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SoapMacTavish avatar 3:24 PM on 12.04.2007  (server time)
Don't Buy These Games For Your Kids

Thanks to Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy, parents now know what the 10 most violent games of 2007 are.

1. Grand Theft Auto
2. Manhunt
3. Scarface
4. 50 Cent Bulletproof
5. 300 The Videogame
6. The Godfather
7. Killer-7
8. Resident Evil 4
9. God of War
10. Hitman Blood Money

This is the 3rd such list she has put out. She hopes that by submitting this list to the public parents will be more informed. Ironically enough the person who helped her put this list together happens to be Theo Broughton, co-founder of Detroit-based Hood Research. Hood Research is a think tank "where anyone can become a member". Research and reports done by qualified individuals are so overrated these days. "Even if adults don't play video games, they should be aware of the messages many violent games are sending", said Broughton. Miss Worthy goes on to point out a Michigan University study that claimed, "The violent content of video games is almost as bad as smoking".

Now, let's analyze all of this. I can't say I would necessarily disagree with her list. All of them are either A. gorey B. bloody C. violent or more than likely D. all of the above. Now as far as parents are concerned, I don't think most of them are that naive to be oblivious to the violence depicted in video games. Video games have and will be constantly splattered all over TV and video whether it in advertisements, tv specials (like the one currently airing on the Discovery Channel), nightly news, or documentary's (Moral Kombat). I think people like Broughton and Worthy need to give parents more credit and stop assuming they don't know the difference between an M rating and an E rating.

Speaking of those ratings, the ESRB rating system is not rocket science. An M rating for a video game is comparable to an R rating for a movie and vice versa for an E rating and a G rating. For some reason people don't see this as a viable system. What is so confusing about these ratings? If you need to, ask an associate where you are buying a video game to explain the ratings to you, that is assuming they know what they are talking about....

Lastly, I wasn't aware playing violent video games causes cancer. I know, that's not what they are implying but come on. A comparison between an addictive product like cigarettes and a video game? Does the surgeon general have to put a warning on video games now? "SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: God of War Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy." Know the ESRB ratings and follow them. It's not hard, however getting off cigarettes is, believe me.

Thanks to the internet, we can express opposing view points via text! Visit brad drac's blog.

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