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Skab2 avatar 1:56 PM on 11.16.2013  (server time)
Requim for Half-life 3 updated.

This was originally posted here but with updated grammar and since this doesn't show up on my blogs, I might as well repost it.

Today my fellow gamers, I had a vision. A vision that I want to share with you of Half life 3. Amongst all our bemoaning I feel that this vision is going to be a sad sad reality once this game finally hits.
To understand my vision I want to bring up the ultimate vaporware franchise, Duke Nukem Forever. Now up until a year ago now, seeing our flattop-ed, muscle bound ubermensch, we thought the dream was dead, but thanks to Gearbox it's reality. The industry and everyone in gaming rejoiced, cheeky humor real world game play finally seen after nearly 13 years in development. Many interviews since it's renouncement, this has been stated, don't worry “Duke is gonna be Duke”. Saying “Yeah, I think that when you play Duke, you’ll realize that games are supposed to be fun". ”  Edit: It's not.
All these revelations and new evidence is hardly anything to be alarmed about. A year has been set (again) 2011 , demo lists and newsletters are waiting, the hype machine is in full throttle; all those who maintain the 13+ old reserve copy receipts will be honored. Gaming enlightenment shall be achieved; the gaming equilibrium will come back to balance from it's war porn status. Now for the history lesson.
For all the great things Steam does now, many gamers; myself included, seem to be falling into a sort of Glen Beck negga zone. We lie to ourselves to remember this past that never existed. For instance, we hale Steam as a superior system bound to be the standard, but forget it's first instances; we hated Valve for forcing us to have an internet connection just to install Half Life 2. Eventually coming to terms with it once broadband connections became standard, we realized it's great perks of never needing media. Now we hail it as if it was made perfect and "brick and mortar" is garbage, forgetting all the hurdles we've endured.

Look at Fallout 3, a flawed game to say the least; buggy, idiotic writing at times. The mechanics of a RPG were there, but there was a core audience that felt betrayed. Felt that Bethesda turned their child (that was such a good boy) into a three armed, meth addict with a cleft pallet, tricking on the corner for big daddy Tod Howard. No Mutants Allowed  is a very small; almost religious, sect of the gaming community. Their devotion to Fallout 1 remained untarnished, despite many saying Fallout 2 had too many pop culture reference to be “Fallout”, yet many forget that "Fallout Tactics:Brotherhood of Steel" and "Fallout: Warfare" were all made by the original company; Interplay, that then went bankrupt. Opting to stick with and say only Fallout 1 and 2 count.
They will damn Bethesda for ruining something, saying it's not Fallout 1 or 2. Forgetting that Interplay is the reason Tactics and it's spin offs came out and effectively wasted millions of dollars contributing to it's downfall. No different from religious zealots who pick and choose scripture to justify ones insane ideals, the gaming community will pick and choose it's reality. Myself included, gamers will try to act surprised when someone mentions Deus Ex:Invisible War as if that game had never existed.
This same mentality; I believe, will force a great rift in the gaming community, the gaming industry, and once Jim Sterling reviews it, a server melting chan attack across all gaming websites the likes we've never seen.
It will never be what people want it to be. My predictions: G-Man will not be explained, Source will get upgraded, deaf gamers will be catered too, people will be pissed off at the ending, and will be a cliff hanger and/or Gordon dies.
Nothing too earth shattering, but I think what people are expecting is this: Source will be upgraded, G-Man fully explained, connections between Portal and HL3 to be scientific and accurate, an ending that’s fully comprehend-able, and no less than 4 pre-order hats for TF2.
To some this will be a Godfather 3?! To others it will be the end of the Godfather trilogy. Like NMA with it's small zealous group of purists about how Fallout 3 and New Vegas isn't "really fallout”. Take that size and add about the 3/4 the entire gaming community (citation needed). You have fuel for a real internet 7 hour war. Gaming sites will be DDOS'd, a virtual civil war will break out. Those who feel it ends the series rightly and those who feel betrayed that Gabe Newell spent too much time on Alex and the deaf gamer experience.
I'm not going to go all utopian and call for a new epoch claiming that we; as a society, need to evolve past our petty ideas of what game sequels should or should not be; i.e. Diablo 3 colors/Madden2k-Madden2011Juke Revolution. My idea is just stop being so goddamn religious, and get this right of entitlement out of your heads. You paid Valve/ID/Bethesda 50-60 dollars/pounds, you're not an investor, nor a stock holder. People have said that the gaming industry is taking itself too seriously, well so does the gaming community. I feel people are looking for HL3 to be the holy grail, and are totally forgetting that it's suppose to be fun. So please, stop thinking you've contributed anything other than money to the industry cause that's a majority of how you've voted. Unless you're a modder, have at least tried to do something, and have released something that's goddamn amazing.
Edit Update: Kickstarter does make you kind-of a stock holder.
TL;DR: Games are games, lighten up.

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