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Slugworth avatar 6:39 PM on 11.01.2007  (server time)
Zach And Wiki Is Amazing!

Or so I heard....I haven't bought the game yet but instead I decided to pick up Battalion Wars 2. I can't believe this game has gotten so little press it is the most fun I have had on my Wii since Twilight Princess almost a year ago. The main thing that had me worried about the game was the multi player aspect. That portion of the game is both good and bad, despite the fact that finding a game is easier with the random game option it is still lacking since it does not include any voice chat. I doubt Nintendo will ever include voice chat in an online game but it still would be nice since on some game modes you need to communicate with your teammate. Anyways if anyone wants to play online feel free to hit me up my friend code is: 373 777 186 453

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