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SlavedHeart avatar 12:39 PM on 10.10.2007  (server time)
Steam my PS3 please....

It's another of those quandaries that hits you at 3am, while surfing the fridge for that last piece of KFC, thinking about DLC, and wondering....

Why isn't the big 10/10 Sony announcement (you know, the one that isn't happening) that Valve and Sony are putting steam on the PSN? This seems as though it would have been yet another example of high power winnage for the sony crowd. We could have gotten the Orange Box as a surprise today (though I've checked, no dice) and danced around the fire of the 65nm motherboard flames. We could have hoisted SCEA on our shoulders and shouted "huzzah! we smote the chief!". Instead, we face a rumor induced announcement drought while the rest of the gaming world puts the sniper to the test on just HOW many can be in one map at one time, as well as exactly how fast CAN you accelerate through a portal at your head and feet.

This seems like it could have been a match made in heaven, but again, so does DLC for GTA IV, and the potential lack of it for Heavenly Sword (p.s., for HS2, multiplayer please...), how is it that we can persuade Sony to open up to PS3-ware... to give even smaller folks a chance at the black obelisk of lust. I'd love to go back to programming Flash, or even back as far as Director if given the chance were we given a emulator better than the web interface... sure a lot smut and crap might filter in (and it would have to be community monitored), but you would still have the opportunity to have some truly engaging content, made by people with a couple grand in pc toys, instead of a million dolor P&L statement. I think if this were the case, we would see much faster DLC available from the big boys, especially when lonlyboy326 put out the next game of the year, or stinky-stiches45 makes the next big puzzle addiction with just a little math and grid. Having these things would get the larger firms to direct more attention towards the DLC side of the equation, instead of following the same paradigm of the last 10 or so years, and just putting out a disk, and forgetting about it...

My proof to back up these wild claims? How many of the biggest games out there DON'T have an active Mod/Map community? Even the classics have fallen into disrepair with the advent of better and bigger add-on creation toys, yet the console generation, where the power and ability is now there, still seem resilient, as though they are going to have to give up part of the profits in order to have success, and there is nothing tighter than a business man and his purse strings.

Anyway, I'm sure this post isn't shaping up to be the convincing be all and end all that I would have liked it to be, but instead I'd like to feel that if we do ever see steam, or even just valve on the PSN, it's all by my doing...

your welcome....

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