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Hi, my name is Skid Row Trash. I have been gaming and creating add-ons and mods for games since I was 11. I'm 30 now, and I still love gaming. My first gaming system was a NES, followed by a Sega Genesis. After that, I got the Sega CD. I think I am one of the few that actually enjoyed the hell out of that system. I had to replace my Sega Genesis once because of problems, and had to replace my Sega CD 3 times, and repair it once. My first computer ever was a 386 with a huge 40mb hard drive, dos, and eventually windows. Started out playing games like wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Commander Keen, Blake Stone, and the list really is endless.. Civ 1..

After this I got a SNES. What a fun system. This was soon after followed by a Nintendo 64, and eventually a PS1 and Gamecube. I had to exchange my PS1 once because it broke. After that I had a PS2, and an Xbox. I loved both those systems so much. I had to replace my PS2 3 times, and my Xbox 3 times due to hardware problems.

These days, I am gaming on Xbox 360, and PC. I don't bother with PS anymore because I have large hands and their analog sticks are way too close. I find both thumbs fighting each when trying to play anything on a playstation these days and much prefer the improved analog stick setup that Xbox 360 has.

I am currently on my 6th Xbox 360, and have Kinect as well.

My first one died from disc tray problems.
My second one I had Nyko Intercooler which actually melted into my xbox 360 and the 2 seperate things became 1 single entity.
My 3rd Xbox was a red ring of death
my 4th Xbox eventually wouldn't even turn on.
my 5th xbox still sorta works, but the disk tray takes like 40 tries to open and takes more and more time each attempt. Also when the door is closed it things the door is open, and thus I can't launch any games.
my 6th Xbox 360 was to replace my last one, but at the same time I wanted to have the most recent so I got a kinect package. Also, this is the first time I have had the ability to use HDMI with my Xbox 360, because all 5 xboxes I had before they kept sending me old units with only Component video.

anyways, I am a real big time gamer and like to try all games (except for sports because well.. sports are weak).
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So I called this a while back. I said that the Xbox 720 is going to require constant internet connection, even though it was stated otherwise.

Microsoft said they reversed their idea to make their system, require you to be always online. This is true, however the secret writing between the lines is that the system doesn't need to be online, but the games soon will.

When you think about it, some games would have to have an online requirement, at least if they use cloud processing. Cloud processing is when part of the game is run on a server some other place. In order to play your game, you need that part of the data on that server or the game won't run.

As newer games come out for the Xbox 720, developers are going to want to push that envelope and try to achieve the current 1080p standard. Since the Xbox 720 does NOT have the power to do so, this WILL require cloud processing, and thus even a single player game will have to have constant internet connection, because part of the game is running on a server across the world.

Oh, and then there is shit like this. EA's Plants vs Zombies garden warfare.
Internet connection required for SINGLE PLAYER, but not only that.... you can't even look at the options without being online!!!!!

So this is just the tip of the iceberg here folks. Expect a lot more single player experiences, and option screens to require constant internet connection. At least, on the Xbox 720.

The other day I was checking out new releases on the Xbox Live on demand list, and to my surprise Final Fantasy 13-3 Lightning Returns was available, Day 1, digital release.

I was very impressed to see that, first time I have seen it myself. Then I saw the price.
59.99 CAD. I thought that seemed quite high considering it was a digital copy, so I went out to the Wal-mart.

I picked up the game for 59.96 CAD at Wal-mart. Less than the digital price.

Other than pure greed, I have no idea why the digital price is higher than the retail.
The retail copy had to be manufactured, the game disc, the case, the booklet. It had to be transported from a factory to a distributer (or a store) and then to a store. The store has to pay employees, and all this extra bit is why the game costs the prices they do, in stores. ALSO, as a retail disc copy, it has re-sale value (up to $30 right now probably).

Why is it 3 cents more expensive as a digital copy? There is no physical production costs, no transportation, stocking or employee fees.. You can't re-sell it if you buy it digitally.
What are these fools thinking? I am guessing just about the dollars.

Imagine though, if it was 49.99, or even 44.99 for sale digitally, day 1, and 59.99 retail.
They would sell A LOT more digital versions because people would save money right away. They would still make profit because all the middle man stuff is gone. The customer could not sell their digital version, meaning there will be MORE games sold rather than less. It would use bandwidth however on the companies server, but that would cost them 1 or 2 pennies.

With far fewer physical versions out in circulation, that means far less to be re-sold second hand, meaning more money coming to them.

While impressed by seeing a day 1 digital release, I am sure still wondering when they are going to wake up to how greedy they are being.

So two nights ago I saw a game called X:Rebirth set to release the next day. The video looks amazing, and I pre-ordered / pre-loaded on Steam.


The next morning I woke up and saw it was there on my desktop. Yes! I thought.
Loaded it up. Wow, what a great looking game.


I played about 8 hours yesterday. Wow. I must say.... this is the most frustrating game I have ever played in my entire life. The game is literally broken. There have been 2 patches already since release yesterday, but still major troubles.

The game itself seems quite promising but has a major steep learning curve due to the fact that it does not explain anything to you very well. Example: At one point you are moving past a space station, and you hear your co-pilot tell you that there are enemies attacking the station, better to avoid them. Look at your map to see where they are headed and try to go around. Ok, sure.. but what map? There are 5 map types in the game, including a mini map that occasionally appears in your HUD. It also does not tell you how to check your map. You have to go and look at the control setup in settings to figure that part out. :(

There are many items you can pick up in space stations or from cargo loots. Want to check your inventory? You think you press I to check it? Think again. You have to load up the menu with Enter. Select 2 (info) then select 1 (pilot information) Then in the pilot information there is a button you can click to see your inventory... :(

Everyone is having MAJOR problems with the FPS of the game. I myself can not get it past 25 FPS on 1920 x 1080 with most things on low settings... yet, I play War Thunder at 35-40 FPS, everything turned up (except clouds) and at 5760 x 1080 resolution (3 screens at once). Apparently, the game X:Rebirth uses a lot of CPU power rather than GPU power. On top of that, the game states it requires a 64 bit windows, yet the executable is only 32 bit (Max 2GB Ram??).

Mission 2.. the most broken mission I have ever seen. It requires you to purchase energy cells at point A, and sell them at point B. I am on my 5th restart (From the very beginning) still can not complete mission 2. Your cargo frieghter does not do what it is supposed to and actually just sits in place. It is normally supposed to take about 10 RL minutes to do, but it actually doesn't even work so if you wait to see if it works you are super killer your time.

My in-game menu system broke in game, as in it was once worked, and suddenly does not.

My co-pilot who talks and gives you info for missions is broken. They used to speak normal volume always. When you left your ship they would radio you and speak. Now in my game I can only hear my co-pilot when I am in the cockpit. When elsewhere they will still call you but their volume is now 1%. Restarting the game or computer or even a new mission does not fix this problem. It becomes permanent..  :(

While I still very much want to play the game, the game does it's very best to stop me at every chance it gets. The game looks great and is very promising. I don't understand how there could be so many game breaking bugs on release, especially right at the beginning of the game.

There is a free play mode, which I am trying now. This mode offers no formal training so you basically have to figure out everything for yourself, but there is a better chance of it working because you don't have to fight game breaking storyline mission bugs.

If you want to play this game, buy it, BUT DON'T BUY IT YET. Pay attention to bugs and patch releases and when it seems like the game actually works, go ahead and pick it up.
Get it now if you want, but I am telling you that you are in for one of the most frustrating experiences of your life, and might actually stop you from enjoying the game when it actually works (Hopefully, soon...)

You will have the same experience playing this as you would sitting in a cedar forest naked in a swarm of mosquitoes. All you do is fight off bugs until they eventually overrun you.  :(

I've never before even thought it possible to be worried about the next generation of gaming consoles. Never ever before have I thought "Damnit, it's coming, this sucks".

I am very confused by all the talk going on.

The Xbox 720 (Xbox One)

I just read an article where Microsoft is stating that the Xbox One will run exactly like the Xbox 360. Well, that is not true. My Xbox 360 worked directly out of the box, and with no connection to the internet. The Xbox One requires a day 1 patch to even work at all.

The forza dev has come out saying that Forza 5 is using 100% of the Xbox One power. That is scary considering that the Xbox One has not even been released yet, and they are talking about a 10 year life cycle.. BUT THEN... I later read that Forza 5 will run at 1080p, 60fps, however, that would not be possible without cloud processing because of heavy physics and AI.

Well wait a second.. So 100% of the Xbox One power can not even reach 1080p on Forza 5 without cloud processors?? If you think about this, it means that Forza 5 will require a constant internet connection (for 1080p/60fps?) or I don't know what will happen... Can you even play it offline? If so, does the resolution drop or you lose AI?

Then there is the fact that 720p seems to be the resolution of choice for the Xbox One. That is hardly next gen. Even up upscaled to 1080p there is a big difference between the two. Pathetic.

The PS4

From what I've read, the PS4 has a day 1 patch as well. This patch is to remove all of the similar DRM as Microsoft had, except Sony never really mentioned it. I suppose it was there just in case everyone cheered at Microsoft's Xbox One reveal.

On top of that, I have read that Mp3's, audio CD's, and networking/streaming from computer will not be available until the 2nd patch.

The Steam Machines

Wow, that is one ugly ass controller. Either way, I already have a Steam Machine. Had one for about 5 years. It's called an HDMI Cable.

Going to wait at least 1 year before I buy into any new consoles. Most of the games seem like they were designed for current gen but then upgraded to next gen.

From the looks of things, my prediction is that for Microsoft, the system will not need to be constantly connected to the internet.. The games will though, even single player. I think this will become very common in the years to come, especially with the Xbox One being so weak that it needs cloud processing.

So yesterday I decided it was time to play something different. I was looking at RPG's and sales both on steam and Xbox Live. Turns out both have some decent stuff on sale.

I found Tales of Vespiria for 14.99 on Xbox Live. What a fantastic game I gotta say. From 2008 and the game and graphics still hold up great because of the awesome art style. It reminds me of how great Zelda Wind Waker still looks for the Gamecube.

Anyways, I also saw 75% off a game I always wanted to try, The Darkness II, for 7.49. I did not buy it though. I ran into a problem.

I wanted to buy both games. I looked all over the dashboard and settings and everywhere for an option to add money to my account. I was thinking I would throw $35 on there and get the 2 games and maybe have a bit extra in case any DLC caught my eye.

There is no option to add money...

I went online. I thought that since I can only change some certain things to my account via the Xbox Live website, I would be able to just add money to my account. Nope. Turns out you can't do this online either.

So here's the problem. I don't want to make multiple separate purchases with my credit card. I have done so in the past and went to use my card sometime afterwards only to find out that my credit card was frozen. This is something that happens automatically when they see unusual purchasing with your card as a safety measure. They saw multiple purchases within a few minutes and shut it down thinking it was stolen. All it did was take 45 minutes of my time to get it working again.

Say I wanted to make 10 purchases of DLC that was like 1.00 each. Currently, I have to do 10 separate transactions. Something I have already learned not to do.

Without an option to put something into a cart and make a one time purchase of everything, or an option to load money onto your account, Xbox live has sunk even lower.

I don't understand why this is not an option. It is only good for microsoft. Imagine everyone loads 30 bucks onto their account and only spends 10 for now, the rest later. How much money can be made investing that money on MS end.

*NOTE* There is still a way to load money onto your Xbox Live account... and that is by buying the remaining microsoft point cards still out in circulation if you can find them. Remember points? those things they cancelled a while back? Lol

GTA Online has finally pissed me off. I had put up with it's shit for so long and lost many levels and thousands of dollars, but I kept with it. Suddenly though yesterday I got hit with what many others have had happen.

I'm an now a "Bad Sport".

It happened while I was just messing around robbing stores and escaping cops. I did my usual 2 star escape, head to the hills. It was ok, I escape the fuzz, but while I was out there someone had shown up nearby. This was a high level player with really good weapons, and he started kicking my ass all over the place. I probably died about 4 times before I turned on passive mode. I was out in the hills after all, had no way to escape and he has a high powered sniper rifle.

So I have passive mode on and thought I should bank my money. I go to the internet, and am about to bank my cash when I am suddenly pulled out of the internet because my body is flying through the air. This jerkoff came at me with his fancy car and crumpled me with it while on passive (Yeah, while on passive you can be run over).

So he keeps running me over, about 3 or 4 more times and I finally make it into my menu with enough time to turn off passive. I evaded this guy with a roll as he came at me again, and luckily I had landed a sticky bomb on his ride. I blew this guy up and his expensive ass car.


You cannot play the game with most others now, because you are a bad mean player it says to me.

My guy is now stuck wearing a dunce cap to remind me that I am an idiot for not just sitting there and dying until I don't have a penny left in the bank. It is as if to say "you're an idiot, if you want to play the game properly then you should love to be spam killed, even when on passive, fool!".

How stupid of me, defending myself like a vile scumbag.

Oh yeah, I also had to spend 10K instantly to repair his vehicle so he can run over more players on passive mode.

Imagine if other games did this. Say Call of Duty. You see a guy running at you shooting you, you shoot him back. You are then told you are a bad player and put into a server full of other "bad players" and actual cheaters and hackers..