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Skid Row Trash's blog

5:16 PM on 12.29.2012

Far Cry 3 Feels like a Next Gen Game

I don't know if you have had a chance to pick up Far Cry 3 yet, but if not you probably should. This game is outstanding in every aspect. This is the first game I have ever played that actually feels like it is a next gen game (Next gen as in post 360/ps3). Everything moves so fluidly in the game, and there are no lag issues or screen tearing which sometimes haunts such impressive games.

I was so blown away with the character animations. The NPC's both in cut scene and in game move so realistically that you feel as if you are watching an actual person on your screen. The voice acting is absolutely astounding. Such amazing voice actors and mocap in this game it is truly amazing.

The sound is fantastic too. Many times in games I find the sounds of the weapons can actually make or break a game. I never played Army of Two because all the guns sounded like cap guns with silencers on them, was terrible. But I also REALLY got into Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix. Not a great game at all, but the sound effects of the weapons made you feel like such a badass playing it, actually improved the game overall and I loved it.

I have noticed a few things that just blew my mind as well, little things, like I was hang gliding off the top of a mountain, and you can hear the wind blowing and nature sounds, and then I hear a hawk. I look around and there is a hawk flying in formation with me! Is this part of the game, or a random occurrence, I have no idea, but if felt so amazing, almost like the hawk thought I was another hawk and joined my hawk squadron. Another great little thing, I was racing around in a car and happened to go off the side of a mountain and splashing down into the ocean. The car was completely sideways, and I went to exit and I exited through the door closest to the water, the farthest door, not the drivers door like in many games. So realistic, the little things you notice really make it amazing.

The Music is fantastic and really gets into the groove when you are in battle, but even just walking around exploring, the background music is amazing and reminds me a lot of the ambiance on fallout 1,2, and 3.

One thing though.. the ONLY thing I have to say bad about this game, is what Ubisoft did. I hope it is only a temporary thing and gets either patched out or fixed, but Ubisoft implemented forced lag into my game. When I press the start button to access my crafting and skill trees etc, I am greeted with a nice message saying "attempting to contact ubisoft servers" or some shit. This stays on the screen for a good 20 seconds EVERY time it happens. After the time is up, it either connects or it gives a fail message, and then shows me the start menu.. It makes no fucking difference at all to be connected or not connected, and just forces a random 20 second time delay into my game at random opportunities. I was playing last night and became so frustrated that I almost threw my control against the wall. It happened at least once every 5 to 10 minutes.

Other than that though, man, what a great game. I think it feels like a true next gen game for sure, try it out if you haven't already. Happy new years.   read

4:06 PM on 12.21.2012

Worst game of this Mayan Era

So the Mayan Calender has come to an end, and I think it is time we reflect on the worst video game release during this Mayan Calender's long count. It is the end of one era, and the beginning of the next, so I was trying to find what the worst game of this past era were (After all, we all know that video games travelled back in time to actually introduce violence to human kind, and without video games there would never have been violence in human history)

With all the talk lately of The War Z scam, I was checking it out. Looks fucking horrible, and god damn I feel sorry for whoever bought into this. I noticed though that the creator had made a brutal game before with absolutely terrible review scores (4 out of 100 on Metacritic). I checked out some videos and yeah, it's bad, but then I found this one video and I could not stop laughing. I almost puked on my keyboard.

Please check out this video, and you will see the worst game of this Mayan era in action, but, the video is just so amazing you HAVE to see it. Seriously, watch this and prepare to laugh. It's not new though, so you may have seen it. Sarcastic as hell, and amazing.


Worst game of this Mayan Era:


4:01 PM on 12.21.2012

Kinda wish XBL followed Canada's Scanning Code of Practice

Yesterday was a fantastic deal on Xbox live during their countdown to 2013. Every day is a new sale which is actually quite fantastic. Yesterdays was platformers, featuring great games and one that I had always wanted to play, Rayman's Origins, $10 off, now at 9.99, from 19.99.

I logged on to my xbox and saw the message right there in front of me. There was 50%'s and whatnot on the arcade titles, and it said Rayman Origins, $10 Off. I then clicked on it and tried to buy the game. It came up asking me for $19.99. I backed out, restarted my xbox, and checked it again. Listed at $10 off, normal $19.99. I clicked on it, and again, it asks for $19.99.

I check the internet. It seems many people are having this trouble, and lots from UK. I am in Canada.
I log into, to see if it is the same there. It is listed at $10 off, and when I click on the button, it shows buy the game ($9.99). I Found it! I click on the link, and it fails to process.

Now, I actually called Xbox (1-800-4MY-XBOX) and waiting 20 min, then spoke with someone who was really nice and helpful. She looked into it and we tried everything. She had no idea why it was not working for me and actually tried to log into my account and buy it herself and same thing. In the end, it turns out that this particular game's $10 sale price was US ONLY. Now that is all fine and dandy, but why am I being showed an ad that it is $19.99? Why is everyone being shown this? It is saying $10 off, and comes through naturally at $19.99, making whoever does not know think that this is the sale price, but it is actually it's normal price! I have been checking on it often because I really wanted it.

So it is being shown as $10 off to everyone, but only US citizens get it for $9.99. Everyone else pays full price for it even though advertised as $10 off.

I kinda wish that XBL followed the Canada's Scanning Code of Practice. This is something where if you are in a store, and an item scans for a price that is more than listed on their shelf/item, you get $10 off the item automatically, and that is $10 off the lowest listed price. If an item is listed at $100, and actually costs $500, you would have to pay $90 for it under the law, or at least those who follow this practice. It is the rules. Now, if an item is under $10, it is actually supposed to be given FREE to the customer.

If Xbox live did follow Canada's Scanning Code of Practice then I would have been able to download the game for free, and so would everyone else who wanted to buy it and couldn't at the advertised sale price. That would be so awesome, because this actually has happened a few times before with other games, listed as sale and secretly not.

Either list your sale as US ONLY, which is totally fine, no problems with that, or do not show that ad to people who can not use it. As it was yesterday it was actually false advertising.

In the end, I bought the game and man is it ever amazing. I am actually glad I paid $19.99 rather than $9.99 for Rayman Origins, as it is absolutely amazing in every way and I like to support quality things and great game development. I tried the new one on WiiU and actually find this Origins much better.   read

8:46 PM on 12.13.2012

360 super fan eyes new console

I have been a HUGE fan of Xbox since the Xbox came out. I have had a lot of great systems over time, and had a PS2 when the Xbox came out but pretty much went exclusive Microsoft at that point because of their controller. It was like the PS dual shock, but the thumb sticks were finally far enough apart that I did find my thumbs doing battle while I was trying to defend myself on the television screen.

The 360 pushed everything to the next level with Xbox live, and the games, it was amazing. Lately though, I am becoming more and more jealous of PS plus users. They get such a fantastic deal that it makes my old Xbox live is the best service irrelevant. It used to be, before PS plus.. But now with every new dashboard update we get farther and farther from gaming, and ads shoved in you the paying customer's face.

Yesterday I was reading up that Steam has now announced a new console for next year... I had heard rumors earlier, but this pretty much confirmed it. I have been on steam recently and checked out their "big Picture" thing and it seemed very cool, then days later saw news of the console. I do not know the specs yet, but I am very much thinking of jumping on the Steam roller and going for a ride as it paves it way over Microsoft and Sony's sales charts.

I was looking into exclusive releases for the upcoming year. Nintendo Wii U had a decent number, as did Sony. Microsoft had 1 listed.. Only 1, Gears of War Judgement. Then next to all those was PC with around 60. Now what that means is that probably at least 50 or all 60 of those PC exclusive releases will be available on the steam home console. That with the current massive warehouse of games online, and it really stands out as something special. The online will supposedly be free (as it is now on PC), and with steam sales you can just point and laugh when Microsoft or Sony announce a sale on their services.

As a heavy Xbox 360 user, I am getting worried that Microsoft will not be up to par when their next system comes out, and am very much considering Steaming up my Xbox Room (Basement).

I just hope their controllers are 360ish or Wii Uish in their thumb sticks.   read

3:24 PM on 12.13.2012

Making money with gaming knowledge

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post something because I am pretty excited. I have been gaming for decades, and it is as normal to me as breathing air to live. I have been making add-ons or mods for games since I was 12, and am 31 now. Started with simple things like Doom/Doom 2 maps (those good old .wad files you know) to re-recording and changng every sound and all music in the games. Then went on to Duke3d/Shadow Warrior, C&C, heroes of might and magic 2-3, civilizations, the sims 2 (over 5.5 million downloads of my items) and many others. Some tracks in Trials HD, maps in Far Cry's etc.. the list goes on and on.

Anyways, all the experience I have making items and using graphics software and whatnot is coming in quite useful right now. With the experience of making game add-ons and mods I have had to be pretty resourceful in some ways. This has come in handy in developing a website because my knowledge is somewhat limited, but I am very resourceful and do things differently.

I launched a website a few months ago, and it is now getting over 1K unique visitors every day now. I am not running it like a business though, even though it does make money. I am actually "playing" it like a strategy game. Thanks to Google analytics I can watch in real time what is happening and plan my moves accordingly. All the money I am making is like getting a high score, and I am trying to always increase my score. It is really quite fun. I have a couple new websites on the way and can't wait to see how they play out.

It really does remind me of a lot of strategy sim games, sorta like game dev story, or even lemonade stand. I hope to win this game one day. Winning will mean I don't have to get a job or go to work. I can stay at home playing video games all day, while I have automated websites conjuring money out of thin air like a powerful wizard. Wish me luck ;)   read

10:08 PM on 12.11.2012

ADD/ADHD, Kids, and Gaming

Many kids these days seem to get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and I noticed something. Everyone was saying that my nephew has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) because of the problems he was having in school. He's 6 years old.

Anyways, he has problems paying attention at school as most young kids do, so this is why they I think they assumed he has this problem. One thing that I noticed though was how focused he is when gaming. When he is playing games or watching game videos (loves those minecraft youtube videos) he is so focused that he actually plays until he has to run to the washroom. He actually was playing Sonic 2 for the first time at my place when he was 5, and he was so intently focused on the game that he pissed himself and my couch! heheh, now that is gaming dedication I tell you.

But that's just it, if he can be so intensely focused on video games, how can he have ADD. It would not make sense, you can't have it sometimes and not others. You either have it or you don't, I think..

I think it is more that what is taught in schools is just not interesting to some kids, or the way it is presented is not in a way that has any interest to them. I bet a lot of kids out there who are diagnosed with ADD actually don't have it, and I think that seeing how they play video games may prove this at least in some. This seems especially more common with boys than girls too. I think maybe the education system needs an over-hall and do it with gaming somehow.

Anyways, happy Christmas all.

- Skid Row Trash   read

10:47 AM on 11.02.2012

First "Next Month" since Achievement Rewards started

It's Novermber now, the first "Next Month" of the new Xbox Achievement Rewards program. I have over 100K gamerscore, so I am in the top tier 25K+ gamerscore. According to Xbox Rewards website, gamers must make and "maintain?" the gamerscore until the first of the next month when you will be reimbursed 2% of your previous months' purchases.

Last month I bought 2 full on demand games for 2080 Microsoft Points Each. I also bought Worms Revolution (800 points) and the DLC for it (400 points). I am not sure, but I think I also got another 800 point game, but I can't remember because I seem to play too many games..

So that is 5360 points, possibly 6160. 2% of those points are 102 MSP or so, I still have not received any points, it is Nov 2.

Normally the rewards club gives you points on the 15th of every month. It was not stated that the rewards would do it like this as well, but it seems it may only be on the 15th's that you get your points.

Now another thing, it is not too clean on is if that 2% back on xbox purchases every month are for your purchases every month, or, your purchases on XBOX live for all time with a bit given back monthly. I am hoping it is the 2nd of those options, but I imagine it is the 1st, and just each month. Otherwise I would be getting like 2000 or more MSP per month! and that would be awesome...

Has anyone else gotten their extra MSP back yet?   read

5:44 PM on 10.27.2012

Dtoid Crew, Assemble! Max Payne 3 Triple XP Weekend

For Hallowe'en this year Rockstar has put out a nice little treat for all the Max Paynes out there. Triple Experience for the weekend!. What a great way to celebrate the holiday and enjoy some good multiplayer fun. They also have a bunch of cool masks you can wear.

The Dtoid Crew is currently ranked 10'th in the world, but I think we can put a few holes into people this weekend and close the gap a little. Currently shows 5459 members in our crew, I'm rank 55 myself.

Lets beat up some punks and have fun this weekend. If you want to beat up some of those other crews like ign and whatnot, this is the perfect chance.

Also, Oct 30'th is the new DLC for Max Payne,   read

5:19 PM on 10.18.2012

New Xbox dashboard is nice, except add-ons are still a mess

I have seen so many dashboard updates, some better than others, but this new one seems to be the best one yet. Finally games are closer to where to start and tv/movies is back a tab or two from where it was before. Much better in my opinion, and the fact that you can pin things to the dashboard is really cool.

One thing I was hoping they would do, and still haven't is clean up the add-ons section a bit. I don't play any music games, but every day or two have to go through screen after screen of new add-ons for these games. It really makes it a hassle to try and find the things I actually want to buy. Often, of the 100 "new add-ons" shown, there are 75 or so music related songs or trial songs for games like rock band, guitar hero, and now the dance games. I remember one time I had to scroll through about 5 pages of nothing but songs in order to find what I was looking for.

I am hoping that with the new console, it will have some sort of toggle, or be smart in some way as to know that I am not interested in these things and not show them to me all the time. I know they have really good tracking systems for lots of things, and you can see some at the xbox rewards site when you log in, so I am sure they could easily figure out who wants this and who does not.

Seems a bit nit-picky I guess, but I am just so sick of the endless scrolling over the years, but other than that, I think they may have finally gotten it right.

Now if they could only get flash working with internet explorer, we'd be set.   read

8:26 AM on 10.10.2012

So sick of Capcom's DLC (Disc Locked Content)

So there was a big problem when Street Fighter x Tekken came out because there were many characters found on the disc. People got pissed, and I think capcom responded by saying that they will have to reconsider the way they are doing things..

What do they do? Dragon's Dogma comes out loaded with on disc, locked out content.

Both of these games have been out for months, and yet I am still seeing DLC come out for them, and the DLC is usually the size of an unlock key, not actually containing any content. Usually 108kb or whatever it is.

Now Resident Evil is out, and again, there is some stuff on the disc. I don't know much about this one, but this is getting rediculous.

I am just hoping that Capcom does start releasing DLC that itself has locked content, which requires even more DLC to unlock parts of other DLC's. Can you imagine?   read

1:28 AM on 10.08.2012

THQ.. What are you doing! WWE Pay-per-moves incoming.

So the other day on a different site, I read about something new THQ has planned for WWE 13.

This news is pretty brutal, and I wish I had kept the link because I can't find it now, but anyways, apparently in WWE 13 there will be special moves that wrestlers use which will only be available as paid DLC. Not only is that bad enough, but players will have to wait a few weeks after the release for them to come out?

This is terrible because in all previous wrestling games, moves were all available from the start. Not just that but these are signature moves that these wrestlers are known for and if you are playing the game you will want to use them as your favorite wrestler.

If this goes well for THQ, it will be bad news for all because other companies will take notice for sure. If this goes bad for THQ, then that is also not good. THQ is a great company and I love their games, and am dying for South Park: The Stick of Truth in 2013.

I don't know what the budget for the game was compared to previous versions.. but from the commercials run every break on RAW and Smackdown it must be far less than the older games. The graphics are ok, but seem strange in a way I just cannot explain, and the wrestlers move around a bit clunky, and the ropes are strange.. It might be a rumor.. but I heard that this may be THQ's last WWE game, or Yuke's last one. I am not sure if that's true or not.. but damn..

I don't know what to expect, but I hope this is not going to become normal.. Yuck.   read

1:33 PM on 10.05.2012

Achievement prizes..? uh. is that it?

I have been a member of xbox gold subscription for 6+years. I have put so much money into this service that it blows my mind. Anyways, they announced a few months ago that a new achievement point based reward system was coming. Everyone I know has been wondering since the release why achievements did not give a bonus of some sort, but finally there is one.

The absolute maximum you can get as a bonus is 2% off any purchase per month.. if you have over 25k achievements. Well.. ok, if this is just the start, that is ok.. but if this is it and that is all.. well, very dissapointing.

I just broke the 100K achievement club a couple weeks ago, before the announcement.. I was pretty much in a race to get that last 1k to get me over the 100k line, expecting 100k would be something special in an upcoming bonus program. Nope.

I understand that giving a huge bonus to everyone will cost a lot to microsoft, or rather, cost a lot of potential earnings I suppose.. however, Playstation Plus has been kicking the crap out of Xbox Live for the past year in their savings area. Now Xbox live is a better service than PSN, but, the PSN+ really puts Xbox Live to shame, big time. Microsoft having everyone be required to pay to play games vs PSN's free with a + for a bit extra.. PSN must pay a lot more overall for their servers.. yet they are giving away many games for free on a weekly basis.

Many times I have purchased a brand new game on xbox live, only to find out that it is FREE on PSplus! on day 1 release!. Blows my mind.. Microsoft says, ok, you can save 2% on that now... well, ok, but seriously?

Not to mention the birthday gift of 0.25 cents.. in Canada, it is 0.10 cents per microsoft point. so you get 2.5 points (I imagine rounded down?) every year.. This coming in now at the end of the xbox 360 cycle.. Now it may carry over to the next one.. but if you wanted to cash in your birthday gifts for an actual birthday gift.. lets say a cheap 400 point microsoft game, sonic the hedgehog 3 or something. You would have to have 160 birthdays in order to actually get a "present". And that is without rounding down, rounding down you will need 200 birthdays.

I know Xbox Live plans on being around for years to come.. but I don't think most of the players will live to see an actual present out of their birthday gifts..

If you want the cheapest game on Xbox Live India Game section you need 32 birthdays...

I still support Xbox Live, and will continue to be a gold memeber. but I tell you it is every day that I get more and more jealous of PS plus users. WIth microsofts new bonus system, I am even more jealous of PS plus users..   read

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