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SkintCrayon avatar 11:40 AM on 07.08.2012  (server time)
Are You Out of Your League?

Everyone wants to be the best but there's always someone who's out there to outdo them. Sometimes it's a really tough battle, other times you feel like you deserve to win but it just doesn't work out in your favor and there are some occasions when you know you're going to lose but you just keep going at it. In the worst case scenario you know from the first moment that it's going to be a slaughter, and not in your favor and in those cases it's just easier for you to give up. Walk away and leave.

So here I'm going to help you gamers define the moments where you should let the controller go and lower your head in shame as your opponent obliterates you. So here's how to tell if you are way out of your league.

Overlaps: If you're playing a racing game and you're driving around and suddenly the racer gets past you again you know it's hopeless from that point on. It gets hopeless before that, but once you see the driver's back one more time it's the moment it hits you and you realize that it was a pointless race to begin with. One thing you could do in order to enjoy your time is make a U turn and try to crash into the one kicking your ass. If it works, it will make you giddy.

Flawless victory: I bet you love hearing that or a similar phrase once you win a round. Well, so does the guy kicking your ass. If you get beaten two rounds in a row without touching your opponent you're just embarrassing yourself so you might as well just quit. Once someone starts a flawless victory streak on your expense, it's time for you to give up. A similar concept applies to other games too. Once you build up a massive death streak just stop trying to kill people. Try to get on top of the most killed list. You have a better chance there anyway.

Enemies at the base: In many strategy games you start with a base that is vital to your survival so you work hard to keep it intact. For some of us it's all we do. So if you suddenly see a swam or enemy units all over you and you notice that not only you're severely outnumbered, but the units themselves are more advanced than yours it's time to close your eyes and say a prayer for the units that are about to die and there's definitely no need to open your eyes until the game is over.

Durable bosses: Some bosses just refuse to die. The good thing about most RPGs is that they give you a chance to build up your character or team. So in this case you don't simply surrender. You actually have a chance and here's how to go about it:

Died more than 7 times?
Spent all potions, buffs, etc?
Tried out different types of damage dealing?
Changed your strategy?
The boss lost less than half his health?

If 3 or more were answered yes then you need to do the following

1- Grind a lot
2- Grind a little more
3- Spend the money gained from grinding on new equipment and potions
4- Try again and go back to the check list. Repeat as much as necessary.

Note to readers: In case you were wondering; no I don't go through these situations often. I don't play strategy games online in order to prevent that from happening. The RPG thing definitely happened on a few occasions.

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