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Dtoid Crew, Assemble! Max Payne 3 Triple XP Weekend

by Skid Row Trash   //   5:44 PM on 10.27.2012

For Hallowe'en this year Rockstar has put out a nice little treat for all the Max Paynes out there. Triple Experience for the weekend!. What a great way to celebrate the holiday and enjoy some good multiplayer fun. They also have a bunch of cool masks you can wear.

The Dtoid Crew is currently ranked 10'th in the world, but I think we can put a few holes into people this weekend and close the gap a little. Currently shows 5459 members in our crew, I'm rank 55 myself.

Lets beat up some punks and have fun this weekend. If you want to beat up some of those other crews like ign and whatnot, this is the perfect chance.

Also, Oct 30'th is the new DLC for Max Payne,

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