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Skid Row Trash avatar 4:01 PM on 12.21.2012  (server time)
Kinda wish XBL followed Canada's Scanning Code of Practice

Yesterday was a fantastic deal on Xbox live during their countdown to 2013. Every day is a new sale which is actually quite fantastic. Yesterdays was platformers, featuring great games and one that I had always wanted to play, Rayman's Origins, $10 off, now at 9.99, from 19.99.

I logged on to my xbox and saw the message right there in front of me. There was 50%'s and whatnot on the arcade titles, and it said Rayman Origins, $10 Off. I then clicked on it and tried to buy the game. It came up asking me for $19.99. I backed out, restarted my xbox, and checked it again. Listed at $10 off, normal $19.99. I clicked on it, and again, it asks for $19.99.

I check the internet. It seems many people are having this trouble, and lots from UK. I am in Canada.
I log into, to see if it is the same there. It is listed at $10 off, and when I click on the button, it shows buy the game ($9.99). I Found it! I click on the link, and it fails to process.

Now, I actually called Xbox (1-800-4MY-XBOX) and waiting 20 min, then spoke with someone who was really nice and helpful. She looked into it and we tried everything. She had no idea why it was not working for me and actually tried to log into my account and buy it herself and same thing. In the end, it turns out that this particular game's $10 sale price was US ONLY. Now that is all fine and dandy, but why am I being showed an ad that it is $19.99? Why is everyone being shown this? It is saying $10 off, and comes through naturally at $19.99, making whoever does not know think that this is the sale price, but it is actually it's normal price! I have been checking on it often because I really wanted it.

So it is being shown as $10 off to everyone, but only US citizens get it for $9.99. Everyone else pays full price for it even though advertised as $10 off.

I kinda wish that XBL followed the Canada's Scanning Code of Practice. This is something where if you are in a store, and an item scans for a price that is more than listed on their shelf/item, you get $10 off the item automatically, and that is $10 off the lowest listed price. If an item is listed at $100, and actually costs $500, you would have to pay $90 for it under the law, or at least those who follow this practice. It is the rules. Now, if an item is under $10, it is actually supposed to be given FREE to the customer.

If Xbox live did follow Canada's Scanning Code of Practice then I would have been able to download the game for free, and so would everyone else who wanted to buy it and couldn't at the advertised sale price. That would be so awesome, because this actually has happened a few times before with other games, listed as sale and secretly not.

Either list your sale as US ONLY, which is totally fine, no problems with that, or do not show that ad to people who can not use it. As it was yesterday it was actually false advertising.

In the end, I bought the game and man is it ever amazing. I am actually glad I paid $19.99 rather than $9.99 for Rayman Origins, as it is absolutely amazing in every way and I like to support quality things and great game development. I tried the new one on WiiU and actually find this Origins much better.

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