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My name is Chris Nieves. I want to be a game journalist despite how much I dislike the term. I find myself as a hardcore gamer but by 'hardcore' I mean someone who respects games as an art form and want to know the inner of what makes a game great. Perhaps one day I'll be a game reviewer of sorts, who knows? But I gotta start small and work my way up the long chain that's in front of me.

Sooooooo yeah, that's it. Cheers to a better future!
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10:07 AM on 06.12.2013

So I went to the Gamestop I work at to check my schedule and my boss asked me "Gonna reserve the PS4 today?",  I said no in which he then told me that there were still 10 pre-order slots open for the PS4 while the Xbox One reserves were already full.  I mean seriously?  After all the shit that Microsoft has been pulling, people are still buying into the Xbox One.  It's like they're saying "Yeah, it's OK to take away my consumer rights Microsoft.  Go right ahead," when in reality, it's not OK.  Perhaps a lot of parents are misinformed on the situation or they don't care or maybe it's just too soon to judge and I'm  whining like a little baby.  Only time will tell.

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