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12:51 AM on 02.03.2010

Bioshock 2 Launch Trailer - We Will Be Reborn

So here it is. The launch trailer for Bioshock 2. It is four shades of awesome, check it out!


HD version

I'm pretty amped for this game, the story and world of Bioshock is among my favorite of all games, and I want to know what happens next! The multiplayer looks interesting, but I don't know how long it will hold my interest.

That said, does anyone remember the original games launch trailer? It was something like this one, but not as intense. I'll go dig it up.

Here ya go:

[embed]162419:27116[/embed]   read

10:55 AM on 11.17.2009

Left4Dead2 - The "How to buy uncensored Left4Dead2" episode (for Aussies)

If you haven't bought Left4Dead2 yet because of the censorship issue, like myself, then you should read the following on how to buy the UNCENSORED version of the game, within the EULA guidelines!

The following is a post from the forums on Gamers Undergound.


Yesterday afternoon I decided, contrary to previous intent, that I was going to pre-order Left 4 Dead 2. Mainly because of the recent bombshell regarding Modern Warfare 2's Steam price, and lack of dedicated server support.

But, I wanted to ensure I play the uncensored version of L4D2. And the best way I could think of was buying it via Steam from a UK IP. So, I signed up to a trial at for this purpose alone.

I connected to their "England" server, started up Steam, threw L4D2 into my store basket for purchase. L4D2 has an App ID of 550 for all regions, but the Aus Cart ID is 202237 as opposed to the UK Cart ID which is 202182 (hence the different version). While there, I'd also check the price of Modern Warfare 2 for shits and giggles. To my surprise it's available for just 34.99 pounds ($62 AUD) - $36 cheaper than Australian Steam (and retail for that matter).

So I went ahead and bought them both by simply putting in all of my Australian card details, but changing the country to United Kingdom. I quit Steam, disconnected from the VPN, reconnected to Steam 'from Australia' and am pre-loading the L4D2 demo.

I thought I'd detail my experience here, because as far as I'm concerned, everyone else should do the same - stick it up both the Australian OFLC and Infinity Ward's AU MW2 pricing.

It's confirmed to work and is not against Steams EULA. Just think of it as if you went to the UK, logged in to your account, bought the game and came back to Australia. That's not a violation of the agreement, so no worries!

Also, if you are paying by credit card, put in your address as normal but just put your country as the UK; it is also completely legal and the currency converts as it should.

This ensures you get Left4Dead2 the way it was meant to be played.


Also, in semi-related news, check out this amazing NES-demake of the original Left4Dead, due for release in 2010!

Left4Dead NES Demake   read

10:43 PM on 10.31.2009

Left4Dead2 Australian gore fix :)

It's a well known fact now that L4D2 is being completely gimped in Australia, and those buying a copy for their Xbox360 are pretty much screwed unless they want to import. Luckily for us PC users we have the luxury of modders and programmers who take the time to find out how the game works so they can mess around with it.

Through one particular users meddling, he found a way to easily enable the gore in the censored version of the game. The process consists of editing 1 character in 2 files, and launching the game from the actual .exe, and not the Steam shortcut.

Bada-bing, bada-boom. Here's my conception of the changes you will see...

Most of you have probably already googled this, but for those who just haven't thought about it, or for those who for some reason don't know the demo is out on November 3rd, it doesn't get much simpler than this:


Enabling gore in the censored Aussie versions of the L4D2 demo is as easy as editing 1 character in 2 text files:

Change the app id 590 to 510 in these two files:

Save them and run the left4dead2.exe executable directly (not through steam icon/games list). This should be located in a directory like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2 demo, just like the first file above.

Your status will say that you're playing "Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server", but the L4D2 Demo will start and you'll be able to play with gore enabled (no more disappearing zombies, more blood, decapitations/dismemberment, splatter on the screen, etc.!)

You will also still be able to start lobbies, invite friends and join games in progress on servers.


The images are a little large, so you'll have to save them or drag them to a new tab. But it works! So you can happily enjoy the uncensored version of the L4D2 demo :D I hope to see you all in the parish!

[Source - via CyberGamer]   read

1:49 PM on 10.26.2009

Thanks for the Borderlands screw up, Valve.

So here I am. It's 2.52am on the 27th of October; 3 hours after the scheduled release time for Borderlands on Steam. Three of my friends are up with me. We were all waiting to play this glorious new game. I chose to work twice as hard for the past few days to avoid going to school today. One of my friends even took annual leave from work to play the game for a couple of days. All of this, rendered moot.

Apparently there was a fumble over at Valve, and the actual release date is in another 3 and a half days, but for some reason nobody realized that us Australians had the US release date countdown on our pages. And my friends and I didn't know about it because we were purposely avoiding information about the game. Awesome.

This may seem like a small thing to you guys. But like I said, my friend registered time off work, I worked over time to finish my design work so I would have time to play this game, and now I'll have a whole new set of assessments to finish before I can play it, as do my other friends who stayed up with me; it's just really fucking irritating.

It just makes me angry about these differently timed releases on Steam. I don't mean to sound nerd ragey, but what the fuck is the point? Really?

So yeah, I just wanted to vent for a bit. I'm going to go have a massive chop and blaze myself in to oblivion.   read

10:09 AM on 10.07.2009

Space: check. Marines:check. Sharks with legs: che....WTF!?

Ok, this game is actually called "Interstellar Marines", and I brushed over it initially as many of you probably did. But I came back to it by chance on youtube and had a look, and all I can say is motherfucking sharks with legs. That's all that needs to be said, really.

Sharks. With legs.


You can view this little online demo they are talking about by clicking this link here - here it is again:

I, for one, will be buying whatever it is this game is. I don't care what I do or how much it is. As long as I get to verse sharks with legs.

Fuck yeah.   read

2:49 AM on 06.02.2009

Left4Dead2 Gameplay footage

I did a couple of searches and couldn't find this so take a gander at these L4D2 gameplay clips from IGN. Showing off the new weapons, survivors and infected, as well as a couple of the new "gauntlets". All in all I'm liking the look of this new iteration of the L4D franchise; not fond of the sound of the uzi though, and the southern music during hordes is a little out of place. What say you?

Coach is a high school football coach from the Savannah area, used to leading the kids, comfortable in his life, and perhaps not enamoured by the arrival of a zombie attack. There’s Rochelle, from Cleveland originally, working for a cable news network. She’s producing a segment on this strange story occurring in Savannah, and gets caught up in the events. Ellis is a Southern boy mechanic, an enthusiastic but smart guy with a “Southern flair”. Finally there’s Nick, a gambler and a conman, unsure of his company and cynical about the events.


Dock Start
Fire Ammo
Frying Pan
Axe Ownage
Garden Maze
Kitchen Smoker

Random New Stuff:
-Dynamic day/night cycles
-Dynamic level structure
-New special infected "Charger" that can shoulder rush and pound survivors in to the ground.
-Wandering witch: the witch now wanders around in the day time
-Hazmat suit wearing zombies (immune to fire)
-Frying pan, baseball bat, axe and CHAINSAW
-New "no-face" zombie gore
-Trigger events require players to move from one point to another to stop the event, preventing trigger campers.
-Incendiary ammo
-Higher zombie count; almost twice as much.

I can only expect good things of this, but, I guess we'll all find out on November 17th.

[Source]   read

6:43 AM on 12.04.2008

Random scribblings (NreallyVGR)

I decided to take a break from Left4Dead (44hours) to do some drawing, maybe work up some ideas for things in my game. But instead I just drew a bunch of random bullshit. I really was trying to work on some concepts, but my total lack of self control just resulted in me scribbling shapes and making characters out of them.

Results follows:

I need to get a new nib for the my stylus, all the lines are getting ugly and blotchy. True story.

On a side note, how lackluster is Resistance 2? For a game with so many enormous bosses, it certainly makes you feel as disconnected as possible. Such a weirdly unsatisfying game.

And now back to Left4Dead   read

4:05 AM on 11.26.2008

Being left 4 dead

Tons of people love Left4Dead, myself included, and played with the right people, you can you have some of the greatest moments in multiplayer gaming you've ever had. But with the... wrong people... it's just a world of irritation and annoyance.

I've clocked about 25 hours on the game, with another 8 on the demo, and 90% of the time I've been paired with great people! People who understand teamwork, looking out for your friends and working together to fight your way to the next safehouse. But there have been times when I have been grouped with people who are completely missing what the game is about, as far as I'm concerned anyway.

I just got out of a session where I was playing the infected and 1 survivor was down, and I had just grabbed another one with my giant smokey tongue. Louis comes up and smacks my tongue away and i retreat to the center of the rooftop. Then I notice the 3 of them running for the safehouse.

"Where is Bill?" I thought to myself.

I look around and see him highlighted in red, being attacked by a hunter. This was happening literally just around the corner of the 3 other survivors, and they just ran, all of them with green health, just so they could "win" the game. After the match, the team boasted about how they won the game with full health and how shit we, the infected, were.

Call me crazy, but even though Left4Dead has an arbitrary score system, I don't even look at it. I pretty much just want to have fun fighting against a zombie apocalypse with a few like minded survivors, and I really don't see how "winning" the game by speed running or leaving your team mates behind is any fun at all. Am I missing something here, or is the point of the game working together to reach safety?

Another account was 2 nights ago, running across the bridge train tracks to the train door, with a tank and horde following close behind. We are all shooting at them, and we pick off most of the horde, and then I am shot by one of my team mates, I assume by accident, and I fall the the floor shooting at the tank, not worrying about the infected. Then I see another of my team mates threw a molotov, which explodes 3 feet away from my face. So I am on fire, shooting at a massive Tank that is beating down upon me, while the zombies go up in flames.

Despite all odds, I somehow KILL the fucking Tank with my pistols, and the fire burns out, and I am left with just over 40 Health, laying on the floor. My "team", I notice, is just sitting in the train and had been for the entire fucking time after they threw the molotov, and they CONTINUE to sit in there, even though there are no zombies and the Tank is dead.

They let me bleed out, so that they can "win" the match.

I know there will always been douchebags that take the game too seriously and think that winning is everything, but when the game you buy is called "Left4Dead" and it's a multiplayer based game that is designed around helping your team, wouldn't you get the fucking hint that working together is what makes the game fun?

I guess this is mostly a rant because I'm annoyed at the douch-baggery of some people, and I may be a little too serious about the teamwork aspect... but as far as I'm concerned, when I play, nobody and I mean NOBODY will ever be left for dead.

FYI: If you have Left4Dead on Steam, be sure to add me if you want another survivor on your team: Skribble   read

7:45 AM on 11.23.2008

Gears of Awesome - Shortblog (and by shortblog I mean noblog)


Just watch it.

I'm going to bed.   read

8:20 PM on 11.13.2008

Last night, in LBP, I came across the single greatest piece of game design I have ever seen


7:27 PM on 11.12.2008

[Short Blog] iPhone kicks it up a notch with NFS - Undercover

I like my iPhone, it's very handy, and I like playing games on my iPhone. But I don't really use my iPhone for gaming; at the very most, games on the iPhone are a fun diversion and have never really been anything but glorified cell phone games.

Enter Need for Speed Underground, the latest app in development for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Up until now I really didn't realize thel processing power of the iPhone. I new it was capable of a lot of things, but I never imagined games could look and play this good on a device this small. There is a demo on youtube showing an early build of the game that you can view here...

Need for Speed Undercover for the iPhone/iPod Touch

As much as I am interested in how far the iPhone can be pushed in terms of performance, personally I am still waiting for an RPG to utilize the touchscreen interface, or maybe a Warioware like game. Either way, it's exciting to see such awesome things being done with the iPhone, it's being used in ways I never would have imagined!   read

4:32 AM on 11.11.2008

Australia's battle with censorship takes a tiny step forward!

So as a lot of you may know already, Australia is an ass backwards dirt clod of a country that, in all honestly, I just don't like living in. Well that isn't exactly true, it is an amazing amazing country run but complete fuck heads making it almost unbearable to have any fun, fuck heads like this douche right here, Michael Atkinson:

So yeah, that's him in all his goofy, black toothed, suspenders wearing glory. Up until recently, he has single handedly stopped Australia's video game industry from progressing to the standards of the rest of the developed world, by refusing to even debate the issue of an R18+ rating for this silly island, stating that the implications of games have a far greater effect and a blah dee blah dee blah some other fucking bullshit that has absolutely no evidence to back it up....

So as you can imagine, a lot of us have been seriously fucking pissed off.

As it turns out, Michael Atkinson tells us, is that it was all just a big misunderstanding, and that he simply wanted a fair debate by making sure both sides were represented! Ohhh well then! GamePolitics reports:


"I believe the draft discussion paper did not adequately represent both sides of the argument. I voiced my concerns to other Attorneys-General and we reached agreement that some minor changes will be made to the discussion paper.

I am not opposed to a public debate on the merits of introducing a R18+ classification for electronic games--in fact, I welcome it. But it’s unhelpful to commence that debate with what I believe is a biased discussion paper. There is little point in seeking public comment on an unfirm footing that neglects one side of the argument. I look forward to contributing to the development of a fairer discussion paper."

So in other words, you found nothing in the report to support your NONSENSICAL argument against the R18+ rating and scrambled to find any foothold about how people would for some reason sell R18+ games to children, or that children would somehow get them easier because they are video games. You sir, are, and always will be, a complete hypocrite with nothing to offer the community other than your severely outdated ethics and ideals.

You are a dinosaur, a fossil, you have expired and should be sent to an island to live alone where you cannot harm anybody with your horrendously skewed views on life. If anybody wishes to view you for some reason, then they shall do so through a powerful telescope.

In any event, this is great news for Australia. Hopefully with this event all attorney generals' will take note of how huge this industry is and realize we have been sitting on this issue for far too long, and that the only way to move forward and promote this growing multi-billion dollar industry is to back it with a rating system that incorporates EVERYBODY.

Hopefully...   read

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