does work pretty well, it was hard to pull off combos on occasion because of the slowdown which from what I’ve heard made it the inferior port. Which was a shame since the game in of itself is actually quite enjoyable for 15$. Something you could play with your kids that wouldn’t frustrate them too much and you could both have fun with. But now that it’s fixed I can recommend the Wii U port as well, but I will mention that since it is a Double Fine game it does happen to have glitches. As much as a I love Double Fine they seem to dream big and then just fluster a little bit with their games releasing them with glitches, not finishing the release or taking way to long on deadlines. Hello Broken Age Act 2. But I still give Tim Schaefer and his team my money, these games have heart and that’s what I look for in his games. A cute game that’s a fun time to play and just relax with while drinking a beer.


Speaking of glitches there's one right now! You can actually press yourself over the fence to areas you don't belong. Can do it in a few different sections of the game. Nothing major but could need a game reset if you can't get back out.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I need to prepare for the full moon.

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