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SnakeDude4Life's blog

4:47 PM on 04.22.2013

Zero Dosh 24: One Story Among The 10.1%

I’m an unemployed gamer. I currently live in Miami. The unemployment rate in Miami is 10.1%. I used to work at a hospital in Miami, before that I worked in a heating company that serviced fancy hotels in south beach. Ri...   read

9:25 AM on 07.03.2009

Top Ten Sell Outs in Gaming (Bought to you by

You see these lists quite often on the internetz. I assure you this isn't just an excuse to spam the C-blogs with unpaid ads for You might be thinking, "What makes this list any different?" Honestly, this is s...   read

6:31 PM on 06.16.2009

Springs are under tension: Modified Warfare

Usually with this series, I use a template to write about two video game guns and a piece of armament. Today, I have taken some time to play a Mod for CoD4. Not just any Mod, A SINGLE player mod. It’s called Homefront: Down...   read

5:17 PM on 06.08.2009

In Deep: The Armless Nazi

The second amendment: The right to bear… In the past Call of Duty games, each entry was based on real world war two events like the Normandy Landings, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of the Bulge. However, the COD...   read

1:22 PM on 05.20.2009

Snake Dude rates stuff

Quarantine 8/10 Awesome until the last act. It’s really left4dead zombies/rabies plus cloverfield and a hint of Blair witch. Also, the cops are useless as fuck. Their handguns “disappear” after the real zombie rampage beg...   read

9:29 AM on 05.14.2009

Springs are under tension: Wise Fwom Your Gwave Edition

Coming Under Fire After a three month delay and a series of unfortunate events, “Springs are under tension” is back. Here’s a brief run down: Laptop broke, IRL events, new job and loops of fire. Anyway, let’s get to the ...   read

9:03 PM on 03.04.2009

The Gun Game: Springs are under tension

Locked, stocked and also cocked. I have been meaning to do a weekly post about something. I love three things about games; Guns, Blood and the unique moments that will NEVAR be recreated in other mediums. Well, I don’t fee...   read

9:24 PM on 02.12.2009

The Pitt DLC: Let me AXE you sumin'...

Some new info have been speading on the internets about the second part Fallout 3s DLC called "The Pitt" You might have notice the new melee weapon in the picture above. It's called the "Auto-Axe". Also, seen is some awes...   read

1:53 PM on 02.12.2009


HAMZA's homeland: HAMZA certainly lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Along with overthrowing the government, he has made it illegal for those who live in Nairobi to buy Adobe and has forced Nairobites to shoop his image with Gimp. HAMZ...   read

3:06 PM on 02.02.2009

10(+) things about me that no one cares about.

1. My first game was Double Dragon at a girls house (I think she was a cousin or something?). We played for hours. I got a SNES a few months later. 2. I LOVE PC gaming! I love playing with mods, skins, sounds, modes and NPCs...   read

3:56 PM on 01.21.2009

Why so musing?

Gear of war, Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3. What do these games have in common? A bleak outlook on life, a gritty feel and humor . What happens when you play a game that’s a complete downer? Generally, you might stop playing....   read

7:57 PM on 01.03.2009

I hugged no one and...


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