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Smells Like A Holocaust

Stop The Holocaust

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Half Life 2 RTS Conversion

There is a new mod out made from the Half Life 2 and Source Engine resources which turns the game into an action-packed RTS. I think GameBrink said what it is nicely: GameBrink: Half-Life 2: Wars is released! Half-Life 2: W...


Wii Guitar Hero 3 Mono Only

There is now an uproar going on over the Wii version of Guitar Hero being Mono only as discovered in this Guitar Hero Community Site forum: Thread where the bug is being discussed Here are some pictures proving this bug: ...


Sunday Timewaster

After watching and catching up on the newest episodes of PurePwnage, I felt like playing a RTS. The only one I own is Warcraft 3 and the Expansion. So today I plan on playing that to pass some time. Heck, it might actually get me to log on my WoW account for once in a few months. So what about you? What are you going to be playing today? Image


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