I'm Zach, I've been a gamer my whole life. I grew playing "Super Mario World" on the "Super Nintendo", then I progressed, as i got older to "Game Boy", " PS2", "Gamecube", "Xbox", "DS", "Wii", and now currently "Xbox360". I have always loved a good game and matured into what I think today, would consider, a "good game". My type of games are the COD franchise, ElderScroll series, and many other violent, numb minding, games.
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I've been a fan of Microsoft ever since the came out with the Original "Xbox", and didn't start my online experience a year after the 360 was released. And i grown accustomed to the friends list to the 360. But according Microsoft "The next Xbox friends list will be similar to social media sites like facebook or twitter.

The next Xbox will not have a two-way friends list, instead you can follow your friends like twitter I personally have a twitter but i never followed or been on it more then a minute. And it seems kinda creepy to have "you", as a person, on their friends list or "subscribers list" that you have no knowledge that you are even on there.


Now don't get me wrong, they could cut out the creepy part of it by: making it where you can block users from viewing your status, make an it where you have to approve for them to follow you, have a subscribers list where you can check who follow you similar to YouTube, and have an area preference where you can only allow people in your area or country follow you.

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