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I have another blog, but it's just in Spanish, so I came here to translate one of my favorite entries of all, I'm pretty sure that all of you know of what I'm talking about.
Fighting games that occur in tournaments like Street Fighter, King of Fighters and Tekken, just to say some of them.
These are some of the few problems that I have, trying to understand his logic.
This entry is more about comedy than something really serious, after all, this is game logic.

Issue number 1 : Isn't there a rule that forbidden the use of weapons ?

I just don't understand how characters as Vega, Whip or Yoshimitsu can enter using such a dangerous weapon, Vega has some big claws, Whip has... well a whip a Yoshimitsu a freaking katana.
How is that there isn't a rule that ban weapons ?
Are you telling me that anybody can enter with a weapon ?
Then why don't you use a gun ?

It works for whip

Issue 2 : isn't there a age limit ?

Just watch the Psycho Soldier Team of KOF.
How is that an old man, 2 teenagers and a kid can fight in the same category of middle age adults?

Chin is too old and drunk, but at least he is not dying of some leukemia as Gen.
But what about the childrens ?

Yeah, a lot of animes have children fighting to death, so I guess that isn't a big deal on Japan.

Issue 3 : Isn't there a division for weight?

Yes, try to think on an children and a old man that probably has some similar weight, fighting against a giant sumo wrestler.
Some tournaments are dividing by weight for a good reason, is not the same that a skinny person fight against a very fat dude.

Issue 4 : Where did you guys found all these psychopaths?

I'm always very surprised that for every normal character (very relative term by the way) there's always a psycho or some nuts.
Why did you let in a psycho killer enter in the tournament ?

Unless that's the point, like in the Twisted Metal Serie

Issue 5 : there shouldn't being a tournament just for humans?

Okay, I can understand that an Half god and a cyborg can fight against other humans, but dude, Why you want me to punch to death to a zoo ?
And another thing

Why you let a robot enter in this tournament ? a Cyborg is still a human, but a robot made of steel and with giant cannons are not what I like to say a regular foe.
If you want to see robots fight each other, well do it, but please, don't use it on your tournament unless that it has a point.

Extra Issue 6 : Shouldn't be the tournament divided it by genre ?

I support the genre equality, but, Is not the same fight against a man than a woman for two big reasons.

[center][left]Is not that I hate this games.
Some of them are in my top 10 of favorites fighting games.
But the logic of the tournament in where they take place is the only thing that I don't understand.
This is why I like more the games that don't take place in a tournament like the Alpha serie of SF, being the SFA2 Gold my favorite.
Or games in where the tournament make sense like MK for example.
Just remember, if you make a tournament, make it with some sense, don't use a lot of explanation. just uses the classic cliche
"The first rule is the there's no rules"
I'm the Slayer and this is just a little of my view point from what I call the Hall of logic.


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