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Slive's blog

8:06 PM on 10.04.2010

The Middle Ground

This is my first blog post so bear with me if I seem at a loss for words. This probably isnt going to be a super long post because Im not exactly sure how far I can go with this topic but it is something that has been bugging me and I felt this was a good outlet for my thoughts. Surely by now everyone is well acquainted (misspell?) with the whole "Games as Art" discussion and its two sides: those who think games are art, and those that do not. Ive found that the people who believe games are art also tend to forget that games, much like every other form of media, can just be mindless entertainment. I myself am at a standpoint that believes games can be both art and harmless fun (while probably not at the same time) and I think when people defend games that this is something they should not forget. this (kind of) brings me to my point, sub-categories within the gaming culture. you dont have to be a pretentious artist type or a drooling dimwitted type and I find it odd that the video game culture has sparked hate within itself. I understand that I sound like that hippie screaming "why cant we all just get along" but this is kind of ridiculous. The more we break people down the more segregated we as a community become and the more hate gets spewed left and right. I also realise that some of you look at me like "what is he talking about?" and I realize this problem isnt really a presence in gaming but its just something I want to talk about. seeing that games can be art but dont have to be is a compromise that I dont see any reason to dissagree with. theres really no reason to argue. I understand I seem like an idiot talking about something that isnt much of an issue or may not even exist at all but I just thought Id share my thoughts with you. By the way, cut me some slack its my first blog post. Im having some trouble getting my thoughts together.   read

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