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3:01 PM on 10.10.2007 // SlavedHeart
Ok Nintendo DS Fanboyz, Impress me (pleaz?)

I want to buy my wife a DS for christmas...

Ok, I want to buy a DS for christmas, give it to my wife, and have it around to play with more to the point, but my wife, ever the pragmatic, wants to know "what else does it do?"... Can I sync outlook? Can I keep appointments? What else does this little black folder do that makes it worth the time to me? (she can be such a extravagant, wallet crunching purchase buzz kill)

So here's the thing... Nintendo's site is kinda sparse for a lot of information, seeming more interested in getting you shuffled over to the store (which keeps hickuping for me on my wii jacket orders, more on that later) than giving you any solid information on what else it's capable of.

So here's your chance nintendo fanboys, tell me what's out there that would make a 30 / 40's professional interested in having one around? Please? I know I probably should purchase this or that instead, but that's not the question (plus, then I don't have the DS around, see the point)... so...

What gives?
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