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SniperXan's blog

1:20 PM on 07.14.2009

Rant: Xan talks piracy, incoherently.

I have a question... Why is it that as soon as stealing loses its "danger factor" that suddenly (mostly) everyone in the frikken world jumps on the bandwagon? So, I was browsing Joystiq and reading the comments on their ne...   read

7:06 PM on 06.21.2009

Activision: "We might have to stop supporting Sony"

OK, I really have no idea if this has already been posted but here we go in case you missed it. (From written by Matt Martin) Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has said that his company may have to stop supportin...   read

9:24 AM on 05.02.2009

Overdue hola!

I don't always get in the mood to write, in fact over the years I have left many a personal blog in the dust. However I am here now and, perhaps this time will not be like the others. I'm SniperXan, a gamer since I was a wee...   read

5:01 PM on 04.20.2009

Fallout: New Vegas in the works

Not many details but according to Giant Bomb, Obsidian Entertainment is working on a new Fallout sequel called "Fallout: New Vegas". Its supposedly going to play like Fallout 3; but isn't going to be a direct sequel to tha...   read

6:02 PM on 04.17.2009

XBOX Live! V.I.P. Membership

Seems Microsoft is getting ready to add a new level to the XBOX Live! system that is to be called V.I.P. Coming from a customer survey done in France; V.I.P. would be a step up from Gold and include online storage, a new m...   read

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