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Skid Row Trash avatar 5:29 PM on 10.29.2013  (server time)
GTA Online is a bad sport.

GTA Online has finally pissed me off. I had put up with it's shit for so long and lost many levels and thousands of dollars, but I kept with it. Suddenly though yesterday I got hit with what many others have had happen.

I'm an now a "Bad Sport".

It happened while I was just messing around robbing stores and escaping cops. I did my usual 2 star escape, head to the hills. It was ok, I escape the fuzz, but while I was out there someone had shown up nearby. This was a high level player with really good weapons, and he started kicking my ass all over the place. I probably died about 4 times before I turned on passive mode. I was out in the hills after all, had no way to escape and he has a high powered sniper rifle.

So I have passive mode on and thought I should bank my money. I go to the internet, and am about to bank my cash when I am suddenly pulled out of the internet because my body is flying through the air. This jerkoff came at me with his fancy car and crumpled me with it while on passive (Yeah, while on passive you can be run over).

So he keeps running me over, about 3 or 4 more times and I finally make it into my menu with enough time to turn off passive. I evaded this guy with a roll as he came at me again, and luckily I had landed a sticky bomb on his ride. I blew this guy up and his expensive ass car.


You cannot play the game with most others now, because you are a bad mean player it says to me.

My guy is now stuck wearing a dunce cap to remind me that I am an idiot for not just sitting there and dying until I don't have a penny left in the bank. It is as if to say "you're an idiot, if you want to play the game properly then you should love to be spam killed, even when on passive, fool!".

How stupid of me, defending myself like a vile scumbag.

Oh yeah, I also had to spend 10K instantly to repair his vehicle so he can run over more players on passive mode.

Imagine if other games did this. Say Call of Duty. You see a guy running at you shooting you, you shoot him back. You are then told you are a bad player and put into a server full of other "bad players" and actual cheaters and hackers..

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