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Skid Row Trash avatar 2:31 PM on 10.05.2013  (server time)
GTA Online is great, but so frustrating at times

I've been playing GTA Online since the launch, or 3 hours later I suppose. I've been having such a great time so far, but have found quite a few issues that are pissing me off to the max.

My first issue was actually getting the game to run. I found out that so many people have had a problem at the start with the forced first race. It took 3 tries, but since then I have had no connection issues at all (Xbox 360).

The bank: False security

 - Early on you are told that if you put your money in the bank it will be safe from other players... but what it fails to mention is that your money is not safe from you dying. I found I lost 2-3K per death. Nasty surprise to find out if you don't know it already.

Missions:  Big pay.. but only for the winners

 - The missions are absolutely amazing, so fun and cool.... except for one thing. You could be in a 20-30 minute long mission and if your team or you do not win, YOU GET NOTHING!
This turns missions into a gamble of your time if you want to risk throwing away hours for nothing or decent rewards. I don't know why the missions are like this, races and all other activities give partial pay or tiered pay based on how you do.

Occasional Lag: During Single player online instances

- Often times I will do a mission solo so I have a much higher chance of getting a payout at the end, but I find that rarely but occasionally the screen will freeze for 5-10 seconds. I could understand that during a multiplayer online event.. but a single player online event.. how is this even possible?

Other than that, great game. I can't stop playing it even though I occasionally try to. Things open up as you level increasing the depth of the online game and giving more and more to do. Even with these problems I can't stop playing.

Join the Destructoid crew (TOID) and kick some ass with me will ya?

Gamertag: Skid Row Trash

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