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4:29 AM on 11.12.2007

Half Life 2 RTS Conversion

There is a new mod out made from the Half Life 2 and Source Engine resources which turns the game into an action-packed RTS. I think GameBrink said what it is nicely:

GameBrink: Half-Life 2: Wars is released! Half-Life 2: Wars is a realtime strategy modification in the hl2 universum. This release is more like a small demo of the mod and is intended as a preview on the mod. The release is featuring two maps and most of the stuff you would expect in a rts game. Units can be recruited and resources are gained from control points. In later releases the mod will be expanded with base building, more units, worked out sides and multiplayer.

Full story here

thoughts. I am actually very intrigued by this. A Half Life 2 RTS sounds synonymous with the series in my opinion. Hopefully this will be nicely done and will create a solid community along with it. I am downloading it now, expect a more in depth analysis of it in the days to come.   read

5:42 PM on 11.11.2007

Wii Guitar Hero 3 Mono Only

There is now an uproar going on over the Wii version of Guitar Hero being Mono only as discovered in this Guitar Hero Community Site forum:

Thread where the bug is being discussed

Here are some pictures proving this bug:

Image 1

Image 2

So what are your views on this? Do you think Nintendo will offer a patch through their already bumpy online service? Will Activision recall the game? Who knows.   read

4:14 PM on 11.11.2007

Sunday Timewaster

After watching and catching up on the newest episodes of PurePwnage, I felt like playing a RTS. The only one I own is Warcraft 3 and the Expansion. So today I plan on playing that to pass some time. Heck, it might actually get me to log on my WoW account for once in a few months.

So what about you? What are you going to be playing today?

Image   read

2:32 PM on 11.11.2007

thoughts. Half Life 2 Episode 2 *Possible Spoilers*

Well, I bought The Orange Box about 3 days ago. The only thing I have done so far is play Team Fortress 2, so I thought that is was time I finish the newest chapter in Gordon Freeman's crazy adventure.

Overall this was a good game. It definitely has replay value, for me at least, because I know I can sit down and beat it within 1 sitting. Now although I find the "episode" style of releasing games a unique one, Valve needs to learn that when doing that, you are expected to release the game faster. The point of episodic games is for them to be shorter, but come out faster. Valve totally missed that.

This game is very Linear, "Go here, go there, do this, do that." But, that is the style of Half Life and I personally don't mind a linear game when it is executed beautify, as it is in this game. This game will always have you wanting to get to the next chapter. I was always on the edge of my seat and the random patches of music that start up during certain scenes just pumped me up like no other, I have never felt more "Steven Seagull" than when the music starts up during the Ant Lion attack when protecting Alex.

I have heard that each episode will "show off" a certain aspect of what the Source Engine can do. Episode 1 was meant to be the facial animations and Episode 2 was meant to be how it could handle large environments. I clearly saw bigger areas in this episode verses Ep. 1 or the original Half Life 2. I don't have a super high end PC but I do have 3 gigs of ram and a decent video card and I never experienced any type of lag when the game automatically picked my settings (I didn't mess with them after it picked them). The game handles the environments very well and there are some breath taking shots of the world around you, I might have to do a short picture collection sometime to show off what I loved so much.

thoughts. This game is a great day waster if you have nothing to do, you will beat it in that sitting and feel as though you want the last episode but are not willing to kill people to get it. I think this episode was better than ep. 1 but I still would rather play the original Half Life 2 over this if I had the chance. I say for the $50 US Dollars, get The Orange Box. It is a deal that no other game has been able to match and Episode 2 was a great, beautiful, and needed episode in the Half Life series.   read

4:06 AM on 11.11.2007

DLC: Extra Fun, Extra Cash and Developer Laziness?

All of the "next-gen" consoles offer some type of downloadable content ranging from patches to game content. I have always felt that downloadable content has always helped a game and never hurt it, even if the prices for them may be a little too much for some, we all can say it is nice to have the option open to get new content for our games. I have always had a few problems with it though...

1. Game Patches. Ah, these are the band-aids to video games. They fix those annoying bugs, glitches, and overall problems that were over-seen in development. I have absolutely no problem with bugs getting fixed, but I can never shake the feeling that developers/testers have been getting lazy. No one is perfect and can catch every bug in a game, that is for certain, but compare the number of patches released on the last gen consoles verses today, you will see a huge number difference. Now some may argue that the delivery of them is much easier now compared to then, but I still look at it as "If they felt they needed a patch out badly enough...they could get one out." It seems that back in the day developers were much more confident with their final games and play tested them much harder because they knew the delivery of them wasn't as easy, but still doable. It jus seems to me that some companies don't want to play test a game as much to meet a certain date because they feel they can fix whatever they missed in a patch.

2. DLC or Extra Game Content. New songs for Guitar Hero, extra map levels, and new experiences for game play. I love the thought of developers being able to spend time on their games after their initial release developing new stages and whatnot for them. But I feel that most of what they try to sell you should have been in the final game. Don't get me wrong, I would love to toss out a good 500+ M$ points for new Halo 3 Maps, I just feel that we are paying for what we already paid for. I honestly believe that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo in one way or another have or will tell developers to not include something in a game, hoping to squeeze a few more dollars out of us with some DLC. Another thing I found very "not user-friendly" was back in the days of Halo 2, eventually you weren't allowed to enter match making without the new maps. It is one thing to sell new maps that could have been in the final game and not force you to buy them, it is another when they basically tell you that you cannot play the "meat and potatoes' of one part of the game due to you not having that cash. Now granted, they did release the maps for free in a good 6-12 months after their release which was far, but I can guarantee a lot of casual Halo 2 players who couldn't toss the money out for them went Match Making"less" for those months.

So, to wrap this thing all up. I just feel that some developers have felt a little spoiled in the fact that they can easily fix their games whenever. I also feel as though we are being what we already bought with DLC. Either way, I want to hear what you all have to say!   read

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