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SnakeDude4Life avatar 1:22 PM on 05.20.2009  (server time)
Snake Dude rates stuff



Awesome until the last act. It’s really left4dead zombies/rabies plus cloverfield and a hint of Blair witch. Also, the cops are useless as fuck. Their handguns “disappear” after the real zombie rampage begins.
What the hell? The last cop gets taken down by a little girl zombie. Really? An LA cop downed by little Susan or whatever the fuck her name was.

The Spy update


It’s about time; Valve is really taking their time with the updates.
FYI, I’m a spy. I LOVE being a spy. Especially with my new PC. You cannot play a spy with a slow PC or a bad connection.
Also, I poach spy crabs. You should see my Spy crab rug or my Spy crab fire place mantle.

Blue Binders


God Damn blue binder! They are always holding papers and stuff. Blue binder rings are always uneven too. Always made in Mexico and china, they took our jobs! To hell with them.

Bawidamann’s “ZOMBIE HUNTER”


It’s an awesome war poster for zombie killing enthusiasts. The girl is sporting some true epic gear: a red lens S-10 gasmask (ala HUNK), a silenced P90, knife leg holsters and a sweet axe.

Even despite my own thoughts on the whole “suicide girls” thing, the poster on my wall next to my air soft Desert Eagles and my S-10 gasmask is worth it.



Great, played left 4 dead versus mode with SakuChan and many noobs were owned.
I MAY have rattled Carlos Ferro, (More on that later), met r3ys boyfriend, ate a 1UP chocolate pop from Epic Sugarworks.

Ball pythons


Great pets for any looking for a python that not too long or have a history of being a misfit. Small pythons, very hardy. Three feet is the norm, however five feet can happen.
They are also inexpensive; buying one can cost $50-$100 for a normal color type. Other color types like (albino, pieds, black, pastel, etc) will rape your wallet. Really, go Google it. They don’t need large enclosures to live a nice life (unlike the Burmese python); most large scale breeders even use drawer systems for space and efficiency.

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