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Snaileb 's blog

6:35 PM on 11.13.2008

I've been having a blast, but miss you too, Dtoid!

So I know I haven't exactly been a very hands on member, mainly because my hands have been on my Xbox controller for the past EVER. My junk is very jealous of my right hand lately. I've been having A LOT of fun with Fallout...   read

11:16 AM on 04.21.2008

News in Film : The Forbidden Kingdom Review

For all the people that aren't hitting the jump to read my review, here's the short and skinny : It's retarded, please rent it. Now for the more complex piece of this here blog. I really REALLY wanted to like the movie. Fr...   read

9:47 AM on 04.21.2008

Open Discussion about Video Games

Come on in, the atmosphere is dank with nerd joy. Alot of stuff has been happening this year, mainly to bring the best games on time for Summer. I know there's been alot of impressions, rants, and previews, and this could ce...   read

9:13 AM on 04.21.2008

News in Film : New Spirit Trailer, Joker Pictures, and Hulk/Iron Man Crossover

Hey guys! Bet you didn't expect to see one of these anytime soon eh? Yeah well I admit I haven't been keeping things in the spotlight, but I wouldn't want to ruin the movie on it's big day. Besides, I've seen alot of movie bl...   read

11:17 AM on 04.09.2008

Yahtzee Reviews No More Heroes

You can just hear all the nerds rushing to create a new post...   read

9:34 AM on 04.09.2008


Space Captain, entertainer, Price-line negotiator, and now video games salesman can be added to that resume. INCOMING! Cutest cat ever.   read

9:05 AM on 04.07.2008

Back to Basics : Dreamcast

Since XBL was down and I couldn't download the new COD4 map packs, I pissed myself in anger. After wallowing in my own filth, I cleaned up and decided it was time to realize that the 360 could not supply my every gaming nee...   read

8:33 AM on 04.07.2008

Setting Gamers Back 20 Years : The Eternal Bitch Fit Solution

Giant wall of text incoming. It's early, I'm tired so forgive me if half of this makes no sense. This does need to be said though, I wouldn't want our precious c-blogs to become the rants and raves section from a Craigslist s...   read

1:33 PM on 04.01.2008

Friday Night Fights : Call of Duty 4 XBOX 360 Tournament Details

....will be posted today. It seems the powers that be have decided to give you guys a whole week with the new maps after they're released! For the less than intelligent people : Tournament begins on April 11th, on Friday (Nig...   read

8:52 AM on 03.31.2008

[Repost] Retro Sale : Selling Consoles & Games

Update : Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for your overwhelming support! I have 20 emails so far and 15 of them are for Super Mario RPG! :p Ok relax, it's not that bad, but I am getting rid of ALOT of these games. To the ...   read

6:45 PM on 03.30.2008

Retro Games for Sale : Selling consoles & games

Hey guys. Sorry about the "ad", last thing I want is for the c-blogs to be a craigslist, but you guys were the first people I thought of when I wondered who would want to buy all this stuff. Im selling these for an important ...   read

10:07 AM on 03.28.2008

Infinite XP Glitch in Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Well, I have yet to pick up this game. I kicked the first Vegas game in the nuts, and I enjoyed it, but this seems more of the same. I am still picking the game up, but not before Dark Sector. Yadda yadda yadda I know.. but isn't it strange no one has suggested a RSV2 FNF? Anyways, here's the glitch. Rumor has it that this is feesable on both systems, but I wouldn't know. Enjoy!   read

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