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4:57 PM on 12.18.2013

We are in the next generation of gaming and we are all spoiled. We are the harshest of critics as gamers and it will only get worse. Will the annual release of many major gaming franchises, we are flooded with A+ titles every year. Despite the majority of these games being highly polished, we as gamers rip them to shreds. Check any major game review sites, and check the user score. More than likely it will be 3 points lower than the actual sites rating. Some can be attributed to the many internet trolls giving games a zero, and skewing the rating. Everyone does not do this, and for most zeros that are giving, their always seems to be fanboys giving the game a ten, just balance things out. 
Take Gears of War Judgement for example, the meta score is a respective and IMO accurate score of 79. The meta user score is around 5. I admit GOW:J had some draw backs, all the creative minds bolted for the door when Epic was selling off its stock, and I am sure this had something to do with the game feeling unfinished. But in taking a step back, and broadly analyzing the game we have an online MP that works great, best graphics of the series and a healthy campaign to boot. It did have some drawbacks, no horde mode, lack of maps, and lack of characters in MP compared to the other gears. I am not saying Judgment was great, but in no way it was a 5.

Why is the user rating so? The 600 people who voted are mad at the purchase? Loved the first three games so much that they were let down? Truly disliked the game? or are we just spoiled? 

I think we are spoiled gamers. It seems like no matter what franchise releases the new version, there are always people screaming on forums about how much better the past release was. I have seen this first hand starting with Halo 2 on the Bungie forums. When H2 was released, many said Halo Combat Evolved was better, then H3 came out and most said H2 was better. Same when Reach and H4 were released. Now, sometimes these cries might have merit, Bioshock 2 comes to mind for me. But even with that game, it is perceived as less than the original why? I like to wonder what if the original game never existed and Bioshock 2 was the first game in the series. Would we still hate it? 

I think the we gamers get so caught up in games of the moment that something new is scary.  We create great memories with our favorite games, so when the new version comes out, it is like we have to break up with our lovers and are forced to move onto the next. I guess we are not physically forced to play the new releases, but the marketing is constantly there and we always dream the grass is greener on the other side. 

For someone who started on the 360 or PS3, you will never really understand the NES and Sega days. When matchmaking was calling your friends over to pick up the controller. The graphics were terrible, the controls were wonky, the glitches were there with no way to patch. But the grizzled gaming vets like myself hold those games in the highest honor due to the memories made. So next time, before you go on a message board and tear a new release to pieces, stop and think, is it really so bad? or are we just spoiled as a next gen gamer?

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