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SkintCrayon avatar 11:52 AM on 06.27.2012  (server time)
Video Games Cause Sleep Deprivation

First of all, no, I don't mean that people who play video games have trouble sleeping. Video games simply keep you away from the bed itself. As a matter of "fact" winning a game against a rival or accomplishing a feat in a video game helps you sleep with a smile on your face.

As a gamer, like many others I tend to waste the night playing video games before heading to bed or I play video games before leaving to do something. However, there are certain things in games that just prevent you from leaving your seat. How often has someone called you to do something and you answered with "Wait, just let me finish this" or "Just one more!". So here I'm going to list some of the top reasons gamers have trouble leaving their games.

1- "Where the heck is the save point!": So like any normal human being, when I do something, I like to save my progress whether it's a word document, a presentation or video game progress. Sometimes games don't save your progress until a certain point and there's no way in hell you're going to let your progress go away after so much time and effort were pooled into that game so you're forced to find the next checkpoint or save area before you can hit the sack. Repeating the same area the next day is just counter productive.

2- "Just one more turn. I promise.": Now that's a lie and you know it. Now when I do a few things during my turn, I see my opponent doing things in his that just make me want to react quickly. You just want to take action. So you do take action, end your turn and then the computer does something that pisses you off. You can't simply go to bed when a computer attacks your country can you? You have to retaliate and when you do you want to see what your opponent has in store for you and so you repeat the process again and again so one more turn ends up being just a few more hours.
Note: There are many variations of the just one more lie such as: One more match, one more collectible, one more level, etc.

3- "I'm not leaving before I beat this boss.": It doesn't matter if you were killed dozens of times you just have to beat that boss or level before shutting down your game because if something kills you a dozen times or more it's definitely personal. It doesn't matter if you need to grind some more or get better equipment, you just want to have another go at that boss because when it's past your bed time, there's no time for grinding.

4- "But I didn't win any matches yet...": Now that's sad. Would you want a happy go lucky gamer to leave his beloved game when he's on a losing streak? Winning at least once is required before quitting.

5- "My party is just too good.": When you team up with a bunch of good players who each carry their own weight in the team, they don't lag or make you lag and they even help you out, you just can't let that go to waste. It's very common to be teamed up with a very good player like that, but what are the odds of the whole team being like that?

6- "I'm close to the ending.": Now this excuse can leave you sitting in front of your screen for hours. It's true that on most occasions you can tell when you're approaching the end but sometimes you encounter that plot twist that extends the story by a few more hours but it doesn't matter because when you're that close to the end, you simply must finish what you started, right?

7- "I didn't even start playing yet...": So when you're starting a new game, especially if it's an RPG you will most likely spend some time before getting into the actual gameplay, in fact for some games it can take more than an hour. Personally I can't leave if all I've seen is the intro, I would want to at least try out this new game.

I'm guessing that pretty much sums it up for me. What glues you to your gaming seat?

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