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9:03 PM on 03.04.2009

The Gun Game: Springs are under tension

Locked, stocked and also cocked.

I have been meaning to do a weekly post about something. I love three things about games; Guns, Blood and the unique moments that will NEVAR be recreated in other mediums. Well, I don’t feel like writing too much about blood in games (good idea however) and I’m too lazy to examine the psychology of how Video games are unique among means of expression. Soo…

I’m beginning a series of blog posts on video games guns and their awesomeness (or lameness).

Primarty Firearm

Barrett M82A1
Real life equal: Barrett M82A1
Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Ammo: .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO)
Legality in US: .50 BMG rifles posed a “terrorist threat” in California. (no rly!)

If you want to reach out and touch someone, that’s no better where to do it then with this beauty. Nothing says “hiya doing?” than a .50 caliber round to the torso. Sadly, Call of Duty 4 doesn’t have gibbing or dismemberments, the real life effects of being shot with a M82A1 are extremely Gorerrific.

In CoD4, going no scope (as in not aimed and no scope attachment) makes for real fun. The M82A1 has a few things going for it high damage, possible deepest penetration, and good rate-of-fire for when some SMG interloper tries to spray and pray. You can pimp out your .50 caliber high five with blue camo and perks like stopping power (overkill AMIRTE?).


Flare Gun
Real life equal: 12 gauge flare gun
Game: Team Fortress 2
Ammo: Flare
Legality in US: In some states, they’re considered "any other weapon" under the ATFA.

If used in the correct manner, these things can be used to save lives. However, in Team Fortress 2, it’s used to set your enemies aflame when your flamethrower just can’t reach them. It comes in red or blue. True, it’s not an elegant weapon nor is it a weapon that a Navy SEAL team would use (unless they were lost at sea). But, it works for the Pyro and that’s all that really matters to the little gimp man in a gasmask.

The longer the Flare is allowed to burn, the more damage it will impart on its target. It’s only got one flare per shot and sets the intended target on fire for 10 seconds. The flare itself is part of the rarest kill icon: Killed With an Airblasted Flare. That means you a Pyro shot a flare in your direction, you air blast the flare back AND it hits someone with low health and KILLS them. Good for you.


Riot Helmet
Real life equal: Tactical Riot Helmet with Face Shield
Game: Rainbow Six: Vegas

Who in their right mind would wear a bandana or faux gas mask to a fire fight? Not me. The Riot Helmet has always been the bread and butter of realists and wannabe LAPD. It doesn’t have any real bearing on your armor or health. It does, however, have a cool Cobra Commander or Strom Trooper effect on your online terrorist fighter.

Its one part combat helmet, one part tactical face shield and one hundred percent badass. Not to mention, it can be used with custom faced characters.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be playing some more Left4Dead and COD WAW.

Love the “No head shots” in WAW.

Don’t forget to reload.



9:24 PM on 02.12.2009

The Pitt DLC: Let me AXE you sumin'...

Some new info have been speading on the internets about the second part Fallout 3s DLC called "The Pitt"

You might have notice the new melee weapon in the picture above. It's called the "Auto-Axe". Also, seen is some awesome armour and a kick ass miner helmet (Flashlight... on MY head?).

The Pitt is now a slavers/raiders town and they have a fighting ring.

Yes, a fucking battle arena.

I can't wait to get this and since I'm playing with the Lawbringer perk, I'll bag a LOT of fingers.   read

1:53 PM on 02.12.2009


HAMZA's homeland:
HAMZA certainly lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Along with overthrowing the government, he has made it illegal for those who live in Nairobi to buy Adobe and has forced Nairobites to shoop his image with Gimp. HAMZA has even released a hit album "You won't find Adobe here in Nairobi"

Widely considered to be one of the greatest IRL trolls of all time. Way back in the sixties, Charles HAMZA aka C. HAM invented and popularised murder. Since then, murder has enjoyed consistent mainstream success and remains one of the most widely enjoyed pastimes today.

The following took place between last thursday and FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Mikey: "So i herd u liek Mudkips"


3:06 PM on 02.02.2009

10(+) things about me that no one cares about.

1. My first game was Double Dragon at a girls house (I think she was a cousin or something?). We played for hours. I got a SNES a few months later.

2. I LOVE PC gaming! I love playing with mods, skins, sounds, modes and NPCs. *My* version of counter strike: source and Team fortress 2 are unfeasibly awesome. I’d play more PC games if I had more than just a shitty laptop.

3. I have some skills in SFX (Fake blood, Squibs, etc)

4. I was in many Halo 2 Machinimas. I have no clue whether or not they are still up. One was FUCKING EPIC! I was killed with a warthog while running.

5. I’m a Zombie Combat Expert. I can zombie proof almost any home. I love zombie movies, games, books, comics, etc. From Zombie Survival Guide to Left4Dead to Brain Dead, I love killing zombies! BTW, slow zombies for the win.

6. I hate watching movies on cable networks like TNT because they always fucking cut the language, the blood and the awesome headshots. That’s bullshit.
7. I like guns although I don’t own any.

8. I always wanted to make a post apocalypse movie.

9. Grilled chicken is the best food in the world, bar none.

10. Once, I lost my car keys at Niero and Colette’s new shitty house and I had to spend the night. I don’t want to talk about it. The horror… the horror.

One more thing:

3:56 PM on 01.21.2009

Why so musing?

Gear of war, Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3.

What do these games have in common? A bleak outlook on life, a gritty feel and humor
What happens when you play a game that’s a complete downer? Generally, you might stop playing.
Serious games need humor, but why?

What if there was a Red Dawn FPS game or an A Clockwork Orange open world game or an 8mm graphic adventure game?

They say games are becoming more and more climatic, but what kind of climatic? Michael (XPLODE!) Bay kind of movie or something like Nuovo Cinema Paradiso? That’s something I’d like to see change.

Of course, it’s hard to pitch a game that’s a game version of a depressing story with an ending that may be off-putting AND knowing that it won’t be a bestselling game. You can make an emotionally moving indie film for $2,000–4,000 (if you got friends), while making a game for the Xbox 360 can cost thousands more. Also, let’s not forget much coding is harder then editing.

So when will a Citizen Kane-like game come around?
Who knows, Bioshock is pretty good.


7:57 PM on 01.03.2009

I hugged no one and...


4:41 PM on 01.03.2009

Left4Dead campaign posters

I just made a few Left4dead campaign posters with supernorn's template from FPSBanana.

When I was making this poster, I thought of a GTA4/Left4dead scenario. A large city in ruins and the bright lights stained with blood. The campaign begins in North Algonquin, through Middle Park and ends with in Star Junction with a rescue by a V-22 Osprey.

Now for this one, I wanted to do one that no one had done before. Naturally, Miami came to mind (or more accurately, South Beach at night).

The campaign would start in a broken down tank (as a saferoom) outside a Night club. Inside, the club(s) and the connecting buildings have a "Last Party on Earth" kind of feeling. Dead bodies, music, drinks every where, black light, Glow-stick carrying zombies, etc. The finale is a big fight at a beach font club to a Go-Fast boat.

The game starts in the cargo hold. The survivors learn via a radio that the ship is going too fast for the Coast Guard Cutter to make a safe approach. They have to fight through the engine room, the passenger deck and then the bridge. Once they slowed down the ship, they have to get the the finale on the ship's bow. When the Cutter arrives, you've got to careful as you can fall overboard when jumping to the Cutter.

Also, the Tank can throw you off deck into the icy cold waters.


See; this Jumbo Jet was the last flight to a land locked Island that has been mostly untouched by the infection. Unfortunately, the plane was compromised and all the non-immune passengers became infected. Before the pilot got sacked he put the plame on auto-pilot. The survivors have to re-direct the plane to make a water landing to avoid the infected onboard getting on the island or the remnants of the army will be forced to shoot the plane down.

The group must get to the cockpit, fighting through the plane many levels.

The finale is after the plane has landing in the water. The group must fight off the zombies on a piece of the plane's cabin (which has fallen on a small marina) and wiat for a sail boat to evac them.

That's all for now. I have no plans to make any of these maps/campaigns as I don't have Left4Dead (for PC)and the SDK has not come out yet.

Looking forward to all of your feed back.   read

6:19 PM on 11.23.2008

MiamiNARP: Details and more. (10% MOAR)

The MiamiNARP was big. How you may ask?

500 people (Give or take) showed up. MiamiNARP went off without a hitch and ended with no mishaps.

But oh, what you don’t know. Let’s start at the beginning…

Me, Buena and R3y got to FIU at around 8 am. We were setting the areas and preparing the webcams when Niero, Colette and Pedro (ElfAngel7) rolls up in Niero’s Rolls-Royce.

Thankfully, the Rock Band instruments and their stuff fit perfectly inside the vehicle. How? They played lots of Tetris.

<Moving ahead a hours>

By 4:00 pm, Niero got a call from SFX 360’s front man. They had gone to get gas for their automobiles when terror struck… the gas station’s pump fucked up and pump water into both of the cars.

SFX360 were bringing equipment and conducting the tourneys. A nightmare for sure. A 5 minute brain storming session occurred.

“Should I go?” ”I can go.” “Who do we know from there?” “Can they get a lift?”
He got a call back. They got rental cars, a severe crisis was averted.

I took a break from the heavy lifting and cable wrangling to play a bit of Rock Band 2. I played Still Alive and some other song. My solo session became a group affair when Collette took up the mike and Pedro hit the drums. Ultimately the break allowed us to set the Rock band pieces and cords just right.

By 6:00; all we were waiting for were the DJ, the fine folks from GameWars and GameBreakers, the projector for Left4Dead and the lovely people from Epic Sugar Works. The R3y’s Game day booth was setting the feed for the kids at home. The free-play stations in the “lobby” were ready and much Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was to be had (Dreamcast AND Ps2!!!).

After 7:00, the 360s for the tourneys are being tested and ready to go. The doorman (Me) was messing with the crowd outside. The Live feed steaming. The sweets are out. Rock band 2 was prep and ready to shock and awe.

The grand opening WAS at 8:00. However, due to a few last minute preparations and gremlins, we opened a bit late. My job was to herd to the people who were in the GoW2 tourney one way and direct everyone else forward into the Rock Band, food and Left4Dead.

After the initial rush, it just became watching over the players, keeping the peace, doing my reporter thing and helping out where ever needed.

By the end of the night (2:00 am!) the GoW2 tourney came to its shocking conclusion (Dom dies!) and the final rewards were… rewarded. After a quick clean up and a convoy of SUVs and hatchbacks to pack our stuff, we were DONE.

The only I regret is that I didn’t get to conduct an interview with our own GuitarAtomik for Destructoid. (Waaay too late.)

In all, we must do this again some time.



12:20 AM on 09.23.2008

Volatile Games working on "Triple A Shooter"


Apparently Volatile Games is hard at work on a shooter title for the Ps3/360 Combo (PC isn’t mentioned). It’s a "AAA game" and the gun used on the site looks to be a H&K USP Match pistol.

Little known facts about Volatile Games:

>They made the Reservoir Dogs video game. It was fairly good for the week I had it. It was banned in Australia and New Zealand… So it MUST be good.

>They MAY also be working on Possession, a 360, PS3 and PC title. It appears to be a third person zombie game (somewhat like Stubbs but more realistic). I’m very much psyched for this game and I hope they find a publisher for that kick ass game.

I’ll close with this short very trailer for Possession from an early build.

[embed]104753:14653[/embed]   read

7:56 PM on 09.07.2008

The Truth about Game Stop and their Crimes.


You must watch this video (and his 9 other ones about Game Stop) by WhistleBlowerZero.

His series of videos have made me realized that I Don't Want To Work at Game Stop and I'm going to continue to NOT shop at Game Stop.



3:30 PM on 07.30.2008

Microsoft vs. Sony (with Faux Select Screen!)

Here’s a game concept that will NEVER see the light of day:

It’s a 3D Fighting game featuring characters from both consoles (As well as some more “retro” characters).

The fight style and flow are time and character based.

Confused? Sigh…

The fight style changes over time though phases:
*Hand Weapons
*Projectile Weaponry

For example for the first 30 seconds is a hand to hand brawl (or hand to drill).

After that, 20 seconds of Bladed, Melee, or club weapon specific to the character, for example; Dr. Freeman will put out a Crowbar and the Xenomorph will use its tail to stab.

If you made it this far, you will get to use projectile weapon(s) specific to the character, Like Leon S. Kennedy will put out his oh so famous hand gun and Big Daddy will have a Powerful (but slow firing) rivet gun.
The Damage resistance of each character will be will reflected by the characters attire and where the damage is taken on the characters body. For example, Hitting Marcus Fenix in the chest won’t do much good, but kicking him in the face will damage him more.

However, some characters just can’t be damage by hand to hand combat (Big Daddy comes to mind) while others are a bit “sensitive” to scuffles (Like Johnny Napalm). You have a pick somebody is a bit mismatched with their opponent (Old Snake vs. Nemesis) for the hand to hand portion, you best to try to avoid, counter and sidestep until you can get to a phase that better suits you.

e.g. in the next phase Old Snake gets CQC knife and Nemesis get to whip his rocket launcher around in a slow but fierce manner.

The stages have obstacles that combatants can use for cover, jump over and (for bigger characters) run through. Some characters can climb (or scale) walls and ceilings. For instance, Xenomorph can cling to ceilings; AltaĂŻr and other capable characters can scale walls for escape and/or get a vantage point for ranged weapons.

There you go, it’s a shame really. Oh well…

P.S. Bonus points for everyone who can name all the Fighters.   read

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