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SlayerVin's blog

1:08 PM on 09.17.2007

The perils of being an anti-fanboy

Word. For years I've railed against it as being a watered down, base version of Unreal Tournament. For years I've avoided it because of the stigma attached to people who play it. And for years, I thought I was right. Turn...   read

9:49 AM on 09.17.2007

Ninja Gaiden 2: now with 20% more decapitations!!

Wowzers!! Even though right now this doesn't look too much different from the original Ninja Gaiden, this game still looks freakin' awesome. I kinda figured the scythe would be a slow-ass piece of crap like Rachel's weapon ...   read

9:36 AM on 09.06.2007

*Link Fixed* Zero Punctuation Review: BioShock (extremely mild spoilers)

I loved BioShock just as much as the next guy, but I always have a couple minor little complaints about games that seem to slightly mar the experience. I'm a dick I guess. Yahtzee however puts me to shame. I agree with eve...   read

12:34 AM on 09.01.2007

My life (video games) after Bioshock

So I just finished Bioshock (awesome!) and I'm trying to figure out what to play next. The games I've got lined up to play are: Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy III (SNES) Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Perso...   read

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