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1:26 PM on 11.23.2013

Moemon Fighter : The book of mechanics for a Fighting Game

Anybody wants to make a figthing game ?

Mustache psyduck

Probably just 3 people knows that I'm a writter, a Argentine writer that write things in spanish and sometimes something in english, and this is one of the some thing.
This is the book of mechanics for a game that I was trying to develop but here, i don't have any support in the develop of games (in my city, no in all south america, because south america is awesome, my city just sucks).

The idea of this games is to make a fighting game with some rpg elements and a really well design custom mode
To the player can custom his moemon to have similar attack to his equivalent in the game

yes one of the main features will be that you can upload your pokemon and our generator would create his avatar based in the pokemon and gender

The player can evolve in mid battle (and yes, I came out with this idea before gen 6) and it can use the Shining (your pokemon gets shinny) that increase the damage of the Pokesuper (the equivalent to the desesperation moves of kof) and it will use a most fair system of weakness like Pokemon, but a more fair in terms of battle
The game itself would be like KOF, but, I wasn't that good using som programs for that, so, here is the book of mechanics, enjoy.

enjoy   read

8:07 PM on 10.28.2013

Slayer-Quest : Download of Tsuki-Chan, The Neko Girl

Hey everybody
Probably nobody here Knows that I'm actually a writter
And this is the first thing that I published

And trsut me
It wasn't easy here in Argentine


Here is the main cast

I upload this on media fire because, well, It was to complicate to use itunes, and I wasn't agreed with some politics in other pages.

So here is it

This is the PDF
This is the EPUB

The main history is pretty easy

She is Tsuki Nyan, the main protagonist[/center]

The history is about Tsuki, a girl that one day day and met a God Cat that give her another chance to live. Now she has to handle the consequence of her death while she try to stop a alien invasion.

Yeah, I can't write about romance or drama, I prefer action and comedy, so if you like a short tale (130 pages but hey at least is not long enough as some bad books) give a chance to this story   read

5:39 PM on 09.17.2013

Slayer-Quest analysis : Digimon and his weird relationship with poop

Oh Digimon.

Who can foget it ?

I loved Digimon more than Pokemon at that time and I still love it more.
It has more action, more characters and it was more darker than Pokemon in some aspects.
And it has a lot of monster by the way.

Some of them great

Some of them Cute

And some of them where just Crap (literally)

I mean, WTF ? with the poop in digimon

Poop in the anime

I mean, in the game you have a Poop Bar.

Because as any living creature, your giant monster need to go to the toilet sometimes.

You say it Agumon

In the game, the poop is something that you have to be aware, because if that poop bar is filled (yes, insert all the jokes that you want later) your digimon would evolve into a Sukamon a really crappy digimon (He is a giant golden piece of poop)

And yes, this also appear in the manga.

Another weird thing is well.
Anybody remember The episode 24 "No question, Please" ?

Well this is the episode in when the most strange things appears
First, the serie begins with Izzy and Tentomon walking on sunshine when Demidevimon appears and try to make them fall into a trap by using some bizarre signs.

Poop Avalanche

Poop cliff

Man-eater poop

They are fake signs but really, or that are the worst lies of all (except for the cliff of poop) or just the world of digimon is weirder than we thought.
Once that Izzy and tentomon falls in the bottomless trap hole, demidevimon appears in front of vademon offering him a payment of if he can bring him the digivice and the crest of Izzy.
And what's the kind of payment?
Well, is no more than big pile "you guessed"

A fabolous pile of poop

Man, you think that this blog can't get weirder ?
But guess what, I'm going to introduce you all the Digimons (That I know) that uses his own poop (or at least the poop of somebody) as a way to attack his opponent.

-Champion Digimons

-Numemon :

He is a slug that lives in dark places and full of moisture such as sewers or (introduce dirty joke here). Despite being a champion level Digimon, he is very weak.
Attacks :
-Nume-Sludge (ウンチ Unchi?, lit. "Poop"): Throws its own poop in order to defend itself against intruders.
-Bomber (ウンチ投げ Unchi Nage?, lit. "Poop Throw")
-Renzoku Unchi Nage (連続ウンチ投げ? lit. "Continuous Poop Throw") go figurate
-Choukyori Unchi Nage (長距離ウンチ投げ? lit. "Long-range Poop Throw")
-Chou Akushū Funsha (超悪臭噴射? lit. "Super Stinky Spray")

Sukamon :

He is a very dumb Digimon that always go with a Chuumon, that works as a external conscience, he lives in the sewers of the digiworld
-Bomber (ウンチ投げ Unchi Nage?, lit. "Poop Throw"): Throws several sludge bombs at opponents.
-Smash (Yakekuso Smash, lit. "Desperate Smash")
-Poop (ウンチ Unchi?)
-Dappun Pheromone (脱糞フェロモン Dappun Feromon?, lit. "Defecation Pheromone"): Releases a pheromone that affects the opponent's bowels.

Platinum Sukamon

A metalic mutation of Sukamon and stronger than a averange Sukamon.
-Metal Bomber (Rare Metal Unchi, lit. "Rare Metal Poop")
-Smash (Unchi Slider, lit. "Poop Slider")


It's a vegetal digimon that use his giant mouth and ivy hands to destroy his enemies. they generally live in jungles.
-Compost Bomber (ウンチ投げ Unchi Nage?, lit. "Poop Throw"): Shoots several compost poop at opponent.
-Stink Jet (超悪臭噴射 Chou Akushū Funsha?, lit. "Super Stinky Spray"): Unleashes a stinky breath attack.

-Ultimate level Digimons

-King Sukamon

He is not a playable Digimon, but he has some major role in the games like turn your sukamon into his prior form.

-Mega level Digimons


It was once a trash can on a desktop computer, but gained life and evolved into a Digimon. Unlike Sukamon or another mutant digimon that uses poop to attack, this guy is pretty strong
-Junk Chunker (Poop Bazooka): Fires poop from its bazooka.
-Dirty Saucer : use his trash can to create a black hole.


The legends were true my friends, there's a platinumnumemon (contain your gasp) He was once (Once!) a normal Numemon until he took some mineral extracts, that changed his color and appearance, creating a numemon more powerful than any other.
Attacks :
-Platinum Burp : PlatinumNumemon releases a large, loud belch which spews forth a very unpleasant odor.
-Jumbo Tongue : PlatinumNumemon lashes out at the enemy with its massive, extendable tongue.
-Nume-Sludge: PlatinumNumemon throws a wad of icky stick poop at its enemy, potentially paralyzing them :
-Platinum Nume-Sludge : PlatinumNumemon throw a wad of hard metal poop at its enemy, potentially causing them to flinch
-Feather Guard: PlatinumNumemon curls its wings around itself to defend against
-Platinum Barracade: PlatinumNumemon summons a wall of metal poop to defend againt elemental attacks


The poop just got real. As if a platinumnumemon wasn't enough, now we have a golden (supersaiyan maybe) Numemon. He is Numemon that instead of taking a platinum mineral, he took a golden mineral that changed his life of a normal Numemon forever. Pray for not encountering one of these.
Attacks :
-Goldurian Rush : GoldNumemon showers the area with golden feathers which act as power spires to bolster its attacks.
-Jumbo Tongue : GoldNumemon lashes out at the enemy with its massive, extendable tongue.
-Nume-Sludge: GoldNumemon throws a wad of icky stick poop at its enemy, potentially paralyzing them :
-Golden Nume-Sludge : GoldNumemon throw a wad of hard metal poop at its enemy, potentially causing them to flinch
-Feather Guard: GoldNumemon curls its wings around itself to defend against
-Golden Barracade: GoldNumemon summons a wall of metal poop to defend againt elemental attacks

Final Analysis

Yes, digimon is more strange than pokemon, and to be honest, this is something that works pretty good, but it also fails sometimes.
But to be fair this is the first time that I see monsters using his own poop to fight
It's doesn't work, or at least I never saw a very powerful poop attack.
And just because I'm new here, I not gonna mess with the rules so I won't say sh%t, but you can do it.
So tell me.
What's your opinion of this ?
You have some jokes to tell me ?
Are thinking in make a monster that use his poop to fight ?   read

3:42 PM on 09.15.2013

SQ's Hall of Logic : What are the requirements to enter on these tournaments?

I have another blog, but it's just in Spanish, so I came here to translate one of my favorite entries of all, I'm pretty sure that all of you know of what I'm talking about.
Fighting games that occur in tournaments like Street Fighter, King of Fighters and Tekken, just to say some of them.
These are some of the few problems that I have, trying to understand his logic.
This entry is more about comedy than something really serious, after all, this is game logic.

Issue number 1 : Isn't there a rule that forbidden the use of weapons ?

I just don't understand how characters as Vega, Whip or Yoshimitsu can enter using such a dangerous weapon, Vega has some big claws, Whip has... well a whip a Yoshimitsu a freaking katana.
How is that there isn't a rule that ban weapons ?
Are you telling me that anybody can enter with a weapon ?
Then why don't you use a gun ?

It works for whip[/center]

Issue 2 : isn't there a age limit ?


Just watch the Psycho Soldier Team of KOF.
How is that an old man, 2 teenagers and a kid can fight in the same category of middle age adults?

Chin is too old and drunk, but at least he is not dying of some leukemia as Gen.
But what about the childrens ?

Yeah, a lot of animes have children fighting to death, so I guess that isn't a big deal on Japan.

Issue 3 : Isn't there a division for weight?

Yes, try to think on an children and a old man that probably has some similar weight, fighting against a giant sumo wrestler.
Some tournaments are dividing by weight for a good reason, is not the same that a skinny person fight against a very fat dude.

Issue 4 : Where did you guys found all these psychopaths?

I'm always very surprised that for every normal character (very relative term by the way) there's always a psycho or some nuts.
Why did you let in a psycho killer enter in the tournament ?

Unless that's the point, like in the Twisted Metal Serie[/center]

Issue 5 : there shouldn't being a tournament just for humans?

Okay, I can understand that an Half god and a cyborg can fight against other humans, but dude, Why you want me to punch to death to a zoo ?
And another thing

Why you let a robot enter in this tournament ? a Cyborg is still a human, but a robot made of steel and with giant cannons are not what I like to say a regular foe.
If you want to see robots fight each other, well do it, but please, don't use it on your tournament unless that it has a point.

Extra Issue 6 : Shouldn't be the tournament divided it by genre ?

I support the genre equality, but, Is not the same fight against a man than a woman for two big reasons.

[center][left][center][left]Is not that I hate this games.
Some of them are in my top 10 of favorites fighting games.
But the logic of the tournament in where they take place is the only thing that I don't understand.
This is why I like more the games that don't take place in a tournament like the Alpha serie of SF, being the SFA2 Gold my favorite.
Or games in where the tournament make sense like MK for example.
Just remember, if you make a tournament, make it with some sense, don't use a lot of explanation. just uses the classic cliche
"The first rule is the there's no rules"
I'm the Slayer and this is just a little of my view point from what I call the Hall of logic.[/left]
[/center]   read

1:39 AM on 09.15.2013

The Slayer-Quest chronicles: Mini-Comic Reservoir Eevees

Reservoir Eevees is a mini comic that I'm Making
Is not the best in desing, because my draws are very poor.
The comic is a padory of elements of reservoir dogs with pokemon, enjoy the page 1

I don't know how to make this image smaller
I mean, when I do that, i can see it   read

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