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Open Discussion about Video Games

Come on in, the atmosphere is dank with nerd joy. Alot of stuff has been happening this year, mainly to bring the best games on time for Summer. I know there's been alot of impressions, rants, and previews, and this could ce...


Back to Basics : Dreamcast

Since XBL was down and I couldn't download the new COD4 map packs, I pissed myself in anger. After wallowing in my own filth, I cleaned up and decided it was time to realize that the 360 could not supply my every gaming nee...


Infinite XP Glitch in Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Well, I have yet to pick up this game. I kicked the first Vegas game in the nuts, and I enjoyed it, but this seems more of the same. I am still picking the game up, but not before Dark Sector. Yadda yadda yadda I know.. but isn't it strange no one has suggested a RSV2 FNF? Anyways, here's the glitch. Rumor has it that this is feesable on both systems, but I wouldn't know. Enjoy!



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