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9:51 AM on 12.03.2008

Is this how Sonic Devs think?

I really want to know how the thought process for Sonic Console games works at Sega. My guess it goes something like this...

Genesis era Sonic is so uh.. 90's! We need to Reinvent Sonic! what do we do?

How about we make it an encompassing Adventure with an world destroying enemy unleashed by Robotnic?

Hey that worked pretty good except for that cat fishing and Pokemon thing. How about a Party Board game! It worked for Mario...

No? Well then lets have another adventure! This time, Lets keep the pokemon since the kids "Gotta catch em all!!", double the characters and focus on them more than Sonic, give sonic a Rival, give him Tony Hawk moves, grade them on perfromance, and Introduce another world destroying enemy that makes Robotnik a bad but not THAT bad kind of guy willing to fight this totally evil.. uh Evil.

No? How about we introduce even more charaters and make it so you can play three of them at once?

still nothing? How about we get that rival from Sonic Adventure 2, give him a gun and have him blow through stages Dante style!

Oh man! you REALLY hate this Shadow guy! Maybe you'll like him in a extreme hoverboard racing challenge!

You STILL hate him? FINE!! Here's another hedgehog rival from the "mysstterriouss" Future!! Also, since you hate rivals so much, lets add a final fantasy inspired love interest for Sonic! OOO! I bet you'll like hot furry action like I do!!

Holy #%&$!! I GET IT!! NO YIFFING!! Ok. What if we cut back all of the characters this time, throw him in the arabian knights story, give it RPG elements and use these newfangled Wii controls to make him move. And throw in some minigames for fun?

Ok. Well you didn't totally rip my head off Even with some furry overtomes, horrendous controls and repetitive gameplay! Now thats what I call Progress!! I might be on to something!! If I add characters from other works it's popular, and since it's an olympic year, How about an olympic game with Mario characters!? You like that plumer and his friends don't you?

No? well Lets try another hoverboard game!!

You STILL hate Hoverboard racing?! How about Tennis?

FINE!! I'll just let Nintendo add Sonic to that Smash Bros game since you like beating him up so much!

You liked smash bros. brawl?! well How about we keep this rail gameplay from that seven rings Wii game, but add some brawling like that Shadow game but with no guns. And look! I got the guy doing the portable games to help me since you seem to love his stuff so much!

Ok! You hate the brawling but love his running stages... Hmm. Maybe if I combine the two and throw Sonic into king Authur times like that Arabian Knights game...

(The Future) No? Maybe if I put sonic in a hamster ball like that Monkey game I made a few years back that everybody loves? It'll be like Sonic Spinball!! You liked that game didn't you?   read

6:27 PM on 03.23.2008

Wiitardation - How devs can prevent it

Wiitardation is a syndrome where a perfectly well designed game goes into the crapper because the inept developer in the zeal of making a Wii based game decided to tack motion controls to a game designed for regular controllers.

A perfect example of this is "DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2" for the Wii. This game was designed for both the PS2 and the Wii, but when they developed it for the Wii, they decided to add motion controls to the numchuck controls. While it sounds great to be able to actually pull out a Kameamea by doing in IRL, the concept is flawed. Especially if your opponent is using a Gamecube or Classic controller (which you can thankfully use). Basically the other guy is simply going to pwn you with little effort while you are swinging your arms all over the place like a crazy man and trying to keep the cursor on the screen the whole time. I couldn't even imagine what story mode would be like.

Sonic and the Seven rings is another example. That game would have been fine with the standard NES Layout. I mean what does sonic do? He runs and jumps. that it! Two buttons and a D pad is more than enough for that. Instead they used a motion scheme that was so bad it detracted from gameplay. it was hard to jump. you had to shake the controller like a crazy man to attack enemies and half the time you couldn't stop because the controller "tilt like a bike handlebar to move" function was a pain to get to work on command.

Nintendo has shown more than once that they are the developer to beat when it comes to intuitive motion controls, And they should be considering they invented the console, but when brawl came out, they even realized that motion controls were not going to work in this game for all users, so they offered the other control schemes as options.

There are a lot more examples of this, but lets get to the simple point. The reason the Classic controller, Gamecube controller support, and the wiimote NES style layout exists is because Nintendo knows that some games were just not going to work with motion controls. If you as a developer think for one second that your game will not work with motion or pointer controls, you should either switch to the Remote in NES style, switch to the classic or Gamecube controller, or at the very least offer those controls as an option.

Forcing a player to use motion controls and pointers on a game that doesn't play well with motion controls and pointers when there are three perfectly normal control schemes to choose from that you can offer as alternatives. That not just stupid, That's Wiitarded.   read

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