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Skid Row Trash avatar 10:04 AM on 10.30.2013  (server time)
Currently, no way to load money to xbox live account

So yesterday I decided it was time to play something different. I was looking at RPG's and sales both on steam and Xbox Live. Turns out both have some decent stuff on sale.

I found Tales of Vespiria for 14.99 on Xbox Live. What a fantastic game I gotta say. From 2008 and the game and graphics still hold up great because of the awesome art style. It reminds me of how great Zelda Wind Waker still looks for the Gamecube.

Anyways, I also saw 75% off a game I always wanted to try, The Darkness II, for 7.49. I did not buy it though. I ran into a problem.

I wanted to buy both games. I looked all over the dashboard and settings and everywhere for an option to add money to my account. I was thinking I would throw $35 on there and get the 2 games and maybe have a bit extra in case any DLC caught my eye.

There is no option to add money...

I went online. I thought that since I can only change some certain things to my account via the Xbox Live website, I would be able to just add money to my account. Nope. Turns out you can't do this online either.

So here's the problem. I don't want to make multiple separate purchases with my credit card. I have done so in the past and went to use my card sometime afterwards only to find out that my credit card was frozen. This is something that happens automatically when they see unusual purchasing with your card as a safety measure. They saw multiple purchases within a few minutes and shut it down thinking it was stolen. All it did was take 45 minutes of my time to get it working again.

Say I wanted to make 10 purchases of DLC that was like 1.00 each. Currently, I have to do 10 separate transactions. Something I have already learned not to do.

Without an option to put something into a cart and make a one time purchase of everything, or an option to load money onto your account, Xbox live has sunk even lower.

I don't understand why this is not an option. It is only good for microsoft. Imagine everyone loads 30 bucks onto their account and only spends 10 for now, the rest later. How much money can be made investing that money on MS end.

*NOTE* There is still a way to load money onto your Xbox Live account... and that is by buying the remaining microsoft point cards still out in circulation if you can find them. Remember points? those things they cancelled a while back? Lol

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