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Hello, I am SolarPonyDjango or depending upon the site or game am also known as lokik21 or Defect Reject.
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Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 2/4/15 and 2/11/15


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

Before we begin I’d first like to apologize for this one in particular taking so long, but the reason for that is I’ve been particularly busy. My fiancée had jaw surgery where they cut open her upper jaw so as to realign it to properly be in line with her bottom jaw. I haven’t had access to a computer much these past few days and I left my comics at home so as to not damage them. Second point of business, I’ve been toying with the idea of turning this into a podcast, and wasn’t sure if other people might be interested. It would still give access to all the comics that I round-up and the ability to talk with others, however the other good point of this would be to give access to other comics that I don’t read and other parts of the community does. So I’d love to get two permanent cohosts and possibly rotate the fourth out with a few different people so if anyone’s interested just drop a line.

I’ve also been dealing with personal problems as well one I can talk about and one I plan to talk about at a later point due to the circumstances. For the other point though during when my school is actually in session I tend to get a lot more nervous and self-doubting, worrying I won’t do well on my grades and that I’ll fail. Which then leads to me playing video games so as for me to try and calm myself but then I tend to lose myself in video games because I’ve played for too long and it’s hard for me to control. With my ADHD it makes it even harder to focus on my grades because I get distracted and then instead of focusing on my school work I tend to focus on my problems more. And with the other problem that I currently can’t speak about I tend to just spiral more and more away from what I should be doing. So that’s why I’ve stopped writing so many blogs lately unfortunately, and it’s taken me longer to write blogs especially one’s I should’ve done since December (it’s coming FlanxLyncath I promise and I do thank you very much for your Secret Santa Gift). But… that’s not what this blog is about, and without further ado we should continue onto the comics!

Fables – The Wolf Among Us 2:

With this we continue where we left off for the Wolf Among Us and I’m still going to try and not give away too much but with this issue there is something I truly want to talk about. The Donkeyskin Girl Fable was briefly touched in the game but here it’s given much more emphasis here and even goes into depth to make it a picture book fairy tale like you’d read. Which is one obvious advantage a book can have over a movie or game, sometimes it’s able to be done quite well in game but it’s easier to pull off in the format of a book. But I like that we get to see it in this format, I’ve recommend picking it up if only just for this part. It is nice that we can get some extras that the game didn’t have as well which makes it seems a little more worth it aside than just for curiosity’s sake of what cannon is. And we continue seeing the cannon way that decisions are supposed to be in game, even though all of these aren’t the decisions I’ve made it’s usually the middle ground though instead of being outright mean or outright nice.

MegaMan 45:

Wily gets away with Gamma and Roll gets a good smack on Doc Robot… before she is blasted away and threatened by Wily to be destroyed unless Light hands over the keys to Gamma which he does. Dr.Light also almost knocks Wily flat on his butt before Doc Robot steps in and has to save him like the wimp he is. Wily as he teleports away gives the order to trash Dr.Light’s lab entirely so as to leave nothing behind (but he doesn’t seem to do a very good job at this as he just gets the ground level and not the basement…) Protoman has a quick fight with MegaMan but only to distract him while Wily gets away with Gamma. MegaMan recharges they rebuild Auto and MegaMan prepares for the fight against Wily as well as Protoman. So after this story arc wraps up I’m thinking it’ll be time for Worlds Collide again as Megaman, and both Sonic comics are on a 4 story arc. Just call it a hunch.

Sonic Universe 72:

With Sonic Universe we get to see as far as I’m aware the introduction in the comics of Red Star Rings, which haven’t been here as far as I’ve seen. Ring’s hold a bit of a different usage in the comic as well, as they help to power machines, or let Sonic as well as others perform abilities that require just a little more of a boost. We see a bit of Nicole’s and Sally’s past back when Nicole wasn’t much more than just a computer and the best part about this issue is we get a fair amount of Big the Cat! Hooray! I don’t care what all the haters say Big the Cat’s character is charming even if his levels weren’t. Speaking of his levels we get to see Big the Cat fish up the Red Star Ring as well as kick a badnik that was attacking them and break it. Nicole also seems to detect a ghost or something in the system as they try to fix Dr.Ellidy’s systems from whatever has been going on. Sally finds something weird in Dr.Ellidy’s garage and Dr.Ellidy looks a little different as he confronts her and doesn’t look to happy.

Sonic The Hedgehog 269:

With this issue we see a little more history about Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog with Silver Sonic thrown into the mix as Breezie reveals she was working for Eggman in the past which I’ve been enjoying these throw back to AoSTH. Sonic takes out his opponent quite easily, and pff screen as well and with his usual Sonic showboating he almost transforms into Were-Hog Sonic in front of everyone, but thanks to Amy is reminded just in time and transforms in his room. Amy also wins off screen, and Knuckles uses Chip effectively to take back a piece of the Master Emerald from a lady who was using it as jewelry. Wes Weasley also makes a brief appearance thankfully, wouldn’t be the same without him as an announcer and we get to see Honey versus Tails on screen. And Tails is trounced because well… Honey’s a cheap bitch, and I don’t mean that as a joke he actually punches him in the stomach as the beginning move after having shaking fists. Cream the Rabbit had the same reaction as I did to the cheating as Honey also did a look over their trick and I don’t like cheap fights typically. Once in a while it works but not in this case. We also get to see Bean’s and Espio the Chameleon face off in a pretty amusing tussle, as Espio completely underestimates Beans and Beans just trips him out of the ring. Pretty amusing actually. Knuckles and Bark face off next and it’s just a no restraints straight up max muscle punches from one character to another, and honestly it’s nice to see that, for the next part we get to see who some of the people are going to be fighting next issue. Knuckles versus Amy which will be interesting and we’ll also get Honey versus Sonic. So that fights going to end with Honey losing. Only after Sonic transforms though. I could be wrong but it’s what I suspect.

Operation S.I.N. #2:

The aliens kill a few people and then for some reason back off once the device that summoned them is turned off. Except that didn’t happen, apparently Howard blacked out as soon as the aliens popped up, which also turned out to not be aliens but just pure energy that did blow stuff up but somehow didn’t kill anyone. Anyways after that they decide they should continue on so they can find out more about the strange orb and so they don’t attract the Russian authorities. However the authorities still catch them (not much of a surprise) so they fire off a rail beam gun which is pretty cool for the brief time it’s on screen. Then Woodrow MCcord wrestles with a bear that can talk and we get some foreshadowing for things that are going to come.

Cyclops 10:

Honestly for the most part there’s not all too much to write about for this one, Scott and Chris do both get away from the Pirates (after the Pirates found out that the Starjammers are still alive). Most of this is fighting since it is a whole planet of people that are a little upset that they had that weapon stolen from them and set up an ambush. Heck Chris Summers and Corsair almost make up their differences at the end, does help that Chris just saved Corsair’s crew from being eliminated. And then Corsair’s daughter decides to be a whiny little person, who just because Scott was working to save the Starjammers and his dad that they should die because oh he broke her heart. Wah wah, even though Scott even said that his feelings to her were true, but nah, let’s just knock him out and not let him fully explain then ask your dad to kill him even though he just saved you. Seems legit.

The Amazing Spider-Man 014:

In this one, we’re nearly at the conclusion of Spider-Verse and what a ride it has been, everyone that isn’t dead is here and ready to take them on. Kane has already been killed unfortunately as we found out last time, as he was one of the three and right before the Scion (the Child) is killed he’s stopped in time both times. Once by a quick web grab and the other by Spider-Ham disguising himself as the child and then promptly kicking them in the face. And the Uncle Ben from the irradiated world made off with the actual Scion in a good plan making it seem like he had chickened out. Doc Ock Spider-Man kills the Master Weaver and Peter Parker himself almost dies from Morlun but… Peter Parker scares Morlun even further than the previous times they’ve fought. They abandon all of Morlun’s family on the world that was dangerous for them but even more dangerous for the Inheritors. A completely irradiated world with just one safe place. However how safe remains to be the question since we’re unsure whether or not those spiders from last time were taken care of.

Spider-Woman 004:

For this one we also have a big fight scene but we also have the Loom World’s Jessica Drew take over after the end of Loom World being controlled by the Inheritors. We have Spider-Woman tell LoomWorld’s version of herself that if things become worse she’ll be back to fix things but for now it seems like she would be the best fit. She does know the most about LoomWorld and it’s on goings so that does make some amount of sense. We also see Spider-Woman quite the Avengers but if she’s needed she’ll come back. Just in case. And with that we see that they plan to continue Spider-Woman’s story which I’m excited for, they’ve decided to keep Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, Silk, and Jessica Drew Spider-Woman continuing. However I really wish they would’ve done Spider-Ham as well as a few others. Who knows maybe they will in the future?

Future’s End 40:

Brainiac Invades. That’s pretty much the big thing that happens. Brainiac also dislocates all of Manhattan for some reason, but we haven’t been told the reason behind that quite yet. As Father Time predicted Engineer did indeed go rogue again once Brainiac was close enough for him to reacquire her so that made a problem quickly. Brainiac also has a giant robot version of himself walking through Manhattan as he’s trying to find a sample of something, which we’re still not quite sure of what yet.

Future’s End 41:

It’s pretty much all fighting in this issue again, which isn’t bad especially since Superman does happen to make his official return. Also attacking the main Brainiac head straight on doesn’t seem like much of a good plan since it seems to revert you to previous forms as Hawkman went back a few generations to the 70’s I believe. Mr. Terrific also finds out he’s been played by Brainiac and that his uSphere’s are having some part to do with Brainiac himself. However Plastique’s robot version of herself has found the real version of Plastique so we’ll have to see how that goes. Dr.Yamazake also decides to help out because, the whole human world versus his grudge against super heroes… ehhhhh… He decides to let it go for now and do the right thing.


One last note, one as a reminder if you're interested in doing the podcast leave a message below and one other thing, I was thinking of doing a Patreon to possibly do comics people want me to do as well but what I don't have money for. Just wanted to throw that off you guys and see what you though. If not that's okay too. Have a good day guys.

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This month's theme is Play! And it seems like it is a potentially interesting month for some people, I'd bring a friend though as there's a fair amount of multiplayer things to partake in. They have a design your own Viynl figure which will probably go to my artistic friend, a poster, two board games, a Hex Bug which is pretty cool a copy of Ready Player One to read as well as an item that you can unlock in FireFly online. Out of the items I'd have to say that... there wasn't anything I was truly wowed with however there was a lot of cool items but not anything that peaked my interest. As for why my comic blog hasn't come out yet and is incredibly late... well let me finish that one up and you'll see why I've had a particularly busy couple of weeks lately.

I'm working on the volume still by the way as I know it's a little off but hopefully should be smoothed out soon.

Solar Pony Djangoís Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 1/21/15 and 1/28/15

Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I donít have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

Fables 148:

So weíre starting off with a new series that I know nearly nothing about the ongoing story! Hooray! I wanted to pick up Fables though due to Wolf Among Us being such an interesting game that I wanted to learn more about the world and other stories that take place. We have a few stories here, one being about how in order to gain all the power of the family you have to kill off all of your siblings in order to gain power from each one. Something akin to Stardust actually, which was a pretty good movie overall. We also have Snow White waking up from a dream where Bigby is eating peopleÖ yeah, that was strangeÖ but I think itís supposed to be hinting at that Bigbyís not dead but something is coming to kill Snowís and Bigbyís children. Finally we have Jack, who I have no idea how he died or how heís a ghost but apparently he got to write until time itself ended and then made a new universe with women. Lots and lots of women. Iím excited to learn more about the Fable universe, as well as for the collection of past Fables that comes out in March so I can start to unwind more about this world.

Uncanny Avengers 001:

We have a continuation of an old series that ended and Iím not sure why it ended sadly, but Avengers was a comic Iíve been wanting to get into for a while so I figured may as well jump in and jump we did. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch are seen very briefly but presumed missing later on since we move onto the other heroes. For some reason Saber Tooth is a good guy now (what?) and it seems some people have changed personalities a bit due to a previous story arc. I love comics but if you miss something you usually miss a pretty big something, most of the team is captured almost right away with the exception of Doctor Voodoo and The Vision, however it could be a trap for them so I suppose weíll find out. Captain America (Isiah Bradley) is turned into a tree thing nearly instantly so itís not looking great for them at the moment.

My Little Pony Ė Friendship is Magic 27:

For MLP:FiM27: we have a green is good corporate and building and tearing down the forest is bad! Which it is, but itís a theme that is covered to frequently in my opinion, while I do try to be green thereís a thing as shoving it down peopleís throats too much. That being said itís still funny and cute, as are most of the MLP comics and we actually get introduced to a new four hoofed friend that we havenít seen before. Deer! Deer are cute so Iím glad theyíre here, I just hope they make it into the show one day too. We also get Zecora, and I love me some mystic mumbo jumbo voodoo Zebra rhyming! We also find out why the forest is being torn down as well, to make way for an amusement park, which are pretty cool but also going into someoneís home for this one.

Amazing X-Men 016:

With this Amazing X-Men we have a bunch of people all competing for the stone, most are attracted to its power and wish to use it for themselves while the X-Men just want to stop another or potentially more dangerous Juggernaut from rising. We also have Cain Marko (the previous Juggernaut) teleport in for the stone right at the very end, which to me I couldnít see anyone else as Juggernaut. It may be because thatís whom Iíve always seen and I liked him in X-Men Evolution. Aside from that we get a few old foes in a few little short fights thatís cool and Rockslide gets to go one on one against Cytorrakís minion.

Future's End 38:

In this issue we have Batman and Batman Beyond fighting off against Batker, and they actually manage to hold off against him fairly well. The only problem with that is since Joker has knowledge to Batmanís mind that means he has access how to eventually wear Batman himself down along with Terry McGinnis so they decide to flee. Next we have Firestorm actually helping Dr.Yamazake only because she wants to, and sheís crazy. Considering how instable teleportation technology is even though he was partially right itís still potentially dangerous to mass produce. We also see Fifty Sue, Grifter and mom in the desert figuring out the next plan to do since they have a vault with every super hero from two Earthís DNA in it. Frankensteinís monster gets to the castle and apparently the actual Frankenstein himself is still alive.

Futureís End 39:

We see Yamazake, Firestorm and Fake SuperMan on the Justice League satellite as they try to trust Dr.Yamazake not to do anything to the station just get information from the tele porterís to separate Firestorm which seems to be going well so far. We also go back to Fifty Sue who teleports Grifterís friend who was about to get killed by some assassins because of the fact he was Grifterís friend and the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time so he was going to be screwed. Instead he gets to be a part of Fifty Sueís family, and he gets to be the alcoholic. Yay beer! We also see real Superman preparing to come out of retirement because Brainiac decided to make the corn into Children of the Corn and into actual little people that kill everyone. Itís kind of weirdÖ Finally Frankenstein decides rather than become a monster as he would if he let his father take care of him that he would prefer to die. Rather die a man then live a monster.

Amazing Spider-Man 013:

This is it, the penultimate issue. The lead up to the final battle and what is considered the next part of Spider-Verse, what I find rather strange however is that it talks about issues of Spider-Verse that conclude before this but is technically the right order to read it. Scarlet Spiders, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Verse all wrap up before this issue concludes which is a little strange. We also get Uncle Ben to come to the last fight; instead of just dropping Pete off this Ben went with Peter and got bitten instead. With great power, comes great responsibility. The die do seem to favor Morlunís side at the moment however as they have the Scion, the Bride and the Other. It wouldnít be first, and Iím sure it wonít be the last time that it seems like Peter Parker is outnumbered.

Scarlet Spiders 03:

In this issue the Scarlet Spiders succeed in taking down the clone making machine, no more clones means no more of Morlunís family coming back from the dead time and time again. It took three of them however to take him down and in the end Ben Reiley sacrificed himself in order to save everyone else and have the potential of winning this fight. We also saw the Human Torch get his butt kicked pretty handily which was pretty nifty, we also get to see some of Benís last thoughts, how he thought he succeeded where Peter Parker hadnít.

Spider-Woman 03:

In this one we get more confirmation that the Master Weaver was working to try and help the Spider-Men and Women here and there, changing what he could for a chance for them to succeed. Spider-Woman manages to teleport the prophecy back to Peter so that he can understand it and possibly prevent it if at all possible. Silk finds the bunker that has been shown that has already been found, but it has a conversation where sheís talking to a cockroach because as we all know itís one of the only things that can survive a nuclear blast, according to everyone ever. Itís interesting and silly though, so I enjoy getting to see that.

Spider-Verse Team-Up 003:

In this team-up we see that Aunt May was the one that received her powers in Universe-3123, it doesnít go into detail how she did however. However Karn showed up and as one of the Inheritors heís beenÖ a little different, showing remorse on occasion to the Spider-Totemís heís killed and the Spider-Men and Women take advantage of this since theyíve noticed too. They recruit him. Which makes some sense actually, his family treats him like dirt and he doesnít revel in the fact that he has to kill over and over again when it seems heíd rather enjoy the beauty of it. In the second part we have Mayday Parker also known as Spider-Girl whoís ready to charge the Inheritors and take them on just to get her brother back. The Uncle Ben of this world calms her down enough to the point where sheís willing to think things through, but not after fighting with him and calling him a nasty amount of names all revolving around coward. Some people react differently to loss, and thatís just how Uncle Ben reacted.

Spider-Man 2099 008:

With this one Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider retrieve Spider Voltron! Wooo! So heíll be making another appearance; very, very soon. This time however heíll have a little bit of a surprise for the Inheritors however, one might say heísÖ radioactive. In fact thatís exactly what one would say, they included it in him. We also have the return of Steampunk world! Which I loved and all the villains from there are quite amazing, Doctor Octopus should actually thank Spider-Man 2099, since he took the plutonium from him. And it wasnít properly shielded so if he hadnít taken it from him he wouldíve gotten cancer quite quickly.

Sonic Boom 04:

SoÖ as much as I do enjoy the Sonic Boom series it acts more like a Saturday Morning Cartoon than an overarching story. Which is cute donít get me wrong, but most comics I buy are for stories that interconnect and are fun. With this one I can say even though itís the exception I donít mind it, I like things being silly and goofy and honestly? This plays off of that. We have Eggman using his robot that has never gotten 100% destroyed come back to fight Sonic & Crew this time to actually be able to beat them. Thatís right his robot actually worked for once, it pretty handily hands everyone defeat. Up until Sticks enters the scene that is. Sticks is the zany kooky, crazy everythingís a conspiracy type character and she brings a rock to fight against a robot. And it works. Because itís Sticks. As I said, very Saturday Morning Cartoon esque but I love it, that may be due to the fact that the only show I watch consistently when itís released is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so itís potential this is filling a void that I donít happen to fill otherwise.

Sonic the Hedgehog 268:

With this we get a brief reintroduction to a character I was not expecting to return and quite frankly had nearly forgotten, Breezie the Hedgehog. Donít remember her? Thereís probably a fair reason for that because she was back in that old, old cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Thatís right. Where Robotnikís Snoopingas Usual I see, line came from. And much to my hope and dreams, Coconuts, Scratch and Grounder came along for the ride as well. Apparently Robotnik doesnít scrap his robots for whatever reason (not that Iím complaining) he just sells of his older models to Breezie whom while she no longer works for Robotnik has a deal where she buys his old robots to use as security in her casinos. Now I actually loved AOSTH and I loved Scratch, Grounder and even Coconuts when he made an appearance so Iím actually particularly hoping that more characters from that show will make an appearance. But enough reminiscing and not talking about the comic for this one Breezie is now a major business woman who owns a lot of casinos. Somehow she got her hands on a Chaos Emerald and is using it as part of a competition to broadcast the best fighters in the world to see who will win it. We know Sonic, Tails, and Amy are competitors we also know that Knack, Beans and Bark are competing for Eggman. We also are introduced to another character whom is called Honey the Cat and is apparently a fashion designer whom Amy adores and thatís where she gets her outfit from. We also have one last competitor whom we all saw coming, Knuckles the Echidna. So Iím thinking this arc will be a lot of fun actually and canít wait for the rest.

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You read that right Rosalina giveaway, that's speciffic to Destructoid members (well as speciffic as Twitch can be) I'm going to be giving away one of three Rosalina's I picked up today because one's for me and one's claimed for by someone on Destructoid. However the last mystical third one... is for one of you! The way you get it is kind of... not something I want to particularly do but figured it would be fun to do as well.

And before Nekro asks, I just shaved my beard a few days ago, got in the way of BBQ and other sticky foods...

And that's where the Band of Bloggers comes in, I'll be livestreaming my roll by the dice playthrough of Fallout 3 (dice have already betrayed me so far... I wanted Fallout: New Vegas and it chose Fallout 3. Damn you dice god!) So basically once we hit about 20 viewers on my twitch stream I'll choose one of you from Destructoid to win it, preferrably with people subscribing to my twitch channel which is:

Once again I kind of don't like doing this because it's a little douchey... but at the same time I want to talk to people about Fallout as I play and I'm hoping this will have people want to watch. The stream will start at about 8PM central time and we'll go until probably about 12 PM for a three hour break but then come back at 3AM central. As long as we hit 20 viewers I'll roll the dice and see which Destructodian gets it, if it's obvious 20 viewers is out of the question... I'll lower it. Once again I'm sorry this is a little douchey but... yeah.

One other small little part of this, I'm willing to pay for shipping for anywhere in the United States, if you're somewhere else in the world... well... unfortunately shipping will have to be paid for since it's a bit expensive.


A new month a new Loot Crate!

This month's theme was Rewind, which I was expecting a little heavier emphasis on gaming but the rest of the crate was nice as well. I got a comic I won't read because it's sealed so more money selling that someday (maybe) if I don't give it to my brother instead. An 8 bit pair of sunglasses, which I did need sunglasses so... yay? A Voltron T-Shirt, I've never seen Voltron but probably my favorite part of the Loot Crate actually. A Mini 10-Doh a cute little figure that will go next to the rest of my figures, I like these actually, they're fun little figures, my only complaint is that I didn't get the Back to the Future one, so that's a small complaint and it's up to random chance so that's okay too. A tie inspired by Space Invaders, which I did want a nerdy tie so I'm thankful for that. It's pretty cool and won't stand out to much like a few others I've seen however, it's not quite as not obvious as the MLP ties that I happen to want and probably wouldn't get noticed except by fans. We also got a mini comic notebook which is pretty cool, except I tend to draw way to large sadly. So overall I'd probably rate this crate above Versus but below Anniversary.

So as usual, how did I do in this video? How can I improve my video if you have any suggestions, comments, feedback please leave it in the comments below.

Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 1/07/15 and 1/14/15


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

My Little Pony Friends Forever #13:

In this issue we have Rarity not realizing the wants of others until it’s smacked in her face, which as much as I love My Little Pony (and I do love it) it seems to be a pretty common theme of having them relearn the same lesson a few times over. Now that doesn’t make this issue bad, far from it actually, the jokes are great and the character interaction between the characters is amusing as well. The ending is adorable and even though it retreads common ground it does it in a way that feels fun. Plus we get fan favorite Babs Seed whom we haven’t seen in the cartoon since season 3 although we have seen her a few times in the comics so that’s good. It does strike me as strange they haven’t brought her back in the show with how much they built upon her character.

Operation S.I.N #1:

We have a new mini-series this time with Operation S.I.N. which I’m assuming is supposed to give us more backstory on Original Sin, which was an interesting story but spanned quite a few comics so I wasn’t able to collect all of them sadly. Marvel seems to do that frequently, either you have all of their comics or you’re missing part of the story, which is interesting but I can’t do it frequently because of how much it costs much like how with Spider-Verse it costs a fair amount more.

But anyways… with issue 1 of Operation S.I.N, we have Howard Stark interacting with Peggy Carter on a mission that we have little clue as to what it is as of yet. We get a little bit more of an inkling at the end, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone since it’s pretty amusing. I will say however that Howard Stark does seem to act more like a gentlemen than Tony but the two are pretty similar which is amusing. It’s how he got Peggy involved in the first place, something that will possibly come to bite Tony eventually because he thinks he’s always right but may miscalculate one of these times. Possible prediction as well for Howard.

The Amazing Spider-Man #12:

Things start to finalize in this issue of Amazing Spider-Man 12, a few Spider-People still die this time but, it’s not anyone we’ve really learned about. They seem interesting however theirs a Bushido Spider-Man and what appears to be an Aliens Spider-Man. Oh and Spider Voltron makes an appearance, that was pretty cool. Voltron died nearly instantly but the Spider-Man inside did not which I was thankful of seems an intriguing character. We also get some more story as to what may be going on, something that involves The Bride, the Scion, and the other again. Still not certain what the importance of that is but I suspect that we’ll find out soon enough. We also get a talking Spider-Man car, that is similar in design to a cart but it seems to have rather decent intelligence. Silk also discovered a world an issue or two ago, remember the irradiated world? That’s the safe point for the time being, dangerous to Spiders but even more dangerous to the hunters. This whole thing keeps getting weirder and weirder. And I love it.

Spider-Man 2099 #007:

In this issue Michael O’Hara finds something that could be very beneficial to helping defeat the hunters, only problem is we don’t know what it is. Never revealed, but it could be one of the things that turn this war, since they seem to have a few things going their way which is good. We also find out that surprise, surprise when you can clone yourself you’re willing to kill yourself to break out of a trap that will kill you otherwise.

Spider-Verse #002:

So… we have a multitude of different Spider-People again and I enjoy them. Most of them. Want to know the one I don’t enjoy? The one that’s written in Spanish and we have to download the digital version, I buy the comics in comic form because that’s the way I prefer it. Otherwise I’d buy digitally; admittedly I have been considering digital because it’s better for the environment but… than you don’t technically own them. Why do you have to download the digital version you may ask yourself? It’s the one in English. That seems… strange to me. I don’t dislike it, but what I would’ve preferred is possibly just have it back to back the same thing one in Spanish the other in English. That would have been fine. We also get to see Punk Spider-Man’s back story which is just as punk as you’d think it would be, and it’s pretty amazing honestly. My personal favorite however was the one where they get actual Anansi to come help them. I love Anansi’s stories, and they play off of that pretty well here.

Cyclops #009:

In this issue we find out that not to surprisingly Scott has in fact NOT been torturing his dad, surprise surprise, isn’t actually torturing his dad he’s faking it. For some reason they decided to let him torture him by himself with no other shipmates. Not… not quite sure WHERE the logic is in that but okay. We find out that Scott has come closer to the captain’s daughter and quite possibly has feelings for her; the captain also seems to have taken a shining to him and given him his own mission. However, first mate doesn’t trust Scott and starts to snoop around. We also find out that the Shi’Ar have been following them since they stole the Starcracker and ambush them at the meet up.

Amazing X-Men #015:

So… apparently Wolverine died. Again. In a different comic book. So… not entirely sure how, when or why but he’s dead again for now, not sure when he’ll come back. But… anyways with this issue the gem that powers Juggernaut has found its way back to Earth and is calling on people to become Cyttorak’s next avatar. That’s what the Juggernaut, was an avatar of Cyttorak. Which I knew he touched the gem and became Juggernaut but I’m not certain we knew whom it was from before. However I could be mistaken. We also have Storm not trusting Colossus because apparently he’s made a few to many mistakes… in other comic books. As much as I love comic books it’s a little frustrating to not know everything that’s going on, you have to choose which one’s you want for the full story so I mainly only get Spider-Man’s full story since he’s my favorite. Small gripe since I know they do this to encourage more comic book sales but a little confusing.

Future’s End #36:

In this issue Fifty Sue finds the vault that they’ve been looking for while the island is being combed over, pretty impressive she was able to find it undetected, even if she does have a lot of super powers. Franky’s still dying from the Nth metal inside of his body, but removing it now could be potentially harmful (or at least that’s why I’m assuming it hasn’t been removed) Plastique makes a move on Terry, which I actually find pretty cute. They seem like they’d make a decent couple. We also find out that Smallvile might potentially be evil, but that hasn’t been explained yet.

Future’s End #37:

Firestorm is trying to redo Dr.Yamazake’s teleport plants, that way they can separate and not be a part of one another anymore. After having to deal with each other for so long it starts to get at you which makes sense. Terry finds Tim Drake, while having the Batman of this time watching Terry and Plastique as Batker Bot decides to make a return appearance right as Terry finds Tim. Then it ends, which makes me excited for the next couple of issues to see how that plays out. We further delve into Constantine not being much use as he says that Franky needs to go back to Dr.Frankensteins Castle as well as telling Superman that maybe Brainiac will be here maybe he won’t. We also get some foreshadowing with eyes coming out of the cornfields of Smallvile.

Fables – The Wolf Among Us #1:

With this one we have a comic book retelling of Telltales, The Wolf Among Us season 1. Which I find interesting since this will technically give us a cannon choice as to what was supposed to happen in the games won’t it? I personally prefer my Bigby Wolf the way he is so I’m curious if anyone will go back and replay the game in anticipation of Season 2 to make it more cannon. But it’s pretty much the same as TWAU, and I loved that series so it’s interesting to see the cannon choices as well as the little bit of extra story they’re adding in here and there pretty neat. It’s been available digitally for a while but just not got to releasing it in paperback form which is fine. The art style is interesting too and I really like it, can’t wait until I get to start Fables since the next issue should be a part of the next roundup. As for the story I don’t want to go too far into it mainly because it would be ruining not only the comic but the game as well.

Sonic Boom #3:

As much of a flop as the Sonic Boom games were, the comics are really starting to warm up to me, I feel they’re pretty well written they’re funny and overall just silly. It’s my kind of comic if it’s not going to have an overarching story, which technically Sonic Boom does a little bit but it’s not anything big or grand yet. That may be due to the fact that most of the time the other Sonic comics pull from the Sonic games, which makes me think what’s going to happen when the Sonic comics catch up to the Sonic Boom games. Are the regular Sonic comics going to cover the games or is the Boom series? A silly question but one that makes me wonder. Anyway, in this issue we have Amy realizing she lost her hammer last issue so Tails, Knuckles and Sonic goes out to try and find it while Sticks tries to find a new weapon for Amy. I was partial to the mace myself, similar to a hammer but it has sharp hurty points! Meanwhile we find that Cubot and Orbot have found the hammer (oddly missing from the games actually) and are now arguing over who gets the hammer since they both admit it’s pretty awesome. Eventually however Cubot and Orbot accidentally send the hammer flying into Robotnik’s machine that has been restored for the third time and somehow it then lands in Sonic’s hands right as they had given up. So… pretty Deus Ex machine but it was funny so I didn’t mind.

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