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Anybody wants to make a figthing game ?

Mustache psyduck

Probably just 3 people knows that I'm a writter, a Argentine writer that write things in spanish and sometimes something in english, and this is one of the some thing.
This is the book of mechanics for a game that I was trying to develop but here, i don't have any support in the develop of games (in my city, no in all south america, because south america is awesome, my city just sucks).

The idea of this games is to make a fighting game with some rpg elements and a really well design custom mode
To the player can custom his moemon to have similar attack to his equivalent in the game

yes one of the main features will be that you can upload your pokemon and our generator would create his avatar based in the pokemon and gender

The player can evolve in mid battle (and yes, I came out with this idea before gen 6) and it can use the Shining (your pokemon gets shinny) that increase the damage of the Pokesuper (the equivalent to the desesperation moves of kof) and it will use a most fair system of weakness like Pokemon, but a more fair in terms of battle
The game itself would be like KOF, but, I wasn't that good using som programs for that, so, here is the book of mechanics, enjoy.


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