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SnakeDude4Life avatar 6:31 PM on 06.16.2009  (server time)
Springs are under tension: Modified Warfare

Usually with this series, I use a template to write about two video game guns and a piece of armament. Today, I have taken some time to play a Mod for CoD4. Not just any Mod, A SINGLE player mod. It’s called Homefront: Downtown. Created by Copbaby, it’s a Level that takes place in the US. The back story is a bit iffy on the exact details… but who cares, I like to shoot sum turrists [Bushism].

As you can see the opening shot is a hell of a start. (Damn exploding car!) Expect your M4 SOPMOD to run out. While the map offers no preset weapon placements (Except for one), the terrorists tend to use G3s, shotguns, RDPs, AK-74s, AKSUs, and M9s when in last stand. Plenty, if you are really good at scouting for ammo.

The thing that I didn’t expect was the involvement of civilians during the firefights. Remember, these are “American” civilians. Not even Soldier of Fortune (The first one) did that. There is even a scene where you and a buddy save some old guy in a dark basement from two terrorists.

The Sniping scene is pretty bland… until you get to the real objective! You will NEVER get it the first time; it comes out of left field. Then a fire fight occurs again (Surprise!) and there are only explodable cars available to use as cover. The Choppa comes in and does what Choppas do.

Oh no… Da choppa git RPG’d. Honestly, who didn’t see that one coming? Save the pilot from the turrists.

And then the Pilot becomes a zombie and you knife her in a QTE, but not before a Spy backstabs your LT and your gun isn’t real! You were shooting hot lead with your MIND! Then the Jets nuke the town but you are THE ONE. So, you go to area 51 and save the princess who turns out to be the pilot who is the also THE ONE and still a zombie.

Okay. I’m making up that last part. I won’t ruin the ending.
Overall, the Mod is great sure it’s short and a bit odd to see great looking soldier models against the low resolution texture back ground. Still, it’s a good change to the whole depressing, drab “the horrors of war” feel in Single player.

If you have COD4 for PC, just get it. You can download it here and next time I’ll stay with the normal “Springs are under tension” format.

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