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Skid Row Trash avatar 1:33 PM on 10.05.2012  (server time)
Achievement prizes..? uh. is that it?

I have been a member of xbox gold subscription for 6+years. I have put so much money into this service that it blows my mind. Anyways, they announced a few months ago that a new achievement point based reward system was coming. Everyone I know has been wondering since the release why achievements did not give a bonus of some sort, but finally there is one.

The absolute maximum you can get as a bonus is 2% off any purchase per month.. if you have over 25k achievements. Well.. ok, if this is just the start, that is ok.. but if this is it and that is all.. well, very dissapointing.

I just broke the 100K achievement club a couple weeks ago, before the announcement.. I was pretty much in a race to get that last 1k to get me over the 100k line, expecting 100k would be something special in an upcoming bonus program. Nope.

I understand that giving a huge bonus to everyone will cost a lot to microsoft, or rather, cost a lot of potential earnings I suppose.. however, Playstation Plus has been kicking the crap out of Xbox Live for the past year in their savings area. Now Xbox live is a better service than PSN, but, the PSN+ really puts Xbox Live to shame, big time. Microsoft having everyone be required to pay to play games vs PSN's free with a + for a bit extra.. PSN must pay a lot more overall for their servers.. yet they are giving away many games for free on a weekly basis.

Many times I have purchased a brand new game on xbox live, only to find out that it is FREE on PSplus! on day 1 release!. Blows my mind.. Microsoft says, ok, you can save 2% on that now... well, ok, but seriously?

Not to mention the birthday gift of 0.25 cents.. in Canada, it is 0.10 cents per microsoft point. so you get 2.5 points (I imagine rounded down?) every year.. This coming in now at the end of the xbox 360 cycle.. Now it may carry over to the next one.. but if you wanted to cash in your birthday gifts for an actual birthday gift.. lets say a cheap 400 point microsoft game, sonic the hedgehog 3 or something. You would have to have 160 birthdays in order to actually get a "present". And that is without rounding down, rounding down you will need 200 birthdays.

I know Xbox Live plans on being around for years to come.. but I don't think most of the players will live to see an actual present out of their birthday gifts..

If you want the cheapest game on Xbox Live India Game section you need 32 birthdays...

I still support Xbox Live, and will continue to be a gold memeber. but I tell you it is every day that I get more and more jealous of PS plus users. WIth microsofts new bonus system, I am even more jealous of PS plus users..

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