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Slowey avatar 2:44 PM on 10.18.2009  (server time)
This is for you Browntown! A collection of Double Downs.

There is now a thread in the forums dedicated to Double Downs. If you have proof of your work please go HERE to post it.

In a recent episode of Podtoid the casts discussed a new sandwich from KFC called the Double Down. 2 pieces of chicken with some sauce and cheese in the middle.

Looks great, but WTF. The cast talked about making their own and, of course, hounded Sammit to do it.

Well a few weeks past and the joke begins to die down a bit. Then Cataract brings it up in the Topher Infatuation Thread for a sec. Then Topher demanded proof of our double downing

Krow posted a list of things to double down

Technophile promised badges

Cataract shows us how its done

Havoc Fang gets creative and eats a headcrab. But later eats some real food

I hop on the bandwagon and eat a monstrosity

Topher keeps his word and partakes in the best looking double down so far

Dead Movie Star double downs some candy

Gamesareart decides to tripple down

Krow has no respect for your time

Phantomile needs new mics

Gyrael needs to turn his lights on

Conrad Zimmerman makes a wonderful looking breakfast

Toucan Rider gets creative

I always heard that uncooked ramen will make you sick. Calpis does it anyway

Budhha says he burnt his mouth with his Pizza between two poptarts

Hamza CTZ Aziz is funnier then I expected and raises the Double Down bar pretty high

The Golden Avatar chows down on some 5 Guys Grill

Coonskin05 eats a lot of roast beef

Technophile says he submitted this for our approval

Jon Bloodspray gots style

Kaciesaurus has an very packed closet, and got an awesome new forum avatar out of this

CWal37`s master piece from July

Gandysampras gets all the women

Necros blows my mind

Jhitcher42 makes a sandwich pizza out of meat lovers pizza, macaroni and cheese, popcorn chicken, ranch, and Tony`s

ZombiePlatypus catches up
Image too big to post

Pycho Soldier has a meatball sammich

Icefire has a cool shirt

aborto thefetus makes a large burger

Chooly dont need no sound

HammerShark does it for the members with "teh diabetus"

Gatorsax2010 does it in public

SenorDoucheoisie puts a California spin on the meme

Im not sure what Fusion is doing to be honest

ZombieLifeCoach set a new standard and blew our minds

DougCL gets some MickeyD`s

Points to munnyman05 for style

Nekobun needs 2 videos for his 3 double downs aka "Double Downs his Double Down"

Jurgs makes the greates peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich I`ve ever seen.

ThePhil has a tower of corned beef, haddock, and cheese with some ketchup "lube"

So my fellow members of the Dtoid army, do YOU have what it takes to DOUBLE DOWN THAT BITCH?

There is now a thread in the forums dedicated to Double Downs. If you have proof of your work please go HERE to post it.

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