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Skid Row Trash avatar 3:46 PM on 11.16.2013  (server time)
X: Rebirth feels like it was half aborted.

So two nights ago I saw a game called X:Rebirth set to release the next day. The video looks amazing, and I pre-ordered / pre-loaded on Steam.


The next morning I woke up and saw it was there on my desktop. Yes! I thought.
Loaded it up. Wow, what a great looking game.


I played about 8 hours yesterday. Wow. I must say.... this is the most frustrating game I have ever played in my entire life. The game is literally broken. There have been 2 patches already since release yesterday, but still major troubles.

The game itself seems quite promising but has a major steep learning curve due to the fact that it does not explain anything to you very well. Example: At one point you are moving past a space station, and you hear your co-pilot tell you that there are enemies attacking the station, better to avoid them. Look at your map to see where they are headed and try to go around. Ok, sure.. but what map? There are 5 map types in the game, including a mini map that occasionally appears in your HUD. It also does not tell you how to check your map. You have to go and look at the control setup in settings to figure that part out. :(

There are many items you can pick up in space stations or from cargo loots. Want to check your inventory? You think you press I to check it? Think again. You have to load up the menu with Enter. Select 2 (info) then select 1 (pilot information) Then in the pilot information there is a button you can click to see your inventory... :(

Everyone is having MAJOR problems with the FPS of the game. I myself can not get it past 25 FPS on 1920 x 1080 with most things on low settings... yet, I play War Thunder at 35-40 FPS, everything turned up (except clouds) and at 5760 x 1080 resolution (3 screens at once). Apparently, the game X:Rebirth uses a lot of CPU power rather than GPU power. On top of that, the game states it requires a 64 bit windows, yet the executable is only 32 bit (Max 2GB Ram??).

Mission 2.. the most broken mission I have ever seen. It requires you to purchase energy cells at point A, and sell them at point B. I am on my 5th restart (From the very beginning) still can not complete mission 2. Your cargo frieghter does not do what it is supposed to and actually just sits in place. It is normally supposed to take about 10 RL minutes to do, but it actually doesn't even work so if you wait to see if it works you are super killer your time.

My in-game menu system broke in game, as in it was once worked, and suddenly does not.

My co-pilot who talks and gives you info for missions is broken. They used to speak normal volume always. When you left your ship they would radio you and speak. Now in my game I can only hear my co-pilot when I am in the cockpit. When elsewhere they will still call you but their volume is now 1%. Restarting the game or computer or even a new mission does not fix this problem. It becomes permanent..  :(

While I still very much want to play the game, the game does it's very best to stop me at every chance it gets. The game looks great and is very promising. I don't understand how there could be so many game breaking bugs on release, especially right at the beginning of the game.

There is a free play mode, which I am trying now. This mode offers no formal training so you basically have to figure out everything for yourself, but there is a better chance of it working because you don't have to fight game breaking storyline mission bugs.

If you want to play this game, buy it, BUT DON'T BUY IT YET. Pay attention to bugs and patch releases and when it seems like the game actually works, go ahead and pick it up.
Get it now if you want, but I am telling you that you are in for one of the most frustrating experiences of your life, and might actually stop you from enjoying the game when it actually works (Hopefully, soon...)

You will have the same experience playing this as you would sitting in a cedar forest naked in a swarm of mosquitoes. All you do is fight off bugs until they eventually overrun you.  :(

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