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Playing video games teaches people more than they realize and more than some people would like to admit. As a person who spent a frightening number of hours playing games, I'm glad to say that it wasn't all a waste of time. There are many things that can be taught through gaming. Enough things to make this post the first of a series.

Team Building

In some games you're given a choice of what people to have on your party. Sometimes there's barely any choice with very few possible combinations. You're almost always stuck with the main character who many times has a specific skill-set but you have some freedom over the others. The people you choose on your team are the ones that fit the specific plan you have in mind.

Once you have picked out the party members you want to build them up to be stronger, or just generally better at what you want them to do. You pick out the right skills, buff up the right stats and buy the right equipment so that they fit into the roles you've planned for them to fill from the beginning. It's like running a company; you need to hire the right people to fit the roles you need filled and you need to train them and develop their skills in order to perform the tasks and overcome any obstacles they might come across. It's really the same concept albeit it's more fun done in a game... though it may be less rewarding.

Team Work

Now this one is a much better example. Many games have team-based modes that don't have the need for much cooperation. They just stack your score on top of people who share the same flag or color and you don't kill each other when you meet on the battlefield. Other games however, require teamwork. Sometimes the concept is all about teamwork and communication. In order to win you sometimes need to continuously coordinate with your buddy to assist him and support him. It's very common for people to spend an item to heal they're teammates or to hand over a piece of potentially valuable loot if it suited their friends' class. Gaming like that makes you friendly and it encourages friendliness.


I was always horrible at using maps but video games (before the age of constant mini maps) have forced me to rely on old school maps. I'm not going to say that I became an expert navigator, but I certainly got a little better with maps. Now I'm not afraid to look at them anymore and I can usually make sense of where I'm at.


Ok maybe this isn't a very serious pointer but every once in a while you encounter a history lesson or two from video games. Believe it or not, games are not the best source for such information. I know you're all disappointed now wishing that all those things were true but it doesn't mean that nothing is learned.

Logic / Problem Solving

There are just too many games to count that test your mental fitness, and I'm not talking about educational games or anything of the sort but many games force you to look around for clues, solve a puzzle or fix a problem. It's not always simple and it can make the wheels in your brain spin wildly at times.

Now that it has been mentioned. Have you ever learned anything from video games? Do you think these topics truly apply

Stay tuned for the next part of this. It will focus on a whole new area of things learned (more academical). Meanwhile check out this link. It could possibly your new top reason for gaming. http://www.thewebexecutive.com/2012/07/infographic-gamers-get-girls/

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