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Skribble's blog

Insects! A history of creepy-crawlies in videogames
10:18 PM on 02.01.2013
One sentence and a photo: My sister found a box of my old stuff in her shed...
10:20 AM on 02.01.2013
A thing I'm doing: Scattershot - A short webshow about videogame culture
7:03 AM on 01.29.2013
Dinosaurs! A history of dino videogames.
8:07 PM on 09.29.2012
A show where I take a look at different animals in videogames
1:05 AM on 08.17.2012
Dead Island - The open world, zombie survival, FPRPG
8:48 AM on 02.17.2011

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Skribble 's blog
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- Left4Dead 2
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2
- Shattered Horizon
- World of Goo
- Metro 2033
- Just Cause 2
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Allo allo! I'm back with episode 3 of The Bestiary, in which we take a look at how insects have been used in videogames over the years. I had some audio issues with Youtube normalizing the volume of the video for some reason, so it is a tad quiet.

Click the image to be magically whisked away to Youtube!

Also, I've just purchased a new pro-microphone, so future episodes will no longer have tinny, sub-par audio :)

As always I love to hear opinions and criticism. I'm still getting used to the whole process of narration and production, so I really appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks everyone!

...stuff I thought had long since been lost in a house-move when I was but a wee boy; words cannot describe my joy.


Hey guys! Long time no post, but with good reason... ok, sort of good reason. I've been working more on video stuff lately to get better at production and video narration. If you're wanting a short vid to add to your stream of Youtube content, why not add Scattershot! It's a short videogame webshow about news, previews, art, music, writing and videogame culture.

As always, I love any feedback you're willing to take the time to give me - positive or negative. I'm obviously still pretty amateur at this stuff, so I'm always looking to improve however I can.

Cheers guys and gals! Hope to see you over on the channel :)

Allo allo. Here with the second episode of The Bestiary! This time around I focus on one of my absolute favourite things in the entire world: dinosaurs. I go through a heeeaaaap of titles in this one, like Megaman, King Kong, and Dino Crisis. I try to put the spotlight on games that are different mechanically and thematically to keep the pacing tighter, so I apologize if I skipped one of your most loved games!

Clickity clack dang ol man on that thur link I tell ya what.

Doing this is so much fun. It's great having a reason to go back and play through some of my favourite games, and I'm also discovering some new titles that I'd never heard of before. Ever-refining my production and editing process; it's still a bit all over the place, but I'm getting there!

As always, please let me know what you thought! I'm always up to hear some helpful criticism if you'd like to take the time to give me your opinions and thoughts.

Thanks guys and gals!

Man, it has been so long since I've posted an entry here. I generally just lurk these days.

I've been really inspired by shows like JonTron, Continue?, and The Completionist, and decided to start up my own little series where I take a look at animals in videogames and talk about/poke fun of how they're implemented. It's just a little activity I'm doing in between uni work and the rest of life (eating and sleeping).

Click this ol' image to link to that thar video.

I get an excuse to play some of my favourite games, I get to practice video editing and script writing, and it gives me a chance to get used to talking to an audience. I've already learned heaps about video pre/post/production from doing this one vid, so it's already been immensely fun and helpful.

If you have a minute to give it a gander, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism!

The Bestiary 01 - Canines


Complete with awesomely, awesome trailer:

Seriously. Wow.
One of the best trailers I've seen for anything in quite a while.

I've been following this game for fucking years now. I honestly thought it was dead. But it is not!
Which has brought me out of my hiding hole to do a quick no-bs blog about it to raise awareness for this awesome looking title.

Basically an island resort gets taken over by zombies. There is an emphasis on using your environment and fashioning weapons. It's not a first person shooter. There are guns, but they are the likes of pistols or rifles, and the ammo for them is extremely scarce, so you'll be saving your bullets for when you most need them. That means no light machines guns or RPGs!

The focus is on melee combat, and you can use any item that you can pick up. For instance, pick up a chair and break it over a zombies face, and you can pick up the leg of the chair and use that as a bludgeon; but be warned, all your weapons degrade as you use them. It's open world so you can wander around the island and meet other survivors that you can help/screw over. Theres a day night cycle, weather effects, etc. It also has 4 player drop-in drop-out coop.

The main draw is it's multi-layered damage system. The game utilizes 3 layers of gore for their zombies. Skin, muscle, bone. By using different weapons you can pretty much mutilate people contextually depending on where you hit them, and what you hit them with. Knives, machetes, bats, broomsticks, pipes, etc. There are also elements such as electricity, fire and water. Skin can burn and melt, and bones can shatter and break.

IGN has tiny writeup with the promise of more info, which you can find over here - http://au.xbox360.ign.com/articles/115/1150368p1.html

It's by techland, the people did the wildly underappreciated Call of Juarez games. Bound in Blood was a solid western with a lot of cool mechanics. Very bland when it came to the enemy types and interactions, but with their detailed gore system and dynamic environments, techland just might pull off something very unique. And it will be very, very pretty to boot!

So keep your eyes open for any info about this! If the trailer is anything to go by, we are in store for a very survival oriented game that focuses on story and characters over running and gunning. Which is exactly what zombie themed games need after the deluge of twin stick shooters and crimson mists of l4d and dead rising.

Don't let us down, Techland!