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Slade's blog

3:50 AM on 12.02.2007

I broke my wallet thanks Bla..err Broke friday..

Just curious...who's idea was it to release a shit load of awesome games around the same period. its bad enough consumers have to do drive-by's to get this years hot consoles and shit but then you have to drive back to store and get games to go with them is just inhuman.

In over the past 3 months, i've purchased

Halo 3
Mass Effect
Assassins Creed
Super Mario Galaxy
and I'm tempted to get RockBand for when I move in with my new roomates as "thanks for helping my broke ass in a bind."

I mean, i would be completing the pinnacle of my console adaptation but on the other hand....I'll have to get Oprah to co-sign on a 2nd mortgage.

though I hate that Super Smash Bros was delayed, financially speaking it was a god send

This past Broke Friday, I picked up Assassins Creed, Mass Effect and SMG and my wallet committed financial suicide and this was just for me. I can't honestly remember when so many good games came out around the same time....I do know one thing.

All my family members are getting the universal gift that keeps on giving.

unless one of them becomes a paraplegic or something then you he/she will get a meatwad hoodie or lolcat mittens...i dunno...

sleep beckons.   read

9:11 PM on 09.15.2007

Finished the fight, now what?

As Halo 3 approaches, possibly being the most anticipated, hyped, marketed videogame in history, one question may have been lingering behind the minds of microsoft & and halo purist alike. After you've played halo 3 to death, beaten it on legendary 8 trillions times, teabagged some lame player named Slade0 on xbox live that he's literally shittin' nad noddles, whats next?

Halo has been the official mascot of the xbox brand ever since it was intially released as a launch title for original xbox in 01. With Halo 3 coming out finally, many xbox fans will be getting the game that more than likely determined their purchase for the xbox360. Microsoft doesn't have alot of first party exclusives like Nintendo with their Mario, Zelda, Pokemon brands nor Sony's ever exclusive hands on high profile titles like Metal Gear series and Final Fantasy.
Microsoft undoubtably has strong 3rd party support (EA, Ubisoft, Capcom etc.) whos titles will no doubt sell well on the system. Could the release of Halo 3 also be Microsoft's sign for finishing another fight?

Thoughts?   read

8:02 PM on 09.08.2007

Temptation is a bitch

And you end up purchasing an x360. But no, I had to buy an elite x360. 120 gigs of transferable porn at my disposal. I finally decided to play Gears of War (its true gents, a great game) and picked up Madden 08 and Dead Rising. I know alot of a list games are around the corner, (Halo 3, Asssasins Creed, Mass Effect etc). I'm curious, what are some good xbox360 games you guys would recommend to a new x360 owner. Awesome recommendations will reward you a cookie.   read

10:27 PM on 09.02.2007

The New kid (and a really lame God of War banner thingy)

My first blog, I have no clue what i'm doing so I figure I just say something.

So I've been a avid viewer of D-toid community, though I don't have a forum account (i just hate the whole sign up, then type this code that looks totally crapped up then you have to type a password, then type in the password again, then type in a word you would use if it was your password but isn't AND then confirm the password by typing it again).

So anyways, i hear theres a pretty swank PS3 Contest and Kratos (though I'll admit, i've never played GOW or GOW2). Maybe getting winning a PS3 will give me that chance (cause i'm sure crap not paying 500-600 for one, last time I payed that much it was for ChiSUP, but thats another story for another blog.

I wonder if my banner is exceptable? I really suck at teh photosh0p?

Oh well, back to MP3: Corruption.   read

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