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My name is Chris Nieves. I want to be a game journalist despite how much I dislike the term. I find myself as a hardcore gamer but by 'hardcore' I mean someone who respects games as an art form and want to know the inner of what makes a game great. Perhaps one day I'll be a game reviewer of sorts, who knows? But I gotta start small and work my way up the long chain that's in front of me.

Sooooooo yeah, that's it. Cheers to a better future!
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I honestly don't care how violent videogames are. I'm much more concerned about how much the industry pushes it into my face. Yes, killing "virtual people" is satisfyingly fun at times but that doesn't mean I want to do it 24/7. What if I wanted to solve a murder or break down the tension between multiple factions through words and peaceful actions?

I'm not calling for their to be a tone down in violence, but much rather adding narrative coherence to it. I'm tired of "PRESSING X TO SHOOT THIS MOTHERFUCKER IN THE HEAD," without any reason or incentive to do so. 'Because it's fun' doesn't really do it for me anymore. Put the violence through its paces and it'll have a much stronger impact. Makes us care for the characters, make them question their morals and actions. Give them hearts and feelings; an incentive, a weakness or two.

A prime example would be the Metal Gear Solid series, in which the main character(s) has been engineered to be a killing machine and nothing more, yet there's still some humanity to him. This was more prevalent in the later installments where the game encouraged you to tranquilize everything that moved, as opposed to killing in cold blood, to get a better rank/emblem by the end of the game. However if you wanted to kill the enemy (sadistic bastards), the game provided you with more than enough tools to do so.

I respect games as an art form and love it when developers treat their products in that respect. The industry is in need of more Bioshocks and Metal Gear Solids and much less Call of Duty and Battlefield.

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