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Im Slyvexx my favorite video games are Halo, Kingdom Hearts, and Sly Cooper (yeah i no kid stuff I like other games I just got those from the top of my head). I go on the ventrilo for this website sometimes (even though most ppl on there are assholes. not all but most). so yeah talk to me sometime.
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8:51 PM on 12.24.2007

i havent made a blog post for awhile, and It said on the home page that God told me to start another blog, so here u go.

i dont know how to put videos on here, so ur just gonna have to go to youtube for this one

Which one is better



8:01 PM on 11.16.2007

I was lookin around destructoid and I found this

It was funny. Is she tryin 2 smile?


im thinking of buying Eternal Sonata.

is the game good or bad? Is it worth buying? It looks good.