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Skid Row Trash avatar 5:19 PM on 10.18.2012  (server time)
New Xbox dashboard is nice, except add-ons are still a mess

I have seen so many dashboard updates, some better than others, but this new one seems to be the best one yet. Finally games are closer to where to start and tv/movies is back a tab or two from where it was before. Much better in my opinion, and the fact that you can pin things to the dashboard is really cool.

One thing I was hoping they would do, and still haven't is clean up the add-ons section a bit. I don't play any music games, but every day or two have to go through screen after screen of new add-ons for these games. It really makes it a hassle to try and find the things I actually want to buy. Often, of the 100 "new add-ons" shown, there are 75 or so music related songs or trial songs for games like rock band, guitar hero, and now the dance games. I remember one time I had to scroll through about 5 pages of nothing but songs in order to find what I was looking for.

I am hoping that with the new console, it will have some sort of toggle, or be smart in some way as to know that I am not interested in these things and not show them to me all the time. I know they have really good tracking systems for lots of things, and you can see some at the xbox rewards site when you log in, so I am sure they could easily figure out who wants this and who does not.

Seems a bit nit-picky I guess, but I am just so sick of the endless scrolling over the years, but other than that, I think they may have finally gotten it right.

Now if they could only get flash working with internet explorer, we'd be set.

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