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Skoolz 's blog
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I have been gaming since I was about 4 back in 1986. I followed Nintendo's every console generation up until the Wii. I became a Playstation enthusiast about the same time I became obsessed with the computer. Now I'm solely a PS3, PC, DS, and vintage gamer. As I get older, I notice that I have less and less time to enjoy video games. The effort is still put forth to play as much as I can, but it feels overwhelming at times with work, school, and writing. To ease this concern, I felt it might help to keep a blog strictly for my gaming habits. I plan to document the games I play, don't play, want to play, have played, and any news I feel pertinent to throw in. All in all, I am hoping this will help me feel more connected to the gaming community and industry as I once felt when I was a bit more...*ahem*...youthful. My name, Skoolz, is my common gamer tag.
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4:06 PM on 02.11.2012
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