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4:07 PM on 02.08.2012

Avoid. Tritton.

Considering surround sound headphones for your gaming pleasure? Might I make a suggestion?

Not. Tritton.

The following was sent a month after I was told I'd immediately be sent a replacement mic for my Tritton headset. Broken mics seem to be a common problem (along with troublesome wiring) with these and as such I wanted to let people know how difficult their customer service is to deal with.

"Anything new on this? I've checked online and it seems common that people get no help. Considering These mics breaking is a common issue I wonder how you could continue to not respond to your paying customers. I'd understand if these customers had payed a meager amount but these headsets are a considerable investment and as such I feel your customers are warranted a response at the very least.

Your service is awful.

If you are at all able to access a browser please see this forum rant from a user that had an experience very similar to my own.

'1st one says we will be getting the mics in a few days email us back and we will send you one( this is 5 months now)'

'I called Tritton support but they were no help.'

Amazon user reviews

Within 2 pages all from different users:

'beware of the sub-par manufacturing and even worse customer service.'

'Sent it to Tritton and all I have heard is 'we will ship it on Monday' for the last 3 weeks.'

'I got no feedback from Tritton for 2 weeks. I emailed my request in after waiting 2 weeks and received a reply that the replacement part would ship. 4 weeks later I still didn't have it so I called in.'

'I've put complaints through to the BBB, FTC, RipoffReport among others, but still MadCatz will not respond!
Stay away from this company! They're a bunch of crooks!'

'Then I emailed twice about the mic, and got zero response.'

'Tritton does not honor their warranty and customer service is non-existent.'

Cnet Review:

'Well after owning for 5 months, and using the mic for xbox live only a handful of times, the mic has broken and others can no longer hear me on xbox live. Tritton ignored all attempts to enquire about warranty, and have washed their hands of me' User Reviews

'HORRIBLE customer service:
1) Ticket system has been down for maintanence for who knows how long
2) Have sent FOUR emails requesting assistance - NO REPLY'

'why won't they answer any of my emails, calls, or trouble tickets?! Close to $200 down the drain. Avoid this company like the plague'

Finally I have just called your customer service again where I was told that the person I talked to before (the one that said they would send one in the next week) was out right lying, and told me they were supposed to be getting a shipment later in the week.

My entire time on the phone with him I felt as though he was calling me a liar when I expressed my concerns that the same thing that happened with my last call would happen again. Every flippant response from him showed an incredibly unprofessional attitude and tested my patience. I attempted to tell him that I have found this problem repeatedly with other users and he upped his attitude, though I repeatedly told him that I didn't blame him for these infractions.

I am, generally speaking, a fair person and I can say, with the utmost confidence, that I, as a paying customer, was not treated as I should of been.

Also the customer service agent, when I told him that these problems seemed fairly common, asked me 'Did they call the same time as you?'

Just two days ago from newegg:

'Cons: Build quality
Crazy amount of wires
Takes up a power outlet
How the mic is attached
Terrible customer service
Only 1 year warranty (more is needed for this product, at least 2 years)'

less than a month before my complaint, from newegg:

'HORRIBLE customer service:
1) Ticket system has been down for maintanence for who knows how long
2) Have sent FOUR emails requesting assistance - NO REPLY'

Though you do have good hold music."

I know this won't be everyone's experience but I wanted to let all those out there that are considering investing in surround sound headphones that these are to be avoided. They are good when they're working but unfortunately that seems to be a short lived experience.


(I wan't sure if it was appropriate for me to post this as a blog post but I simply wanted to get this out there as a warning so that no one else had to suffer through this)   read

5:34 PM on 05.09.2010

I used to be a dragon.

It's true.

Google that on your iPhone and you'll find it to be true.

Here's Jeff Goldblumasaurus for your amusement.   read

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