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SlavedHeart says:

...and you thought only Freshmen wrote bad poetry....

// Submitted @ 2:46 PM on 09.18.2007

Though I am now over tired...
my thumb and fingers, all blazing fire,
HalfLife done, Doom's next on the pile
How I love to game.

Eyes tracked dots, from wall to wall...
Resistance found me slow to draw
Sniped in the head, but GG ya'all.
How I love to game.

THUG 1 THUG 2, THAW and Tape8
don't spend this much time when I masturbate
another line or another (oblivion) gate
How I love to game.

Time draws neigh, this is over dramatic
Though I was going to keep up at it.
Instead I'm going to load Warhawk, addict....
How I love to ......

Hell with this... I'm going to play...

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