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Slick Icarus's blog

10:09 AM on 06.26.2008

Slick Icarus' E3 Predictions

Sadly, I have no magical dolphins, so my article will not be quite as amazing as Chad's, but it'll have to do. Here are my personal E3 predictions

-Nintendo will show a new Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Kirby, and F-Zero for Wii.

-Nintendo will also reveal a new peripherial among the same lines as Sony's Eyetoy (Wii See?), with a built in microphone

-Xbox 360 price drop: the Arcade pack to $200, Core to $300, and Elite to $400

-Rock Band 2 will be announced; will be compatible with Rock Band 1 DLC, feature DLC on the Wii much like Guitar Hero World Tour

-Square will show teasers for FFXIII and Kingdom Hearts 3; but no gameplay footage

-God of War III: first gameplay shown at Sony's event

-New Oddworld game announced

-Square unviels Final Fantasy V and VI remakes for DS, as well as Chrono Trigger port

-Ubisoft unviels new line of Petz games for Wii, world groans in agony

-Three new Guitar Hero games announced; one of them will be GH: Metallica; another a new DS game

-Peter Jackson's Halo project teased at Microsoft's event

-Bioshock 2, Beyond Good And Evil 2, first gameplay shown

-Spore officially announced for Winter 2008

-Resident Evil 5 will be coming out Summer 2009

-Street Fighter IV home ports shown. Will be released on PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, and PSP.

-Nintendo announces the ability to play VC games off SD cards

I really can't think of any others that Chad already wrote about. After E3, I'll revisit my predictions and see how many of them came through.   read

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