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First "Next Month" since Achievement Rewards started

by Skid Row Trash   //   10:47 AM on 11.02.2012

It's Novermber now, the first "Next Month" of the new Xbox Achievement Rewards program. I have over 100K gamerscore, so I am in the top tier 25K+ gamerscore. According to Xbox Rewards website, gamers must make and "maintain?" the gamerscore until the first of the next month when you will be reimbursed 2% of your previous months' purchases.

Last month I bought 2 full on demand games for 2080 Microsoft Points Each. I also bought Worms Revolution (800 points) and the DLC for it (400 points). I am not sure, but I think I also got another 800 point game, but I can't remember because I seem to play too many games..

So that is 5360 points, possibly 6160. 2% of those points are 102 MSP or so, I still have not received any points, it is Nov 2.

Normally the rewards club gives you points on the 15th of every month. It was not stated that the rewards would do it like this as well, but it seems it may only be on the 15th's that you get your points.

Now another thing, it is not too clean on is if that 2% back on xbox purchases every month are for your purchases every month, or, your purchases on XBOX live for all time with a bit given back monthly. I am hoping it is the 2nd of those options, but I imagine it is the 1st, and just each month. Otherwise I would be getting like 2000 or more MSP per month! and that would be awesome...

Has anyone else gotten their extra MSP back yet?

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