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Skid Row Trash avatar 12:47 PM on 11.11.2013  (server time)
Next gen is here.. I am still afraid & confused

I've never before even thought it possible to be worried about the next generation of gaming consoles. Never ever before have I thought "Damnit, it's coming, this sucks".

I am very confused by all the talk going on.

The Xbox 720 (Xbox One)

I just read an article where Microsoft is stating that the Xbox One will run exactly like the Xbox 360. Well, that is not true. My Xbox 360 worked directly out of the box, and with no connection to the internet. The Xbox One requires a day 1 patch to even work at all.

The forza dev has come out saying that Forza 5 is using 100% of the Xbox One power. That is scary considering that the Xbox One has not even been released yet, and they are talking about a 10 year life cycle.. BUT THEN... I later read that Forza 5 will run at 1080p, 60fps, however, that would not be possible without cloud processing because of heavy physics and AI.

Well wait a second.. So 100% of the Xbox One power can not even reach 1080p on Forza 5 without cloud processors?? If you think about this, it means that Forza 5 will require a constant internet connection (for 1080p/60fps?) or I don't know what will happen... Can you even play it offline? If so, does the resolution drop or you lose AI?

Then there is the fact that 720p seems to be the resolution of choice for the Xbox One. That is hardly next gen. Even up upscaled to 1080p there is a big difference between the two. Pathetic.

The PS4

From what I've read, the PS4 has a day 1 patch as well. This patch is to remove all of the similar DRM as Microsoft had, except Sony never really mentioned it. I suppose it was there just in case everyone cheered at Microsoft's Xbox One reveal.

On top of that, I have read that Mp3's, audio CD's, and networking/streaming from computer will not be available until the 2nd patch.

The Steam Machines

Wow, that is one ugly ass controller. Either way, I already have a Steam Machine. Had one for about 5 years. It's called an HDMI Cable.

Going to wait at least 1 year before I buy into any new consoles. Most of the games seem like they were designed for current gen but then upgraded to next gen.

From the looks of things, my prediction is that for Microsoft, the system will not need to be constantly connected to the internet.. The games will though, even single player. I think this will become very common in the years to come, especially with the Xbox One being so weak that it needs cloud processing.

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